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Testing The Cheapest Tablet on Amazon

Testing The Cheapest Tablet on Amazon

– All this year, I’ve been
looking for the cheapest tablets that you could possibly find on Amazon, and Amazon sells their Kindle Fire and that’s technically the
cheapest tablet you can find, and I actually checked
one out earlier this year as a part of the 5 Minute
Speed Shopping video on Amazon. If you guys missed that video, I’ll leave it linked right
up there in the iCard. Probably the best buy
next to the video camera. But right in front of me, I got three different tablets that are the cheapest ones you could find, aside from the Kindle Fire. We’re gonna see how good
they are, if they suck. I’m interested. I mean, for $42, that’s
the cheapest tablet we have on this list, let’s see if it’s any good. So, if you guys wanna check
out any of these tablets, I’ll leave a link down below. One goes for $42, the
other one goes for $47, and then, the last one
goes for about 49 buck, so we’ll check them out and kinda see how they
compare to each other. The first one we’re gonna
be looking at is this, called the Yuntab Tablet, comes in pink. A lot of these tablets, they kinda just look the same and have different branding, but let’s see what we get in the box. Got pink, got the color codes there. Alright, I mean, it looks
okay just off first glance. How do you charge this thing up? Micro-USB. Alright, pretty standard stuff. So, here is the $42 tablet. On first impressions, it feels, I wanna say better than a Kindle Fire. I don’t know why, I just, I like something
that isn’t completely forked. This has Google Play on it, you get a camera on the
front, a camera on the back. Speaker on the back, too. Micro SD Card slot,
volume up, volume down. I mean, it doesn’t feel super cheap and I like how it’s in
landscape, that is nice. Alright, let’s turn this on and see how good it is. Power button’s at the top, headphone jack, too. I mean, I like the ports at the top. It’s kinda nice, doesn’t get in the way
if you’re holding it in the palms of your hands. The screen doesn’t look the best, let’s wait ’til it fully boots up. That’s enticing. That sounds like there’s hope. – Rebellions are built on hope. – Alright, so this is at full brightness and you guys can see it
just from the overhead, it’s not that bright. In real life, it’s barely visible. Interesting, alright,
let’s see what version of Android this thing’s running. I’m guessing it’s like
Android 7, maybe 7.1. Of course not, of course. Android 4.4.2, so it’s
running Android KitKat, and normally I don’t go too
technical on the specs here, but when you’re buying a $42 tablet, you gotta know what’s good. So, let’s watch a YouTube video and see if that even works. Alright, the video loaded up. The screen definitely looks a little blue. I just checked the specs, it’s a 1280 by 800 screen so it’s barely 720p HD. It looks like everything’s
going on at night. Wow, alright. The screen is, it’s decent. It’s what you’d expect for 42 bucks. Let’s see what’s good in the benchmarks, so I’m gonna run the
AnTuTu 3-D benchmark here. We’re gonna do this on all the tablets and just see what kind
of score it gives us. And a benchmark, just in
case you guys don’t know it, let me know in the comments
which score you guys get for your device at home. If you wanna test out Geekbench or AnTuTu, like the one I’m about to run. Basically what a benchmark is, is it gives you a overall
score for your tablet or your device’s max performance. So, it runs a test and you can run this
on a few other tablets. That’s what we’re about to do and kinda just see, from
a technical standpoint, where things fall. It literally did not run
on the tablet and crashed, so that’s what you could
expect from this $42 tablet. Alright, so videos are kinda decent. It won’t actually run a benchmark, so let’s just see how
good the cameras are. I think that’s pretty much all we can do. See how good the front-facing camera is. Jeez, I look uglier than usual. Wow, I just look pale. I blend in with the ceiling. See how good the back camera is, like, this has to be better. I mean, you could tell it’s an iPhone. So, a $42 tablet, interesting, but let’s see what else we got. Next up, we got our $47 tablet, so we’re stepping it up a little bit. Five extra bucks, let’s see what improvements
we’re actually getting. It’s got the work pro on the box, I’m optimistic. I’m actually optimistic. Seven-inch tablet, alright, what’s good with the new tab? Oh, my, really? Really, really, really? – Really? – It’s the same design as the pink one. Literally the same design, just with different
branding and more money. Speaker on the back, logo not in the center, on the bottom, camera’s in the same spot. This is the exact same tablet, just more money and branded differently. It’s turning on, the display looks better than the last tablet, although, I think it’s the same. We’ll have to see what’s good here. Quickly vote up in the iCard which tablet, oh, that’s nice, which tablet you guys think
is gonna be the most worth it. It might be this $47 one. Yeah, the display, it looks better. Still really blue. Alright, let’s peep the camera first. (groans) Those are some noises
I’ve never made before. Yeah, I wanna say you can
see a little more color than the $42 one, interesting. Let’s try out the rear camera here. It looks decent on the display. You guys have gotta be the judge. So, I’m trying to get
the AnTuTu 3-D benchmark to load up here. It’s saying the app’s not installed, but I just checked and it is installed, so luckily we’re gonna try out
the AnTuTu standard benchmark and see what score we get. It should be the same, and I ran it on the $42
one just quickly here, and what we got was a score of 14,314. Let me know in the comments, again, which score you guys get at home. When I run it on this one here, it’s saying a score of 14,423. Kinda interesting ’cause
these are the same tablet, this one’s more. I mean, shouldn’t we have the
same score across the board? Yeah, it looks like it’s bugging out. It’s for sure bugging out. Wow, alright. I look like I’m in the Blue Man Group. – I’m afraid I just blue myself. ♪ I’m blue, da ba dee da bu di ♪ – I mean, at least this tablet didn’t make me look like a Smurf. Like, I actually look like a Smurf. We’re gonna step it up. We’re gonna check out the $49 one here. I’m hoping it’s better, I don’t look like a Smurf, and I’m actually hoping benchmarks run. It’s a Fusion 5, seven-inch screen, quad-core processor. That might be good here, that might be helpful. One gig of RAM, alright. It feels solid, I mean,
this definitely feels like a Nexus 7 if you guys remember that. Camera on the back, camera
on the front, SD Card slot. All of these have SD Card slots, so you’re chillin’. The charge port’s at the
top, Micro-USB at the top, headphone jack. The display looks more promising and we’re in the boot up phase right now. This might be the best
tablet on this list. Obviously it costs more money, but the screen is bright. Things are visible. – I can see. I can fight! – What version of Android is this running? Bam, Android 5. Okay, I’m just jumping
the gun every single time wanting one of these cheap tablets to run Android 7, not happening, but let’s see what the score is. So, 18,563, definitely better
than the other two tablets. Specs look decent. I mean, this might be the tablet for you. Let’s hope I don’t look like a Smurf when we watch a video. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah, buddy. Camera’s looking good, camera’s looking good,
let’s take the selfie. Just a good looking selfie there. You guys gotta be the judge on this one. I gotta see what the rear is like. The rear camera, that is. Take the same photo. Yeah, yeah, I think it’s the best. So, here’s my assessment. Out of three of the cheapest
tablets you can find on Amazon, not including the Amazon
tablets, not the Kindles, basically, the $49 one
is the best buy here. It’s a pretty chill tablet. Don’t expect too much from it. I was actually surprised
it could do what it did, so that’s gonna do it for this video. Make sure you guys get subscribed with notifications turned on if you’re new and let me know in the comments if you guys are just joining notif gang. Make sure you follow us on the Insta Story because that’s where all
the behind-the-scenes are always happening with the crew and I’ll see you guys later, peace.


