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Spanish Flag Inspired Makeup Tutorial -FIFA World Cup- (NoBlandMakeup)

Spanish Flag Inspired Makeup Tutorial -FIFA World Cup- (NoBlandMakeup)

Hey guys, and welcome back to NoBlandMakeup where we do makeup and body paint tutorials, usually with a cosplay twist!
But today is the continuation of my World Cup flag inspired series thing.
Today we’re gonna be doing Spain, and if you guys want to see the rest of the
countries that I have done so far in this series, it will be linked in the
cards up above! But before we get started, I have a merch store! So if you guys want
to help support the channel, I have t-shirts, and stickers, and hoodies,
and other stuff, so the link is The link will be in the description. But back to what you’re actually here for. I started off this
look pretty similar to how I started off my Portugal, look if you want to see that
it will also be linked in the cards above. But basically, I put red in the
crease. If you’re wondering why my other eye is done already, that’s because I
forgot to turn my camera. Youtuber life I guess… and then I made sure everything was
nicely blended. Didn’t want any harsh edges for this one, and I really wanted
that red to be kind of winged out. And then to give the yellow- that I’m gonna
put on later- a little bit of something to kind of stick to, and to make it a little
bit more bright, I cut the crease. Now if you have more
hooded eyes or small eyes, you definitely want to keep checking in the mirror by
looking straight ahead, so you can see how much of your actual lid will be
showing. And then as promised, I set that
crease that I cut with some gold eyeshadow. I tried to keep my lids not…
like… I tried to keep my eyes closed almost, so that way I didn’t mess up the
concealer and have it transfer. Small eyeball problems. I wanted the crease to
be cut but not so much the outer edge, so it just blended a little bit of the red
into the yellow- trying not to make orange. And I wanted to do something
different for the lower lash line so this time I decided to do kind of like
an inverted wing. so instead of having it flick upwards,
I had it flick down and give myself basically a little bit of a gap. And then
I also blended some more that red eyeshadow on the lower lash line because
the Spanish flag is red yellow red. Then in that gap that I left, I went ahead and
applied a little bit of a white base. You guys thought we were getting rid of that.
Didn’t get enough of it in the last, like, four videos, but I applied that in the
little space that I had. Kind of just make it a triangle, to be honest. And then
filling in. And then because I can’t leave well enough alone, and it’s good to
set your cream products with powders, I’m just gonna set this with some white
eyeshadow. So, the Spanish flag that I took my
inspiration from, was the one with the coat of arms on it and one thing that
really stood out to me is that they had a crown on there and so I figured I can
just put dots on there and call it a crown… so that’s exactly what I did!
I basically traced where I put that red eyeshadow, and added dots- kind of spaced
them out a little bit. I did white first and then I put some blue dots in between.
Why? I’m not entirely sure. There’s blue on the flag, granted a lighter blue as well,
but kind of like doing the darker blue a little better.
Apparently everybody else that work did too. And now I’m gonna apply some false
lashes! If you guys want a full video on that, it’ll be linked up in the cards up
above. And to be quite honest, I don’t know why I’ve been using false lashes a lot lately, but
I kind of like it. After applying your lashes, if you’re like me, you’re going to apply some mascara next. If you’re not then you probably did it already.
I like to do it afterwards though- just because I feel like it kind of blends
your lashes together- real and fake. This is basically what it should look
like, and I actually like this one a lot. Not gonna lie. Now to wrap this look up, we’re gonna
apply some lip color. I decided to go with a pink nude. It looks super pink on
camera, I don’t know what this is. But it is what it is. And that is the finished
look! So I hope you guys liked it, I definitely enjoyed doing this one and
this entire series to be honest. Don’t forget to subscribe to see what comes
out of my Channel next, hit that notification bell so YouTube knows that
you meant it, and let me know how far you think that Spain is gonna make it this
year at the World Cup! I need to know! I’ll see you guys next time!


I keep saying this, but this is one of my favorite looks lol. So how far do you think Spain will go this year?

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