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Starkey Livio Ai Hearing Aids Review

Starkey Livio Ai Hearing Aids Review


Lithium batteries are more important to me than any of these other gimmicks. I'd be interested to hear what other people think.
DW in Phoenix

I trialed Starkey Livio AI for 4 weeks right after release. I returned them. Translation was not available. Did you actually see it work? All motion tracking and action was done by the phone, not by the hearing aid. The TV accessory did not work. Spent hours with their excellent tech support who ultimately gave up after sending me new device. Clip was excellent. Streaming was inconsistent and crackled. Car interface on 2017 Acura answered the phone but switched the audio to the phone (not the hearing aids) immediately which suddenly made me use phone to answer a phone call – very unsafe. Thrive training was a joke as it seemed to undo any noise cancellation making background noise an instant problem. Hearing Care took my tech an hour to connect using their tech support only to be lost due to TV accessory trouble shooting. In general it seems that Starkey rushed these to market to secure trials by techie types like me to not buy other brands. Most of the promised things either are not there or do not work properly.
I am quite shocked that you did not share my experience and instead further promoted their false claims (Thumbs down). My experience testing: Oticon OPN (newest), Widex Evoke (newest), Starkey AI Livio (newest). All with ear molds and Real Ear Measurements. All had problems with streaming due to Apple interface. Now moving to Phonak Marvel (newest) due to your review which reported real Bluetooth and hopefully avoiding the apple interface altogether.

Dr. Cliff, I'm but a "civilian" when it comes to hearing health. I recently gave a two-part PowerPoint lecture, one-hour each part, on hearing aids to my local Institute for Lifelong Learning retirement community. I relied on your presentations for a good part of my material (crediting you of course) and also online vendor information (e.g., MED*EL). Part 1 focused on the physiology of hearing, audiograms, and the more conventional hearing aids. Part 2 went from the sublime (implants) to the ridiculous (evolving earbuds). I really appreciate your straightforward and unbiased reviews of the products. I am persevering with my 3-1/2-year-old Siemens HAs while anxiously waiting for the Phonak Marvel Rechargeables with T-coil (late 2019?). I am fed up having to manipulate those tiny 312 batteries, wasting the materials of their construction, and getting my aging fingers to tear off the tabs. Keep up your superb reporting, please.

Sorry to ask the question here but I am guessing it’s easiest to ask the question on your latest video. I want to buy the bi cross and was wondering if it pays to shop around? My doctor sells it for 5k including support. Wondering if I can get them cheaper somewhere else and pay my doctor for support only.

Hi Dr Cliff, do you know if there are any hearing aids that will also act as a heart rate monitor? I run and bike a lot so I wear a chest strap to monitor my heart. I know that there are non hearing aid headsets that play music and act as a heart rate monitor. Do you know if any hearing aids will also function as a heart rate monitor? Thank you!

If Starkey and Apple have an agreement, why can’t we stream TV sound from the AppleTV to the Starkey Livio AI?

Hi. 🙂
Did you try the Remote Microphone + and if so, how did it sound? Did you try it with Phonak Roger?
/A fellow audiologist from Sweden.

I saw your videos sir, please help my sister too, she's getting hearing lost😢 and we can't afford coz too expensive, I hope you read my message, thank you sir

I purchased Starkey Livio 2400 HA's and like the sound quality compared to my old Siemens Motion S HA's. However, I have an Essential PH-1 Android 9 phone and cannot connect to any app that interfaces or connects to the Livio 2400 HA's. Is there a way to adapt the iPhone connect features on my Android phone or are there any plans that you know of to provide this Android capability in the future? Thank you

You can also turn this hearing aid into a headset for work purposes. You just need an PLX MDA220 and a SSP2714-01 dongle. This will work on virtually any phone that is not cordless. Thought it was worth Sharing.

I decided to go with the Livio AI in spite of the potential issues with streaming. Hopefully I won’t regret it. There are a couple of reasons. One is that they have CROS and are available in lithium rechargeable. There are very few options when you need both of these things: just Phonak and Starkey I believe. The Phonak Marvel isn’t available with the cross option, and the only way to get Bluetooth streaming on the older Audeo model is to carry around that silly Com Pilot thing. The Livio has iPhone streaming direct from the aids, and android streaming through the remote mic. To get a remote mic to work with the Phonak Audeo, I would also need to also use the Com Pilot. I will also be able to use the Starkey app with my Android phone without the Com Pilot. It’s also a better app. If the Phonak Marvel had CROS comparability it would be a different story.

