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Self Publishing on Amazon Pros and Cons

Self Publishing on Amazon Pros and Cons

– Have you been thinking about
self-publishing on Amazon, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? Well, today I’m going to
discuss self-publishing on Amazon, the pros and cons in 2019, so make sure that you stay tuned. (electric guitar music) This is Self-Publishing with Dale where you’ll learn to
publish books that sell and build an unstoppable brand. Given the choice, if you were to be a traditionally published
or self-published author, but make the same income,
which would you choose? I definitely would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Times are a-changing and a
lot of you are acutely aware that the modern-day self-publishing model versus the one that we
come to expect in the past has greatly changed and
this has really happened more so over the past
five years than ever. Whereas some people used to admit to being a self-published indie author, they used to be vilified
and often laughed upon. Nowadays, it’s becoming
more and more of in vogue, if you will and that really
has come in large part due to Amazon allowing
self-published authors to share their works on their marketplace, but why exactly would you
self publish on Amazon? There’s a variety of reasons, but the main one being is
Amazon has a wide reach and it’s also growing by the year, so it only makes sense that
you would partner yourself with a large platform
that can get you exposure to a greater amount of people than these smaller ones, if you will. So let’s discuss the pros
and cons of self-publishing on Amazon and this includes
publisher accessibility. A lot of you are probably already aware of the Kindle direct publishing platform. Yes, it is free to
upload, it’s free to use and it’s fairly intuitive and considering that you can actually go and
get their free online course called KDP jumpstart, it makes it super, super dead simple to publish onto Amazon, however KTP is not the only place that you can get access to Amazon. The other ones include the
aggregates like Ingram Spark, Draft2Digital,, Publish Drive and the list goes on and on. The 70% royalty. Now, there are some
exceptions to this rule, but for the most part when
it comes to publishing ebooks on the Amazon platform,
generally speaking, you get a 70% royalty. That’s not too bad. 70 cents of every dollar, I’ll
take that all darn day long. Pay checks every 60 days. I know, if you’re not used
to this particular avenue, you’re probably going, Dan
that’s a con, that’s a con. No, no, no, 60 days
before I get my paycheck, I want it right away,
however when you’re used to being in the online
space, 60 days to wait for a paycheck’s not terrible. So I definitely don’t feel
like this is a con necessarily. I can at least anticipate
my paychecks and I can start to predict exactly what I’ll be paid out another two months in advance based on what I’m doing right now. The KDP select program. This is exclusivity on the Amazon platform by way of the Kindle
direct publishing platform. Yes, you are starting to limit yourself, however the KDP select
program does have its benefits and it includes your
having more of a payout, globally speaking and
because you’re involved in a lending program, anytime somebody borrows one of your books on the Amazon platform
and they flip through it, each page read influences
your best-seller rank. Customer accessibility. I know this is given, we know
this, I said this already, but I just thought we just
go ahead and revisit this because there are literally
millions of people on the Amazon platform and
they are a warm audience that have come there to
purchase your products. You could try to sell those
things by way of say Facebook or you can go through your website, but the issue is they’re
kind of a cold audience versus on Amazon, they’ve
got their wallets open and they’re ready to
invest in the products that are available on the Amazon platform. So customer accessibility, hands down, one of the nicest features when it comes to publishing Amazon. One product page for three iterations. If you’ve published an eBook
version, a print book version and an audiobook version
of a particular book, they will go on to one product page, that way when your ideal
audience is showing up on your product listing,
they have a choice to pick and choose what they would like and part of the nice thing
of going through say, Kindle direct publishing
you do have something that’s called Matchbook. In the event that somebody
purchases the print book version of your publication, they
could also get your ebook at a severe discount, if you choose to take part in the Matchbook program. Free advertising for your author brand. You’re probably going
free advertising, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold your horses Dale, I didn’t understand what you just said. Yeah, you get free advertising. Think about it this way,
Kindle direct publishing, aka Amazon and even the
aggregates for the most part, there are exceptions to this rule, don’t charge you to upload. Think about that for a second. It may not cost you a
dime to get your brand, more importantly your author
brand into a large marketplace. Now, in the event that you say, oh, I don’t wanna publish on Amazon at least consider putting your version of a gateway drug over onto Amazon, be it a very good stellar publication and then take the rest
of them and fulfill them through your website. Have people redirected over there. It’s just a way to get
your author brand out there and you can also think of it in this way, if you’re selling an eBook
version, a print book version, an audiobook version,
you’re gonna get paid for the opportunity to be in
front of your ideal audience and then you can educate that audience about where they can find
the rest of your content and if there is more
self-published indie authors that would know that this free option is available to us, it’s free. Think about this, years ago we had to buy
a garage full of books in order to actually
get into this business and then we would sit on these books that nobody would end up buying. Now we don’t, now all we got to do is put together a stellar book and people order them as they please. Whether through eBook delivery, through downloadable audiobooks or through print on demand print books, but for all the pros, let’s go ahead and address the cons of self-publishing on Amazon. The 35% royalty that they have on ebooks. It’s garbage, quite frankly they’re saying that they’re gonna pay you
35 cents of every dollar when it comes to your royalty payout. Now, some of you that have
been traditionally published or are thinking about
traditionally published deals will sometimes see way less than that. So you’re probably
going, quit whining Dale, but quite frankly, you could
get two times as much at 70% and that to me is why I kind
