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Solderless Breadboard (Watercolor Speedpaint 08) // Becky Stern

Solderless Breadboard (Watercolor Speedpaint 08) // Becky Stern

Hi everybody, it’s Becky. Today’s painting of a solderless breadboard
is the 8th in my watercolor series all about beloved tools. I sketch in a mixed media notebook, where
I draw out my ideas and make a good deal of the whole project’s mistakes. Then I trace my art onto a piece of 100% cotton
watercolor paper using a light box. In case you’re interested in any of the tools
and supplies I use, you can find links to everything in the description below. I enjoyed the meditative experience of drawing
all these tiny boxes on the face of the breadboard. When I’m done painting, I scan it in, touch
it up, and upload it to my print shop. You can even get a poster featuring all the
tools in the series so far. This one was a special request by Donald Bell
from Maker Project Lab. Check out what else I’ve painted in the series
playlist I’ll link above and below. Let me know what I should paint next in the
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where you can stay up to date on all my news. If you’re interested in supporting my work
further, and can do so without hardship, Patreon is the best place. But even just sharing this series with someone
you think will enjoy it goes a long way. Thank you so much! Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, please give it a
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I love the concept of your art series 🙂 What else…? Hmmm… WD-40?!? 🙂 Solder spool. Visegrips. Scope. Components. Bottle of wine.

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