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Standard Banner Ad – Best Mobile Ad Format & Sizes for Display Ad Campaigns (Pt.1)

Standard Banner Ad – Best Mobile Ad Format & Sizes for Display Ad Campaigns (Pt.1)

Mobile phones have become so ingrained in
our lifestyle compared to many other forms of media. A report from comScore shows that 65% of digital
media is consumed on mobile. It shows that mobile advertising is significant
for brands and advertisers. But as an advertiser, what are the best mobile
ad formats & sizes for your advertising campaigns? There is no such thing as a universal ad format
that works for all, rather it’s more important to know the available types of ads for mobile
and understand how each works. Let’s start off with the Standard Banner Ad. The standard banner ad is the most popular
advertising format to date. Usually in a 320 x 50 or 300 x 50 pixels banner,
the ad can be static and also animated. It usually clutters the top or the bottom
of the screen resulting in ineffective & accidental clicks. However, if implemented in the proper context
it can be non-intrusive and does not interrupt the user experience. Unfortunately, this also makes the ad fall
into banner blindness, a habit where users developed an unconscious resistance to the
banner. Another weakness of the standard banner ad
is when a user taps on a banner, they’ll be redirected to a landing page, leaving the
content or app they are on, thus disrupting the user experience. To mitigate the user experience problem, switch
to an expandable ad that doesn’t disrupt the user experience. Banner ads are versatile, quick to produce
and deploy, however it generates the least earnings among the ad types. Big brands can leverage on its minimal space
without the need for additional information as they are known, but emerging brands needs
to put a lot of information into the tiny ad space which usually ends up with cluttered
content. To make this ad format work, your banner design
needs a careful balance with subtle eye-catching content, yet not too distracting from the
app experience. Highlight a key feature or main offering with
a clear call to action and avoid putting too much text & bright colours. Here are some standard banner ad examples. In
the next video, we’ll talk about interstitial ads. Visit to know more about our
VAST and VPAID video ad solutions

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Hi MobileAds

There seem to be some issue with the linking for this video – if you want to link to it from a PP presentation you automatically link to the pt. 2 video.

I really like your videos and how simplified they are – any chances that you have a video like this with engagement banners such as scrape or swipe banners? Missing something in between where it's not a take over but not a standard banner either.

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