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Raci贸n doble de VAINILLAS: el bien y el mal 馃憤馃憥 | COLABORACI脫N con @El Tocador de Martina

Raci贸n doble de VAINILLAS: el bien y el mal 馃憤馃憥 | COLABORACI脫N con @El Tocador de Martina

I left my little cupboard closet
after the laps I’ve given him to record this video … poor thing of mine my mother Hi! How about locuelos locuelas? Welcome to our Sunday perfumil appointment and above
today twice because this is a collaborative video with Lidia del toiledor
Martina, I’m sure you know her but if not, I leave here the
link to your channel just like in the box of description and so you take a
glance the case is that Lidia well, it is also
a perfume reviewer here too, from Spain and proposed to make a video
together, in love and company and that already to me I liked it because hey, I like its
videos, such, I follow her, then It’s always good, isn’t it? collaborate with
people who like this world so much and that has so much sparkle there so
Well, what I wanted to do was talk about vanilla and I eat crazy vanilla that I am I couldn’t tell him no could not so here is the result Today we are going to talk about two perfumes of vanilla one that has disappointed us,
That was not what we expected, that it was not has met all our expectations
and another that has overcome them come on…
which has reached us like this that if you feel like we start as i want
finish the video with a good taste I’m going to start with a vanilla perfume
that … NOUP it was a great not for me and that has a
fame and opinions that to all world loves it and well if it’s not all
the world, because that doesn’t exist let’s say that 90% of people
it looks like a scent of the feet to the head is a perfume that even
you have recommended me a lot and I have to say that the first time I
I tried saying “oh, that’s good” but then no I’m going to tell you about “ALIEN – ESSENCE ABSOLUE” if I talk about disappointing me, I don’t have it fortunately I could
try a Decant that Cris sent me and hey less bad, what you save right?
it’s a perfume that would have ended buying blindly for the notes he has
it’s a mixture of jasmine, amber, vanilla wears a little myrrh
incense such … they are notes that I really like, in fact, for example a perfume so he is wearing myrrh and such is the “Elle l’aime” of Lolita Lempicka that crazy me that
perfume, now when it starts to make good weather and such … OMG that
I love perfume well then in this perfume with the notes I had, jolín, he called me much much much much much attention thank god i already
I say Cris sent me a decant and hey for At least I could try it because if not
it would have been a blind purchase quite failure the thing is that she when I
sent it was summer and I the first day that I put it I said “oh, well look how are you, how good
so the jasmine … ” I don’t know I liked it a lot
late there looking at such because I don’t know find it so easy and many times
are the prices a little shot I said “Oh, well, I’m going to check it out. I don’t know what, I don’t know how much.” fortunately I didn’t make the mistake of buying it like that with a test because later I have continued testing it I have continued testing and the following
sometimes it has nothing to do with what happened the first the following
sometimes the aroma that remained in the skin was a kind of jasmine
acid, a cloudy and squeaky jasmine No, not a normal jasmine that says “OK, it just smells like jasmine” do not. is that it was a rare radioactive jasmine I don’t know, a very strange thing that
It happens to me with this perfume on my skin Vanilla zero patatero, I mean, I don’t know everyone does not happen to me with
the in fact, very recently Julia has taken a review of him and I said “jolin come on I’ll give it another chance such …” nothing that is, the result was even worse
because that day even gave me pain head of the scent that jasmine had
so weird I don’t know you guys here you know that every
skin is a world, well then there is what works for me, not you and
vice versa then this is the truth that is one of those hyper vanilla stuff
famous, hyper well punctuated such because everyone likes them and that with me zero patatero or
I really can’t with him, I don’t It works at all and it is not vanilla
I’m looking for because it doesn’t smell like vanilla in me it doesn’t smell like vanilla then …
disappointment is little but well I’ll pass which has been a perfume that wears
months of conquest is conquering me little by little and right now it’s one of my
favorites my heart has stolen
and every time I use it, it steals a a little more and I will talk about “HYPNOTIC POISON” With this perfume I tell you the story for you to see this
process the first time I tried it I liked it, a few years ago I liked it …
it’s not like I broke my soul with him in fact I liked the Eau de Parfum more
with licorice note there the thing stayed either so that of
done I bought the “POISON GIRL” I I liked it better and see what I had, what hey, what
I could have taken this if I had arrived like that inside that day but no, I took
the others I don’t know what OK Time was passing, it was happening I already tell you that good
