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SEMSEYE – People Counter and IoT Cloud Platform for Retail Customer Analytics

SEMSEYE – People Counter and IoT Cloud Platform for Retail Customer Analytics

Let’s meet the team of the Retail Chain Cosmo Shoes: Vicky, Sandeep, Mike, Jane and Josh. They all work together to make their business run efficiently and effectively. But as the store network expands and online shopping gains popularity, the profit margins shrink and making right management decisions gets harder. How to improve store conversion levels, such as visitors, clients baskets? How to provide our customers the maximum purchase satisfaction? What is the optimal number of staff needed to serve our customers? How to avoid overstocking and understocking situations? They got all the answers after installing SEMSEYE Solution. SEMSEYE is customer analytics driven end to end Internet of things cloud based platform which supports integral beaconing, EPOS, loyalty programs as well as weather impact and Omni channel analysis. Let’s look how it works in practice. This is Anna and Steven – loyal Cosmo shoes clients. Today they received an attractive offering on their loyalty apps and decided to shop. The system recognizes them once they enter the store and navigate the isles. Interactive displays show the best personalized deals. This creates not only positive shopping experience for customers but also provides valuable insights to store managers. By using SEMSEYE multichannel analysis platform the team knows: how the weather, time of day, social events or promotions affect their shopping habits; what items are the most popular; where customers spend most of their time or which product displays attract the most interactions; is the store layout convenient and sales-driving. Jane is happy to have a clear picture of how effective was online and in-store advertisements and promotional campaigns.Integration with Google Analytics gives her in-depth understanding of online and brick and mortar shoppers habits. Mike can confidently organize the staff. Optimize staff schedules based on shoppers traffic, track their employees and their customer service performance. There are unlimited opportunities to add more sophisticated digital tools to the process. Leveraging smart cameras, beacons, sensors and even microphones can give more accurate and detailed data and uncover the revenue potential. Simply connect the devices, analyze data, understand what is important for your customers, make smart decisions and grow with SEMSEYE.

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