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SteelHouse Reinvents Display Ads with A2

SteelHouse Reinvents Display Ads with A2

We were showing A2 to a company yesterday
and we showed them a bunch of ads that were (from) other brands, and then we showed them
their own brand and what they could do with A2, and the guy literally leaped to his feet.
It was like a cat jumping up. All of a sudden, he saw his brand expressed in a way in the
ad that he hadn’t seen before. He was totally in agreement that web advertising has been
a terrible medium for the actual ad.  
In simple words, A2 allows you to create stunning ads in a fraction of the time you ever could
before and work everywhere — work on your computer, work on your mobile device, work
on any browser and without programming, at all.
  Advertising today has been all about static
images in the ad. With A2 these ads are * image aware
* video aware (you can pull video from anywhere and place in the ad easily)
* location aware * social aware
* device aware (it works on every device) * product aware
* time aware (you can count up, count down)  
They can make the ad fully interactive, they can leverage every asset they have, they can
allow the consumer to interact with the ad, because we’ve basically taken the programming
out of it and made it a creative process. So, all of these interactive elements you
can put in an ad in the same amount of time that people are spending today just to create
the image portion of the ad.  
What people think of as rich media ads — ads that leverage assets like video and social
features and are interactive — generally have 600% higher click rates on the ads, and
so that’s what you want…You want ads where you can express emotion, where people respond
to it, but without all this programming that’s been such an obstacle to creating those kind
of ads in the past.  
That’s what people are really excited about. It’s like, okay, now I can just create what
I want, and I’m not sitting here hiring programmers and struggling with the platform.
They focus on the creative portion; we make it work technically. It’s like this is what
everyone is starting to talk about…”If we’re going to spend all these dollars online
we need the ad itself to live up to that.”  
The A2 is advertising squared.

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