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Small-town business helps make Amazon faster

Small-town business helps make Amazon faster

(music) (machine buzzing) – We’re a small company in a small town. We get the call from Amazon. Uh, yeah, I’ll be right there. (laughs) That call kinda set us on fire. (music) CTM manufactures labeling equipment. We looked at the way they were doing it, kinda gave them an idea of what we thought was wrong with the approach. And next thing you know, we’re putting thousands of labelers in Amazon facilities. (music) It’s all about speed. Two labelers at 60 products a minute. That’s about a product a second. So it’s moving really fast. (music) Being a supplier of Amazon, it’s bigger than just CTM. Salem, Ohio is a small town USA. We doubled our facility size, added a lot of new equipment into our buildings. It’s allowed us to grow as a company, allows us to hire more people from the community. We play a pretty big part of what Amazon is trying to do. I mean, it’s amazing. (music)

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