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Sony – BRAVIA – W66F/WF66 Series – HDR TV

Sony – BRAVIA – W66F/WF66 Series – HDR TV


Издевательство над фанатами, крутая функция ютуб в 2018 году!

Well given this is the only English speaking Youtube video of this tv model I can find so far it would have been nice if it was more in-depth, ie show us the screen menu system in use.

to be honest my router is 1 feet away and it's so irritating that youtube videos get stopped in the middle like every 15 mins or so and even at 360p phone can stream videos even at 2 floors top by the wifi.. don't forget this is a smart tv with no google play on it .it's not an android tv.. and please give an explanation on how to update youtube on this tv.

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