The remote mic is similar to the Phonak Roger pen. It is directional when worn vertically with a lanyard, and omnidirectional when placed flat, like in the middle of the table. Like the Roger, it can also stream hard-wired signals with a micro-USB to 3.5mm audio adapter cable. To use the Phonak Audeo with the Roger, you have to use not only the Com Pilot, but also the Roger FM receiver plugged into the Com Pilot. The Starkey external mic will also accept the FM plug that the Roger FM receiver uses, so it is just as easy to use the Roger accessories with the Starkey Livio as it is with the Phonak Audeo. Again. If the Phonak Marvel had a CROS option, it would be a completely different situation. The Starkey remote mic also has a t-coil built into it for loop systems. The Phonak Audeo has a t-coil receiver in the CROS unit.

I was all ready to get the Livio i2400 without the AI feature until I found out about the transcription feature. I do video work and when I meet with a client, I hate taking notes, but I have to keep track of all sorts of details so I do. The transcription feature can potentially make my life a heck of a lot easier. I do expect it to be buggy at first, but that is something that should improve with revisions. I wouldn’t spend that much money for the other features, but transcription of conversations without setting up a recorder pushed me over the edge. It will be fun to play with and I will enjoy seeing it evolve.

One last thing. Because of my one sided hearing, I am only purchasing the AI version for my good ear. I wasn’t sure if having one AI unit would give the complete benefits of the AI version, so I called Starkey tech support and talked to an engineer who assured me that it would work the same with just one. Since they cost about 1k more each, that is 1k instead of 2k, which was easier to swallow. With two functioning ears, you would have issues with translating or transcribing only working from the AI side if you just had one AI unit. With the CROS system, all I am giving up is tap control on the CROS side.

This is interesting. My comment is about the video, not the hearing aid. Dr. Cliff speaks a bit too quickly for me, so I went to the tools icon on the video and slowed him down to .75 of the original. Ahhh, much easier to follow!

📍📍📍 Much appreciate your excellent Starkey Livio Ai review. Surprise, surprise — Last week, I had an appointment with the V.A. audiologist, just for a hearing test — well that and I was hoping for 'back-up' hearing-aids. You see, I bought a pair of Starkey Halo's about 2 years ago and they are still good, but . . . What I was expecting to receive would be cheep generic hearing-aids — what the V.A. ordered for me was the STARKEY LIVIO Ai. RECHARGEABLE hearing aids. 'THE' top of the line. I didn't know anything about the Livio — Ai or otherwise. Fact is, I was unaware about even the real-time language translation feature. Yes, I am very pleased with the Veterans Administration Healthcare — almost makes the year in Vietnam, worth the it — almost. 😑

I have had my Starkey Livio Ai hearing aids for several weeks now and I am disappointed in them so far. I don't know whether it's the hearing aids or the app (Thrive hearing aid controls) that is the problem. Have you heard any other complaints about this app? I have the apple compatible app and my major complaint is power consumption and Bluetooth erratic behavior. Is there a way to use these hearing aids without the control app?

Hi Dr. Cliff. I am about to order a set of the Starkey 2400RT, that is, rechargeable with telecoil – for those not familiar with “RT.” The dealer updated my audiogram and did the impressions for customized ear molds – and he assured me of real ear measurements, thanks to your advice. However, I need a bit of additional help. 1) The dealer tells me that with the telecoil, these devices are compatible with direct streaming of sound to them in any setting with a loop. I want to get your verification in this regard. 2) Also, he says I can get a clip-on microphone to ask professors/speakers to use in a large setting, like a lecture hall or conference center. I figure that this is the same function as the Phonak Roger pen, correct? 3) I overlooked asking about a tinnitus feature in the 2400. Is there such a feature? One last thing – 4) He said the 2400 works better with an iPhone, but I have a Samsung 8S and I have a sizeable balance stillI and prefer not to invest in an iPhone right now. Any advice in this regard? I am financing a major part of the cost, for these devices, so I want to be extra sure I am getting every benefit for the dollar. Thank you very much for your time and help.

John Bishop, I am so sorry for the rude response you were given when asking Cliff to slow his speech down. As a Doctor of Audiology and a Speech Language Therapist myself with over 22 years experience, I commened you in taking the initiative and requesting what your communication needs are. One of the first things an Audiologist or Speech Therapist teaches their patients is to be proactive and request what they need to help with their communication. I am sincerely disappointed that any Audiologist, even one as new to to the field as Cliff Olsen would ignore your request for assistance. Please do not judge the rest of the Audiology community and their compassion for each individual's needs based on the response for assistance you received here. Good luck with your search for improving your auditory needs and please continue to be assertive in your communication requirements. Well done sir.

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