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Science and Star Wars with IBM Trailer

Science and Star Wars with IBM Trailer

Hi I’m Anthony Carboni and this is
Science and Star Wars. Every week we explore how close real world science has
come to our favorite Star Wars technology. Oh my gosh! It’s totally like Rey! Awesome! Let’s start building a droid.
We have power superconductor here. Ohhh!! In the real world lightsabers come in one
color blinding white hot. Blasters are everywhere in Star Wars. How did it
feel? Very natural. You get hurt in Star Wars, the backta tank heals your body. That’s starting to really happen High five! Nailed it. We made a landspeeder. I am C-3PO, Human Cyborg Relations. You were really living on the space
station what is that like? So join us here every week for Science
and Star Wars. Thank you so much for coming by! Thank you! This was fun. you


Will the heavy stap from Star Wars battle of naboo game from Star Wars legends going to be new republic vehicle or resistance vehicle in Star Wars future canon !?

How do I watch the show? I went to the Facebook page and all I could see was the light sabre episode that played in a small iPhone shaped window. How and where do I watch it properly sized?

It's like Disney winking at Lucas. IBM was the enemy of Steve Jobs and finger pointed by Kubrick who is an icon to both Steve and George. I just don't get it why they sold to Disney…oh yeah MONEY!!! Lots of Money.

I want to see the first episode, but the video is unavailable in the Netherlands…. why is that? I can see all other video's on this channel just fine!

Do you mind explaining why I can only watch the trailer and when I click the first video of this show, it just says "The user has not made the video available in your country."? I'm from Germany by the way.

The first episode of this show is also blocked in Brazil. Looking at the comments, I guess it's only available in the US? Too bad, I was super excited for this show. I hope this gets fixed soon.

Why is this not available in the UK?????????????? Why is a significant portion of your fan base unable to watch this show?

Hi the videos of science and starwars say that its not available in my coutry/island i live in aruba 🇦🇼 pls make it available thx im a huge Star Wars fan👍🏻👍🏻😜👌🏻🌠🌠❤️❤️❤️❤️

Why does this Star Wars program is been block in Mexico. I would like to see it. I a subscribir to Star Wars and I have no problem with that but thisI do not undersstand.

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