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Revolution Emily Edits Palettes

Revolution Emily Edits Palettes

hello welcome back to my channel I’m
super super excited for this week’s money must-haves
so here I have a package from makeup revolution directly from Great Britain
and I finally purchased the Emily Noel makeup revolution collab so it’s the
Emily no well it’s Emily edits needs and wants palette so I’m super excited so
I’m gonna be using them on my face to do a full face if you’d like to see that
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come hang out I really love to meet you okay so I know
that this is an older release but they I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it
and for the longest time they were sold out and then I couldn’t find out Ulta
but I was going and looking on makeup revolutions website or revolution I
think they’re just revolution now anyway they had the pellets on sale so they had
the nudes palette which is the smaller palette for four dollars and they had
the large palette for ten so I’m super excited I haven’t even open to get I
mean it still it did take a little while to get to me because it did come from that’s creepy
welcome to the revolution Kimberly okay anyway hope nothing’s broken where it
did have to do air travels so excited oh my gosh isn’t she just so beautiful so
this is Emily Noelle she’s known as Emily Noelle eighty-three here on
YouTube but she’s just so gorgeous oh my gosh I’m so happy for her I know this
like said I know this is an old release but okay oh my gosh it’s so beautiful oh wow so pretty oh my gosh I can’t wait to
put it on my eyeballs can’t wait so this is the Emily edit the needs palette I’m
so happy I’m so excited I was so happy for a little bit of something but that’s
fine nothing’s broken Wow beautiful okay so I’m gonna go ahead
and I think I’m just gonna start putting stuff on my face so my eyes already
primed so I think I’m going to try the bronzer first okay so full sized mirror
and it has the little plastic thingy okay
so doctor we thought too much into it because I know a lot of people already
yeah this is old news but I’m super excited okay so I’m gonna go into the
bronzer shade courage I want to kick up in the pan which is
good that’s pretty pretty shade it’s very pretty very very very pigmented I’m sorry I’m gonna try not to sniffle
all the way through this video I’m gonna try very very nice bronzer very very
nice okay next we’re gonna try the blush which is called Joey a great brush oh
that’s beautiful that kind of a peachy shade gorgeous very very nice that’s a gorgeous shade
of blush and then the highlighter is called gratitude was that kind of a
baked formula that’s pretty bronzer or a highlight just gonna use my little
makeup puffs I’ve learned you just have to go in with the littlest amount I’ve been sitting waiting for the mail
to come because I knew I wanted to film this video for today and I wanted yeah
I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting it’s very natural looking which
is not bad I definitely think you could probably yeah definitely kind of build
it up a little bit that’s a really pretty highlight and I
like that a lot so it does come with six eyeshadows and they kind of like a
setting powder that’s a nice setting powder very very
nice first I’m very very impressed I think this would be great for travel and
for four bucks I think it’s a great deal but let’s go and get into the Emily edit
the once palette okay once again baseline smear comes it does come with
plastic sheeting my eyes already primed and I think I’m gonna do a red lip sift
it again today to go with my shirt so I think I’m going to go with something
that’s a little bit more neutral the full-size mirror is just incredible like
sorry I don’t want to blind you with the light but very very nice mirror okay I
think I’m going to go in with C go in with Midwest
so this shade right here not a lot of not like any kick up
but did pick up this to the eye crease like as our first transition shade Wow
it’s pigmented but it’s not overly pigmented let’s see here okay I’m gonna totally but do spayed
right here it’s a slightly deeper brown I’m just gonna pick up a little bit of
that and I’m just gonna put it in the crease a little bit deeper yeah that’s
that’s nice they’re soft and blendable but there’s not kick up in the pan with
the two shades I’ve used that’s nice okay I think I am going to go in with
apartment it’s the shade right here but where I’m
going to do swatches of like the crazier colors once again even with this dark
one there’s not gonna kick up yeah that’s very very easy pallet work
with very very nice okay so I’m kind of I
don’t know if I should use cupcake which is this kind of beautiful pinky shade or
top story I think I’m gonna do top story so I do have glitter glue sitting next
to me but I’m not going to use it oh that’s a very very nice kind of metallic nice I did a very easy kind of neutral I look
very very quickly I am impressed okay so I think I’m gonna go into dues paid
right here of course I just copped on it awesome okay when I did going with the
pencil brush I do have some kick up in the pan okay so here’s the finished look
just threw on some mascara and the Maybelline vivid hot laughter in classic
love this stuff I’ve seen it almost everybody I just really love these but
the eye shadow palette and then the face palette so the only edit the once
palette so just so you know I am a very honest person and I work hard for my
money just like you do I don’t make you know I don’t make very much money here
on YouTube I I work full-time I work hard for my money too and I’m always
very honest when it comes to products and everything because I wouldn’t want
to watch a video and I wouldn’t want to waste money on something so even though
I love Emily Noelle even though I support her I’m still gonna be
completely honest so the wants palette I think it’s a
really beautiful array of shades when I went in with a regular fluffy brush