I got a tablet from Amazon looks exactly like the $42 and paid £19.99 about $26 and although it worked fine after a month or so and a few apps applied it soon came to a halt and has never worked well even after a reset. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Always end up on your channel after watching a video, you're still the same douche. Get me outta here!

I Have a galaxy tab a it's kinda expensive it's price is like $100 or more or 200 so well it's a really good tablet for its price and I love my tablet

My main tablet is a Alba 7 inch 16GB and you can only get it from Argos which is a UK store. It’s only 50£ and it’s a great purchase. It runs android 7 nougat so quite new software and its quite fast.

I'm sad here watching YouTube on the website on a fire tablet 7 with 3 games and my Samsung is broken 😢😰😢😢😢 not even normal emjios

That one in the thumb nail looks like mine

I did not buy it
It's slow


Mines android nexus 7 lollipop

Starting up says google yeh

After trying it it works for my games

Did not run out of storeage yet

Have 3 games
An launcher ( I will try it with out )

It's also has colour like my iPhone

Better then an android swits 4.0

It has headphone jack

Can't find an camera app

I can't use it when it's changing

By when the tablet loads up my iPhone 5colour is on 5%

So yeh I like it it can handle the stuff I want it to do so I use i

Stuff that don't download
Az recorder

( edit: without launcher it's much faster I can do stuff better it's better then the one you got NICE ) XD

Yeah you're testing it right out of the box. Give the last tablet a month and you'll wanna chuck it out your window for how bad it becomes lol

“Geek bench” I got the pink one from wish app for $62 aus it was the cheapest they were selling it for it has 18gb and the same kit Kat, but it is really so it takes at least 15-25 sec to open an freegan app!! Ripped of much! Other then that the looks cute! But doesn’t run that great. I have a cheaper laptop that runs better haha it’s garbage.

please make a video for fidgetkute tab lunched recently on Amazon.
actually i find this tab over featured in this price range.
but i am really confused about shopping this tab from an international seller through Amazon.
i don't know it's reliable or not.
please help me

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