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Short introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Short introduction to Affiliate Marketing

You probably already bumped in the word “affiliate”, “performance marketing” or CPA marketing there are actually a few types of affiliate marketing that you can do. Here, we are concentrating on the type of affiliate marketing where your goal is to show your ad to the users that would be interested in the offer you are promoting. Ideally, some of them would take the offer resulting in you gaining a percentage from the sale. To put it even more simply your job here is to take customers by the hand and take them to the shop. You don’t have to own the shop or the goods you just have to find a way to bring the customer there and convince them to buy. So, how do you make money out of this? Let’s go through the typical business model. A person who owns the service or the product is called the offer owner. Sometimes, to promote their products, they pay the affiliate networks to increase their sales or their goals, such as getting people to download an app. Affiliate networks gather different offers from various places and pays YOU to promote them. You are the affiliate. To promote these offers you need to pay for traffic from at least one traffic source. Some people can generate organic traffic but most affiliates pay for a stream of visitors supplied by traffic sources. You earn money when your profits from affiliate networks are higher than the cost of the traffic from the traffic sources. So now you know the ecosystem and you are equipped to start your affiliate journey.

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