there was no kick up in the pan when I did go in with a pencil brush in dues
paid there was quite a bit of kick up that it it really does depend on the
density of brushes though a pencil brush is more dense and harder so especially
if the powder is soft it’s going to disrupt that if that makes sense I do
like that this is a neutral neutral ish palette there are a few like bright
shades and but it’s a very overall very kind of
muted down palette if that’s not your thing if that’s not your cup of tea then
you wouldn’t like this I am NOT a huge neutrals fan I’m just not like today
it’s totally okay because I have a bright lip going on there we go
but I do think that this is a nice palette I like the color story the
shimmers that I’ve touched they are really nice so are the mattes but I’m
gonna do some swatches for you so this is heartbeat let’s go with cheer because
sometimes those kind of red shades are hard
there’s corduroy and let’s go with hi-fi I know I’m probably mispronouncing that
but I didn’t go to college I wasn’t in a sorority
once again swatches don’t tell the whole story but they can kind of tell you how
pigment something’s gonna be like that corduroy shade that’s a little patchy
that’s gonna be something you’re gonna need to build up and once again that’s
okay that’s totally okay for us needing to go in with a second dip let’s try
this again once again it’s okay that if something needs to be built up that’s
totally okay but I want you to know that it’s a good palette is it perfect
no is it super duper duper high quality is that like Natasha de Nona or one of
those very high-end quality no of course not it’s it’s a drugstore brand but it’s
a good it’s a good drugstore brand I love revolution makeup I have quite a
bit of their eyeshadow palettes and I love their stuff this is no this is no
this is is any different it’s a nice palette okay let’s go ahead I’m gonna go
with side hustle the shimmers are like out of this world let’s go with
Capricorn which was a nice shimmery brown and let’s go with dark and early
this looks like a grayish black once again that’s gonna be kind of easy for
us to tell how that’s gonna work once again that
dark and early that’s gonna be one you need to kind of build up a little bit
but it’s a nice palette I definitely think it’s worth the money I love that I
look that it created they blended effortlessly they were easy to blend and
build the shimmer did great without any kind of glitter glue so I definitely
love the ones palette um they’re shapes just like in any eyeshadow palette
you’re gonna have to build up that’s fine
let’s go on to the needs palette so I do like that you get pretty much a full
face you get bronzer blush highlighter a little setting powder and six shades of
eyeshadow I don’t like how small the pans are I’m fine with the eyeshadows
but I don’t like how small these pans are because I use a large bronzer brush
and it’s kind of hard to get that in there but I think that the stuff I did
try in here I think they’re good quality highlighter is definitely very subtle
and natural but that’s kind of how Emily is she doesn’t go with the super like
blind you from space highlight you know what I mean it’s she’s a she’s more of a
natural person when it comes to her highlighter she doesn’t like it to look
super caked on like I do I’m like a lot of youtubers do they like that very
strobing effect and she doesn’t go with that so it totally makes sense that the
highlighter and here’s a little bit more subdued I’m assuming that the eyeshadows
and here are gonna be the same quality as the quants palette but I do like both
palettes if I if you could only get one I would say get the once get the
eyeshadow palette this is beautiful and I will definitely get us out of this but
I do like the eyeshadow palette better but I love eyeshadow you already know
this about me so once again just because I like Emily Noelle and I watch her and
I’m a fan doesn’t mean I’m gonna be like oh my gosh it’s almost amazing thing in
the world this is the best quality I’m not
do that they’re great quality there’s sums that you need to build up just like
any eyeshadow pallete this is very cute and I will definitely get use out of it
and it’s a nice face palette but it’s not a need for me no matter what the
name says it’s not a needs for me so there we go
once again I love Emily Noelle this is by no means you know I love her I
support her I think she’s an amazing person so I will link her channel down
below for you I think a lot of people would enjoy her she’s just an old school
youtuber she has great video quality she does vlog she does all sorts of stuff
and she’s just she seems like a great person so like I said I’ll link her
channel down below for you but yeah there we go I am really really happy
with these so is it a Monday must-have I definitely say that the ones palette is
the eyeshadow palette and I’m glad I got this it was four bucks you know so I’m
not disappointed that I got this but I definitely think the ones palette is
definitely definitely a mummy must-have I like both I just like the eyeshadow
palette a little bit better because I’m a dye I’m an eyeshadow person that’s
just the way it is so there we go but if you did enjoyed today’s video go ahead
and make sure you give it a thumbs up go subscribe to Emily tell her hi she’s
awesome you’ll really enjoy her leave a comment down below did you purchase the
once in the needs palette when it first came out are you gonna purchase it now
that it’s on a really good sale I would love to know down below in the comments
yeah please go share all just be nice to her
and give her a lot of love because she’s an awesome person don’t forget you’re
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video should start autoplay in here very shortly you can always click on with the
ones I’ll be popping up around the screen but yeah I’ll see you here in
just a sec you

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