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Support: Getting to Know vívomove® Style/Luxe

Support: Getting to Know vívomove® Style/Luxe

Featuring a traditional look, smart features
and a range of all-day health monitoring capabilities, vívomove® Style and vívomove® Luxe are
the fashionable accessories for everyday life In this video, we’ll introduce you to your
new hybrid smartwatch After charging, download the Garmin Connect™ App to complete the easy setup process It will walk you though how to get your smartwatch
up & running and paired with your phone Now, let’s take a look at the watch To wake up the screen, raise your wrist or
double-tap the screen On the watch face, you’ll see the date and
current step count Swipe left or right to view widgets that show
more data You’ll notice that the watch hands move in
sync with your personal stats, including: steps, floors climbed, intensity minutes and health stats such as body battery, stress, hydration and heart rate Tap on any widget to access more data or additional
options Widgets can be removed or re-ordered using
the Garmin Connect™ App Press and hold on the screen to access the
menu Then swipe to view the menu options Here, you can set timers & alarms, access
settings and start tracking an activity Just tap the activity icon Swipe through the available activities, including:
Walk, Run, Cardio, Strength and even Yoga More activities can be selected from the Garmin
Connect™ App Then, you can tap to select the activity you
want to complete You will be asked if you want to use the GPS
on your paired smartphone Double tap the screen to start your activity During the activity, the watch hands will move in sync with your heart rate and indicate your heart rate zone Swipe to see other data such as steps and
calories burned When you want to stop an activity, double
tap the screen Here, you can save the activity, discard or
resume it Wake the screen and swipe down from the top
to access the controls menu Here you can quickly access the Do Not Disturb feature, your Garmin Pay™ wallet and a shortcut to return to the watch face Thanks for watching! To learn more, visit the vívomove® Style and Luxe pages at

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