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Retail ft. TheOdd1sOut, isketchi, motionwarrior

Retail ft. TheOdd1sOut, isketchi, motionwarrior

Working at the lunch lines was great, but it didn’t pay squat. I needed some money for college, so I got a job working in retail. I worked at a place called Dollar Tree. Unlike the scam artists over at the 99-cent store, everything at Dollar tree was in fact a dollar. There was Claudia, she was a sweetie. Monica, she was chill. The Spawn of Satan Helen, she threatened to bash my head into the wall. And Mark, the General Manager. This one time, he made fun of how I owned a watch to check the time and not a phone. *sniff* I was poor. ;n; My job at Dollar Tree was simple enough. I was a cashier and when I had no one in line I would clean up the front of the store. Okay. Yeah, so some work stories. I was working the night shift when this lady comes up two minutes before we have to close. I let her in. Reluctantly. She walks in the store and kind of just stumbles around talking to herself. I just wanted to go home at that point. Hurry up, lady. She barely makes it over to the counter and grab some random candy out of the bins. “Okay, your total is $3.” “Hey you know, you’ve got some pretty eyes.” “Oh, uh, really? Thanks.” “Ooh, and that body.” “You’ve got something going on there.” “Uhh…” “T-thanks?” “So, where are you going after this, beautiful?” “Uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” “I’ll take it from here.” I’ve never been hit on by a girl before much less a 60 year old drunk one? *lol* So I was pretty confused. Speaking of old people, *heh* Old people. Old people would come in and ask for Senior discounts? “It’s a dollar.” One of the worst jobs you had to do when working at Dollar Tree was filling up balloons. The Dollar Tree was always understaffed. So while the manager was usually unboxing merchandise, it would just be me up at the front alone Blowing up balloons took quite awhile, and if there were many people in line you would have a potential mess on your hands. This one time, I had a full line of people I was checking out. This guy comes up out of nowhere, not even in line, and says, “Yeah, I’m gonna need 50 balloons. Right now. I have to leave for a party in five minutes.” *cough cough* “I’m sorry, what?” “Hey I don’t have all day.” “There’s nowhere I could get it done in five minutes! Do you not see the HUGE line I’m in right now?!” Is what I would have said instead, I just stood there like a spaz- *chuckles* *t R i G g E r E d* Luckily, I had a nice manager on staff that day that took over balloon duty. Another thing about balloons was that, we were always out of the smiley face balloon. Everyone always asked for it since it was an option. But for three months, we didn’t have the shipment. I was slowly going insane each time someone asked for, “Balloon 3-45.” I was a pretty good cashier if I do say so myself. You come to my line with fifty something normal items, and I would just go, *intense cashiering* “Done! Here’s your change. Boom.” Then, there were THOSE people. They would come up to the line with 50 wineglasses- Why was it always wineglasses? They would usually show up when the line was completely empty and once they arrived everyone in the store- It’s like they were on some kind of Magnetic pole. Oh! she is checking out I better check out with her! And usually the people in line would then complain that they had to wait. It’s like dude Where were- Where were you when the line was empty? I would have to stand there, take 20 minutes wrapping all these wineglasses in a bunch of newspaper. *deep inhale* UGHH Sometimes people would come back to the store with open boxes of food and complain that they didn’t like it, so they wanted a refund. “It’s a DOLLAR.” I would see some of the same customers come in from time to time. Such as this one homeless guy to buy t-shirts and And a few old ladies that always bought greeting cards. This one time I ran out of ones, fives, and tens in my register because it was a very busy day So I had to give 12 dollars in change to a customer in quarters, and nickels, and dimes. I didn’t want to call Helen. *laugh* *inhale* If someone called up Dollar Tree to ask if there was a specific item, I would usually tell them no. Either because I was busy with a line or I was too lazy to check. Like people, there’s a website. Check it yourself. I don’t have timeee. Okay, so one more story. A lady came in on a slow day and put like 200 items on the counter. As usual, people started stacking up behind her and started to get impatient. “Okay, your total is $220.15. Cash or credit?” “Cr-credit, please?” I tried ringing up her card but, “It-it says the card is denied.” “T-try this one.” I had to try like five different cards before she said, “Oh. O-oh yeah. Uh… You know what, just stay right there. I’m gonna transfer some money into my account. I’ll be back in five minutes.” She ran out of the store, and I thought, “Well, okay? I guess I’l, I’ll wait, then?” We put all the stuff She wanted to buy back in a cart, but she never came back. The items she chose were random. They were basic living items. Like plates, cleaning supplies, food… I just hope that, that lady wasn’t going through something serious or running away from something. So I-I don’t know. It was just kind of weird. Once Youtube kicked off, I haven’t needed to go back to Dollar tree since the pay is terrible. I don’t plan on ever going back really, but I mean I might have to. *heh* because of- *inhale* Look at these stats. MMMMMM *lols* But anyway, I hope you guys liked this video. If you want to support me, I have a shirt that came out. It better be sound like a God church. Get on it boi. *laughs* Anyways, A special thanks goes out to all the voices in this video, TheOdd1sOut, isketchi and motionwarrior. Go check out their channels! They’re really cool people. All of their links are in the description so check them out.


I mean I think she might've just left her parents and went out on her own. That'll explain her lack of money in her credit cards and the attempt at buying of basic living items. And it could explain why she was so nervous cause she could've not been able to know what to really do or say to survive.

First video I’ve ever seen by you immediately subscribed I love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shugrr: It’s a dollar. -_-

My mom: You know money dosent grow in trees! (XD)

Me:Well it is called dollar tree and … moneys made out of paper and … paper comes from- trees.. 😂

“It’s a dollar” Oh my fucking God. Yeah it’s a dollar that you can buy something else from the dollar tree idiot
Because they’re all a dollar

When i was introduced to dollar tree by my grandma i thought we would go to a tree where you could pick dollars off a tree. I am not joking. That is my 9 year old brain. She died when i turned 15. I love her

Don't cry about the watch thing. I have a phone, but I also still wear a watch…the same watch I have been wearing since I was 11 in fact (I am 25 now). I have since changed the band on it to fit my wrist more of course, but other than that, this watch is among my most prized possessions.

Watch wearers unite! >:D

I think the lady was like a person who just moved into a dormitory or got a new house and is low on cash so they go to dollar tree to get some money but she got to much crap

I’ve worked in retail for 6 yrs and I’ll say that yes there are people who fill up carts even though they don’t have money/financial power. From what I’ve heard it is just something they do to make themselves feel normal. Walking around filling up the cart with items, it’s…reassuring to them I guess. I only know this bc I was wondering why a certain woman would come in and do that every now and again when I worked at a grocery store

I’m on my lunch break, I got some lunch and start to walk back and someone goes “Hello darling, you okay?” To me and I’m stood there thinking lol who are you

I never ran out of funds, but…I was that lady sometimes. Thank you for having the compassion to even think she might be going through something (beyond understandably being an annoying customer).

I don't know why I felt sad for the last lady,it kinda felt like it was my mum when she doesn't have enough money for something but she doesn't have like 5 credit cards

2 reasons why shgurr is like James
1: James says which is what I would have and in this she says it too
2:community college

Haha discounts my dads market they buy stuff like sometime around 70-100 and they don’t ask for discount bc our market we sell it cheap eh I’m a. Kid and I work when it’s weekend and it’s so fun total money you get if you’re me around 600-1200

Me: *Goes too the dollar store and spends 4 times as much money than I thought I would*


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