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SAS Omnichannel Analytics Empowers Retail and CPG Supply Chains to Sense and Shape Demand

SAS Omnichannel Analytics Empowers Retail and CPG Supply Chains to Sense and Shape Demand

Demand Planners know
that accurate forecasts are critical to
maintaining profitability while meeting
omnichannel customer demand without over-
or under-stocking. Using machine learning
techniques and automation, the SAS statistical forecast
takes into account trends, seasonality, cyclical events,
and the estimated impact of promotions and
in-store events. This enables the Demand Planner
to share an intelligence starting point and a single
version of future demand across each level of the
product, channel, and location hierarchy. This statistical forecast
informs various functional areas across the organization,
such as Merchandising, factories, Distribution
and Fulfillment centers, and Store Operations. This helps break down
traditional boundaries between the different
planning steps and transforms planning into
a flexible, collaborative, continuous process. When the entire service chain
can sense and shape demand, it’s easier to balance
inventory levels. The Supply Chains
Operations Executive can then visualize the inbound
and outbound shipment insights throughout the supply chain
using RFID and Event Stream Processing to support real-time
decisions and route merchandise to meet the most current demand. By bringing in the statistical
forecasting with optimization and automation, Supply Chain
Operations, Merchandising and Store Operations collaborate
to determine the best purchase order pack in bulk
configurations recommended for each style order
and deliveries. The results maximize
Supply Chain efficiencies, reduce costs and lead time, and
streamline the total inventory investment across
Distribution and Fulfillment centers, channel, and
location to meet demand. Omnichannel Analytics brings
artificial intelligence, automation, optimization,
and data management, empowering Supply
Chain teams to ensure the right level of product
is available to cover demand across all channels.

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