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The 12,020 Human SPACE Era Calendar 🚀

The 12,020 Human SPACE Era Calendar 🚀

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The 12,020 human space era calendar has arrived. You can order it now until we sell out,
and then never again. In the last few years, we’ve
looked back at the achievements of our ancestors that paved the way for our
modern world more than ten thousand years ago. This year, we’ll turn our gaze to the future of humanity and how we will explore space
in the next ten thousand years. Twelve illustrations will take you
to the liquid-gas oceans on Titan, colonies on Mars, the storm clouds on Uranus, and many more stops
on humanity’s biggest journey yet. Enjoy solar system-wide delivery, shipping from the US and finally, also from Europe. Order now to get our limited-edition
calendar in time for the holidays to make your kids, family, and friends happy or to distract yourself from the looming void within. You know, whatever works for you. You can get the calendar together with a duck plushie, a hoodie, or a poster, if you want; we’ve put together a few deals. Thank you so much to the thousands
of people who got the calendar last year. Because of you, we can keep this channel
free for everyone and make even more beautiful things. A happy interstellar year, 12,020! *Quieter Kurzgesagt jingle* *howls*


wtf I was on the mailing list for this calendar but never got an email about the availability, forgot about it and now its sold out …

begging for a smaller desktop version for next year, its quite big, still figuring out where to hang my calendar, coz i live in hk and we dont have much space to live in T___T

Stephen hawking : This world will not last until 2117 mas

Muslim prediction : This world will not be 1500 hijri,
*Now we are at 1440 hijri ( 2019 mas )

Muslim faith : Judgement will occur at friday ( This might occur this week or next week or next month, no one knows )

According to the prophet Muhammad, doomsday is like the distance between the middle finger and index finger, where the middle finger is the era of the Prophet Muhammad and the index finger is our era

*Idk why im doing this

Man, I want this calendar so bad, but it's already sold out BEFORE the new years!! