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Secure banking with Bradesco and IBM Z

Secure banking with Bradesco and IBM Z

Bradesco is a bank of the Brazilians. We have more than 72 million clients. Checking accounts and saving accounts. And we achieve more than 80,000 transactions
per second. One of the most important things for us
is the security of the information of our clients. And our customers, they are very concerned
regarding that. For them, it was clear that, it was the responsibility
of the bank to keep this information secure. To do that, we are implementing pervasive
encryption in our systems. Pervasive encryption are very important
in order to keep all data from our clients secure. And this kind of implementation is very important
in order to follow the regulations in our country. We need to be secure in order to be a trustworthy
company. And using the pervasive encryption,
we can achieve the result of a trustworthy company.

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