You know I have some friends who they are very crazy with the perfumes that I
I enjoy a lot that is, really have friends have people to be able to
talk about this without being taken for crazy it’s a wonder of the gods that is me
before I met them it was how I feel super alone, that is, who am I going to talk about
this? and now it’s … divine but that’s not the point, the
Anyway, Cris, one of them is a perfume that she it always seemed super special
I don’t know what, he always told us about him and well, since at the end as we were entering, right? come then the
I try again, such … Well, yes, it is true, it is a perfume that is getting you hooked, isn’t it? well, in the end what I finished was with
the roll-on of the last … let’s say about the latest formulations that have come out I took the Roll-on because I said let’s see I don’t need to take perfumes here either, perfume? big perfumes because I have 800,000 I prefer to choose
sizes a little smaller and that in fact this jolin, the truth that is very
comfortable for the bag and all this … Voucher… the problem is that every time I used
this perfume was like “something is missing” “if not …” “you need …” is that every time I wear this I
I do kilometers, that is I take the roll-on and I start raaas raaaas
kilometers, perfume highways with this …
there was something that didn’t fit me and no it ended up being the perfume that I
I remembered smelling before OK so far so good the obsession begins with
“HYPNOTIC POISON” we started looking for it we start looking it’s a perfume that
threw, well it’s an Eau de Toilette really This is the EDT version,
the perfume version is that of licorice this is the Eau de toilette, the classic the
Hypnotic Poison of a lifetime “POISON” is also an Eau de toilette and
notice the monster that is Well, from 98 until now they have passed
many years in 20 years a perfume has rephrased and they’ve touched it a
a lot of times, the boxes change the jars change, everything changes the problem is that the latest version the found today in the
most stores leaves a lot to be desired, leaves a lot
want and when we compare it with any previous version is for
example I don’t remember right now this what year is it I know it’s from before because
I’m looking at the bach code. 2015 can it be? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter before it’s not
the primal because that is already very hard to find but yes it is from
before. is that it has nothing to do is that right now I have one on each wrist
and this projects that you don’t see but it is that he projects with wealth of
aromas, projects with lots of notes that dance together, hug in love and
company and you don’t distinguish them here smell this and here smell this and are
how No, this is …
it’s beautiful ****, it’s beautiful it’s a mixture of vanilla almonds carries there
the touches as well as a little more fruit trees at the beginning, a little bit of plum
such… It has me … It has me in love, it lasts for life, it is the typical perfume that you throw like that a little on the part
of the nape right? that always takes a little hair like that that you let go of your hair
the next day and you do like that and you say “Mother of my life, I want to eat because I smell
divine” This does not do that, I already tell you this
size is fine because in the end what you have to touch up all day
done at the end having both is that I’m pulling the
spray this one i’m not using this one Well, with the size it is
ok for the bag so I don’t know that ok but really if you can do with
one of the old is that it reaches you inside, it reaches you
inside and is that in recent months it has been crazy with Hypnotic, that is little by little
little by little and in the end right now Today is my favorite of all
Poison definitely my favorites of the whole house
Dior, it must also be said and … one of my biggest favorites within
the collection one day I should think and reflect on what my ten would be
incredible perfumes within collection because jolin the truth that there are many and
I have many loves and when I look over there it’s because I have the closet here
so when I think of perfumes I look in the closet I’m that inept because what
I have really closed is not that see, but good things locuelires things
so nothing, really this, that is this goes in here I re you
crazy and now yes now your turn what are you? Of the hypnotic team or the team
Alien essence Absolue? two quite famous vanilla with many
followers So which one do you prefer? I leave that for the comments so that I
comment and of course go through the channel of Lidia to see what have been their
options I certainly have no idea which one she has chosen she doesn’t know mine either I don’t know if we’ll match, the same now
It turns out that she hates hypnotic and loves Alien. it could be, nothing happens
here are a variety of opinions and I’m very tempted to know so nothing finished the
video and we are going to see Lidia to see that has taken thank you so much for
to be here and nothing, see you next Sunday locuelos Until another! CIAO 馃檪

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