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Techie Talks #2 | Mobile plans, Amazon prime music, Xiaomi electronics and more

Techie Talks #2 | Mobile plans, Amazon prime music, Xiaomi electronics and more

hello guys welcome to my channel I’m
techie Karnan and here we do stuff on technological things we speak about
technology we review we talk about Android iOS and other technological
stuff so today is the techie talks #second episode so let’s begin
the video so first of all we have Vodofone idea and Airtel one of the
largest companies in India are going to increase rates of the monthly prepaid
plan from next month these companies are getting so much loss from July to
September in this year 2019 so they are increasing the rates the current minimum
rate for Vodafone idea is rupees 25 and Airtel is rupees 23 this is the minimum
current plan in this from minimum to maximum there will be a change in
increase with 30 to 45 percentage Xiaomi the Chinese company which is a famous
smartphone brand and other wearables fitness track and others etc this company
is deciding and thinking to make more than smartphone after the mi 10 Note
Pro release they are thinking to make more electronics other than smartphones
they are thinking to make air purifiers water purifiers wearables smart LED
lamps and security cameras and more others will be included later hacking is
now a critical thing in the world there are hackers everywhere but now for
iPhone users it is a good news because you have an app in the ios app store
called as iverify this tells you if your phone is getting hacked this is
useful in much ways because this tells you that if you’re getting hacked from a
hacker it gives you the details of the hacker and how is hacking and you can go
to your nearby safety houses and you can say them like your police stations
Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world
there’s a video platform also known as Amazon Prime in which you can watch
series shows and even movies but there is even Amazon Prime music most of them
might heard of this but it is not free it is like Amazon Prime video you should
pay and subscription for this now the Amazon Prime is completely free for
Android iOS and fire TV the Amazon Prime music is also ad supported so if you
think that they are not getting money because of subscription they get through
these ads you will listen these ads in the way of music like you get in Spotify
tik tok is a great social platform it is very famous and it is a Chinese
company after its collaboration with musically it is one of the best apps in
the Play Store and now it has hit a 1.5 billion downloads this is a an
incredible amount of downloads and this 1.5 billion is from each user
most of the downloads are from US and Chinese approximate near to 127 million
to 170 million from the US and the Chinese tik tok is more on fire in
Play Store and it is one of the best social platforms to make your short
videos and share it to your friends and your family thank you guys you was
watching techie Karnan and if you like my videos please subscribe my channel
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video and share this to each and every techie out there and I will meet you
soon thanks for watching


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