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RG350 The Amazing Retro Gaming Handheld!

RG350 The Amazing Retro Gaming Handheld!

in today’s video we’re looking at the RG
350 emulation console. A device that many are touting on the Internet today as
being the best most popular emulation device currently available on the market
so on this channel previously we compared the pocket go
from bit boy as well as the ldk landscape and I’m here to tell you folks
the RG 350 blows both of those out of the water so let’s go ahead and take a
closer look and see what it’s just so special about the Archie 350 handheld
console so let’s go ahead and talk about what
makes this little handheld so unique and help separate it amongst the rest of the
pack of other emulation handhelds out there on the market elsewhere
firstly this device comes with an absolutely gorgeous 3.5 inch IPS display
that has great brightness levels and exhibits no screen tearing issues that
plagued other devices in the past if you played any other open source emulation
devices out there well then you’ll be very familiar with the system’s user
interface and layout there are numerous built-in emulators homebrew games and
also support to add several other emulators of your choosing with built-in
support for all your favorite gaming consoles at the ready such as Nintendo
Super Nintendo Sega Game Boy MAME NeoGeo and many more I was particularly
impressed with the performance of the Super Nintendo emulation on this device
as it suffered no stuttering or frame drop issues even on some of the more
demanding games that were originally designed for the super FX chip set our
cabe games are well supported and I found very few MAME for all games that
had any issues running on this device during my testing the only real hiccup I
did find was some sound issues on some of the more popular Midway arcade titles
such as Mortal Kombat 2 or Wrestlemania PlayStation once support is also a very
impressive feature on this device and what is sure to be that its best-selling
feature this handheld has two analog sticks that feel and control
exceptionally well and the supported games I was able to run most of my
favorite PlayStation 1 games without issue on the device and I found that the
analog sticks were supported and almost every single one of those titles I did
sometimes have to go into the emulator settings and make sure I made some
adjustments in the menus to get them to work but that was a relatively simple
thing to do I made sure to update my systems firmware to the most up-to-date
version available at the time of this video and I believe that attributed to
my overwhelmingly positive experience playing these PlayStation 1 titles the
build quality on this device feels good the d-pad feels great and the shoulder
buttons on the top give this handheld a much more versatile setup that allows
for a much better gaming experience when playing PlayStation 1 titles especially
the analog sticks feel a responsive and sturdy and they aren’t thinner flimsy
and I had no real worries about breaking one off during gameplay the speakers on
the underside of the unit are plenty loud and sound great and there’s also a separate 3.5
millimeter headphone jack should you want to remain silent
amongst your peers during gaming and a mini HDMI out port should you want to
experience these games on a larger display screen overall this device is an extremely
capable little handheld at an affordable price and we’ll be sure to give you
hours of retro gaming fun and that does it for today’s video guys if you’re
interested in picking up your own RG 350 handheld device I’ve got an exclusive
coupon code down the video description box below that you can use to bring the
price down that also includes free shipping go ahead and use that coupon
code and bring the price down to $69 shipped free to your house which is an
amazing deal in my opinion for such a powerful little device if you’re new to
the channel please consider subscribing make sure you hit that notification
bells you’ll be the first to know time to upload more great content like this
and as always thanks for watching guys really means a lot


I'm so glad to find your video! I been spending the last few days, trying to upgrade my psp to play ps1 and ps2, I watched videos on how to supposedly to do this, but over, and over failure! But this may be just what I need, thanks bud!

You should look at the PocketGo V2 it is under $60 and same performance as this but there isn't a right thumbstick to get in the way and the Dpad is above the left stick which is more ideal for most retro games.

Great review! Just ordered mine! Do all the SNES games crop the screen like the Mario game? Is there anyway to fix that?

У нас такую штуку можно только в торговом автомате выловить,правдо автомат детский так, что не судьба.А выглядеть не плохо.

This is the second positive review I've seen of this unit. Don't get me wrong, a modded PSP is a cost effective way of playing ANYTHING from the 16 bit era and below (custom firmware enables Ps1 emulation that is spot on with almost universal compatibility.) but the it's top clock speed of 333mhz does not allow it to go near Dreamcast emulation etc. I'm going to invest in one of these.

Nice review. And good for anyone who doesn't have a psp. But my psp and dreamcast can do this already. But nice review keep it up

I'm wondering if this is a threat to the NINTENDO SWITCH. I know the SWITCH appears to be doing well. But it still hasn't sold as well as any of the 4 PLAY STATIONS. NINTENDO may do well right now to create a win-win situation and give its customers the N64 MINI that they have been screaming for for some time now.

Can it handle N64 games/emulator and or Sega Saturn?? I have openemu on my MacBook. This would be a great addition to have for traveling!!

I still prefer hacked ps vita. You have ps vita games, psp games, ps1 games running perfectly plus emulation of retro systems (Capcom, neo geo and other arcades, snes, genesis, gameboy advance, master system, nes, and more). Thanks for the video 🤟👍

I always wanted to have one of those devices but I just dont understand how this whole emulation thing worls like adding games etc…yes im old

Hmmmm doesn't the right analog stick block the best position of your hand to use the buttons? Same goes for the small L2 and R2 ones.

I always think these are cool until I remember my phone can do the same thing and probably has a better screen. Would make a nice gift for a kid tho

I kind of regret buying my GPD XD + earlier this year. It’s great for the most part. Has some dpad issues but mainly the thing is that it cost me 200. This is half and appears to be a better build on controls.

Can you give me the best handheld for emulating that is the size of a PSP? I have seen many on eBay but I don’t know which one to get. Would just getting a PSP itself work?

Hey, I've really enjoyed ur channel! I have used my RG350 for a total of about 6 hours. The R1 button stopped working. Is it possible I reconfigured it by accident? Do you know how to possibly fix this? Thanks!!!

On amazon description it says you can’t use a output to your tv but on the other website it says you can by using AV output. Which one is it? Is there an output option or not? Thanks.

I especially love the way you have to play vertical arcade roms sideways with backwards controls. And the way you can't replace the thumbstick caps once lost. Nobody sells anything small enough.

Wait, so is it Under $70! or Under $100! ? 'cause the link in the description clearly takes to a $94 product. :-

I received mine in 20 days from AliExpress for 85$ it comes with a 32gb sdCard and a bag for the console , so far im Enjoying and playing only PlayStation games such as rayman and resident evil and Final fantasy series And i love it so much

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