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Q&A: The Side Effects of Niacin

Q&A: The Side Effects of Niacin

Mr. Dave: what are the side effects of
niacin? The biggest and most common one is flushing. I actually got a little
flushing today from my own niacin drug. Back in the days, when you just took
regular niacin then, some people still do that. I tried it for a while, and I
remember I felt like I was a scalping victim, felt like my whole head was
blowing off with just this intense fire. And I had to stop. I mean I could not
take it. That is the most common thing. Now you’ll see YouTube comments on this
channel and other places where people say, oh, I love that flush. Well, if you
love it and you can do it, that’s great. So there’s been a lot of focus on trying
to decrease that flushing. One of them was a chemical called Laropiprant.
LAROPIPRANT. Laropiprant. I’m blanking on the name of the drug company (it’s Merck).
There was a drug company on their base on 42nd Street in Manhattan. One of the
well-known names. They had a Laropiprant- niacin combination. And they did a
world-class trial on it and expected to just you know do the victory lap with a
whole bunch of new sales. And it blew up. It didn’t work at all. And what actually
happened was it appears that Laropiprant, when it decreases the… when
it does away with the flush from niacin, also did away with whatever was
helping decrease the cardiovascular risk. So that didn’t work. So what did the
medical community do? Well, in America, the response of the medical community was
just to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They said, well, niacin
doesn’t work. No, it wasn’t that niacin doesn’t work. It was that niacin treated
with and combined with Laropiprant doesn’t work. There are a couple of
versions of niacin that we know does work. I’ve got financial arrangements
with either one of these groups. One of them is Rugby. RUGBY. And the other
one is Enduracin. ENDURACIN. We’re trying to develop something
with Enduracin because they have been the best tolerated product where we can make
it more easily available. You can get it right now on Amazon.
The thing about Enduracin is they have wax matrix process. So you get a wax
matrix within the pill, and you’ve got the little pockets of niacin within it.
So it slows that down. What happens? Reliably, you still get the niacin impact,
but it slows down the release. And I’m like all the other patients that I’ve
dealt with so far are using it except a few a few will still get intolerable
flushes. But the vast majority of them do like I do you get sort of a little flush
and tingle. Not much of a bad when it all happens every month or two and lasts
about five minutes and then you never notice it again. So that’s the big thing.
You can also get some gastrointestinal problems with niacin. One of my family
members had that problem, had to stop it. Robert Pinsky: does long-term use of
niacin caused liver damage? There’s a lot of focus on liver damage
and there it has been reported. Yes, you can’t see it, and yes, it’s more
associated with niacin where other chemicals have been added. Bottom line: at
the end of the day, it’s sort of like statins, it’s sort of like aspirin when
indicated. It’s sort of like driving a car, sort of like flying in an airplane.
You pay your money, you take your risks. If you don’t have any cardiovascular
risk, I don’t recommend thinking niacin because there are some problems
associated with it. But if you have significant Lp(a), I clearly would
recommend it. A lot of folks that have low HDL. Obviously, we want to focus on
the carbs in the diet. But niacin is the only thing that’s been shown… the only
supplement or there’s been no medication that increases HDL. But again niacin
increases. There’s nothing that has such an impact on our cholesterol panel
like as a supplement like niacin. So we use it a lot. I personally use it. There’s nothing like a community we saw
that in the Louisville event. People got together and started talking about how
they’ve had challenges and successes in preventing their own heart attack, stroke
or chronic disease. It became very clear that you don’t have to be a doc with a
full-time, 30-year career in preventive medicine to understand this and
successfully prevent heart attack, stroke – the number one killer and disablers of
people. You don’t have to be a physician to prevent eye disease, kidney disease.
All you have to do is think, listen, and become part of the community. Now, how do
you do that? Go to the membership login on our web page. And as you can see, you
can get right in. You have to sign up if you haven’t signed up already.
And I’ve already signed up. I’ve already gone in. It’s very simple, very easy to
understand in order to help encourage this after the success and the positive
emotion the positive impact that we’re seeing with these events, we’re saying,
look, we need to offer more of these services for free in order to help grow
this community. So you’ll see us starting to do draws for the webinar event, the
courses. We’ve got a book coming out in about a month. We’ll be offering that
even full-blown evaluations providing those for free for folks that again
helped us grow the community. So if you’d like to find out what the most recent
rules are for the most recent draw, just come to the membership page. Thank
you for your interest.


NIACIN flush allows me to apply Minoxidil to my scalp and Retinol to my face for higher absorption rates. At my age, a little blood in my face it helps stop making me look like the Walking Dead.

The way you describe a scalping victim makes me think that they teach a doctor's notes of a scalping survivor from the US' Indian Wars in the 19th century in med school.

I cant say I like the burn but I can stand it. The way I see it when the heat gets going it opens up the vessels and allowing nutrition to flow deep

Niacin….Crazy how some can take heavy doses and they're ok. I'd took 200mgs and I'd had a serious flush, turned pitch red and would pass out and had to stop immediately. I'd found that if I took 50 mgs 1st, 20-30 mins later I'd take a heavier dose and I was ok but its work…. so i just dropped the idea.
I heard the Scientology uses a super high dose of Niacin for a detox…like 6000 mgs. That would kill me from exploding every blood capillary.
Dandelion root helped way better to help breakdown fats and cholesterol….

I'm 57 y/o male and have been taking 2000mg Niaspan for 17 years. Recently; I easily fractured a couple of ribs; had a dexascan and have significant osteoporisis. I've also taken small doses of statins daily for 25 years. I'm suspicious / wondering the long term Niaspan may be a contributing factor that may have accelerated my bone loss?

Of course, if you bread your codfish in nutritional yeast and make your pizza dough with psyllium husk and nutritional yeast (google ruled me 5 minute pizza crust, substitute nutritional yeast for the Parmesan), you won’t need niacin every day. Nutritional yeast is also good on popcorn (for you carb eaters).

Ha Ha the reason you felt like you had gotten scalped is because you took too much. The BEST effect is when you take the “regular” niacin that gives a flush. You WANT the flush. Start off by taking 25 mg and see what happens. If you get a slight to moderate flush, keep it at that dose and it will disappear within a few days. Then you can up the dose a bit to 50, then 100, etc.
and do the same till you get to 300. That's your dosage on a regular basis. If you got too much sunburn, be careful. Part of the flush is radiation blowing off so it will be more intense right after a sunburn.
Been taking niacin for 52 years and know a lot about it but too much to write here.

Niacin has done nothing to increase my HDL, in fact my recent blood panel showed a HDL drop. I must have an unusual physiology as I don't get flushing at all. Am I even absorbing the Niacin from the supplement capsules? You mentioned gastrointestinal distress in the video. I have unrelenting intestinal issues and am now wondering if the Niacin just agitates my intestines without being absorbed and yielding any benefit. I also take CoQ10, vitamin D, turmeric, L-Glutamine, and slippery Elm. These are all supposedly safe (unlike Metformin which I can't tolerate), but maybe I need to do a cessation experiment and if my intestines calm down resume the supplements one by one to try identifying the culprit. I may have a low bile issue for which I'm having lab work to check on the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K, but Niacin is water soluble so can't possibly be affected by this potential problem.

Start with a lower dose and work up to a higher dose. Your body gets used to it. You can take Vit c with it which does help sometimes. I got a fright first time but now it’s fine. I take high dose niacinamide for arthritis. That’s aweseome

I found the flush to be intolerable . so I tried taking at bedtime, woke me up and itching all over, very uncomfortable. I wonder if I split the pill and take 1/2 and and hour or so took the other half if it would be ok?

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