of, I don’t know, 35% royalty. There are times I’m okay with this, but for the most part
I think for 35% royalty is where I’m kind of going uh
and that is generally speaking when it comes to books that
are under $2.99 or over $9.99. That’s outside of what is
called the Amazon sweet spot which is their $2.99 to $9.99 for e-books. The ambiguous guidelines. Oh boy, I can’t tell
you how many comments, private emails and messages
that I get from people that have either had
their account suspended or banned or terminated, what have you. The ambiguous guidelines
sometimes gets people and every now and then
because there are scammers in this business, what
ends up happening is that one bad apple ruins
it for the entire bunch. I’ve actually even spoke with
a couple of indie authors that were in inadvertently hit by a particular vetting
process Amazon puts in place because scammers were gaming the system. These ambiguous guidelines, unfortunately (sighs), it
leave something to be desired and this is why I always tell people don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If you’re considering
publishing on Amazon, awesome, but exclusively publishing on there is a recipe for disaster. Always try to plan to
build that author brand beyond just Amazon. Amazon’s platform, this is
Amazon’s game, it’s not yours, therefore anybody that purchases
your book is purchasing it through Amazon and
they’re not your customer, they’re Amazon’s customer
and in the event, as I mentioned before with
the ambiguous guidelines or if for some reason you
are a chronic line stepper or something like that,
they can pull the rug out from underneath you and then
you are left high and dry without your customer
base and one would say, well, if you’ve got such devoted readers, wouldn’t they just go along with you? Well, that’s easier said than done. If they are going to Amazon
to purchase your books, chances are likely they are not solely
going there just for you. They’re picking up other
books, other products. So in the event that you just disappear, most times people are going, well, you probably stopped publishing books. In that case, that’s where I say it’s
their customer, not yours. So you need to always be thinking about how exactly you
can take that customer and convert them into a lifelong reader that comes along with you regardless of the platform you publish on. Risk versus reward. As with everything in life,
there is a bit of a risk with a bit of a reward or a
lot of risk for a lot of reward and for those of you out
there that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on
your self-published book or even tens of thousands of
hours on a self-published book, then you are very aware that
there is a bit of a risk and you may never see a dime self-publishing on the Amazon platform. I hate to admit it, but there
are less successful people in this business than
there are unsuccessful and I don’t want to shame anybody because I’ve been in that position before and I’m sure I could probably
be in that position again. Quite frankly, there is a
lot of risk versus reward and this is an ever-changing business. The risks change from one day to the next and the rewards change
from one day to the next, just be aware that it’s a risky game that you’re getting into when you’re self-publishing on Amazon. Scammers aplenty, oh my goodness, I’m sure I’ll probably
cover this in a future video between falsified page
reads to keyword stuffing to fake reviews, aka review
swaps, you know who you are. Those of you out there that
are working the system, you’re trying to find those
loopholes and work those things. That is the con of
working in this business, but much like anything
else in any walk of life, there’s always going to be one person who tries to ruin it for everybody. That one person who’s going
to try to game the system. That one person that’s going
to try to take from you and take from your business and there are some people
that will say this, they’ll go well, it’s it’s Amazon, they can stand to lose a few dollars. Remember this, and I want
you to pay attention, those of you that are
the scammers out there, you aren’t scamming Amazon,
you’re scamming the audience that’s purchasing from Amazon. Would you do that to
your own family member ’cause if you would do
that, remember this, chances are likely that there
are other people out there, they’re scamming your family
and scamming your friends. So just stop doing it, it’s that simple. Stop trying to justify taking from Amazon because they have a larger, deeper pocket. These ultimately, you
know who’s funding that? Real people and so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna dial this all
back here for just a moment. I do want to address
self-publishing on Amazon. Is this something that’s terrible? No, not by any stretch. With every pro, there’s
a con and vice-versa. In my opinion overall,
Amazon is a great platform to publish your content on. In fact, might I recommend
that you take a look at one of my previous videos here. It’s about with the KDP selected program and I give an in-depth
review and some insights on how I feel about that program. So take a look at it,
I’ll see you over there. And that’s not all. If you enroll in KDP select,
Amazon allows you one of two options choose from in promotion. One is Kindle countdown.


I just want to publish my novel just to say I did. I didn't do it for money, but because I love to write. Even if I got $1 a copy sold, as long as I get to keep the rights, characters and cover art without some hollywood bigwig taking my idea and ruining it, I'd be fine.

Personally had pretty bad experience with kdp the second time around (whenever someone posted a review, it took them ages to get approved / sometimes not even that) but nothing beats getting to hold your own book in your hands!

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Self-pubbing authors are more and more opting for personalized author videos. Effectively like book trailers, except since the video is about the author and all of their work, these can be used to promote multiple titles. Example:

I am a combat veteran with combat disorders and started writing upon suggesting by my shrink. Year later she ask me if I took her advice say yes she want to see I thought I sucked and didn’t want to but caved and PhD said you have a high IQ huh 137 she said she was awestruck I was insightful and has vast knowledge on a variety of subjects and I should not keep it away from society to publish. I did my first book you guys tell me what y’all think. I just posted it a few days ago I need reviews and help getting up. Help me please half goes to veterans. Name for amazon Kendal called a UNIVERSE CONSUMPTION mysteries conspiracies and unknown where I talk about an array of topics including very controversial content that you’ll just have to get it and see for tour self you will not regret it

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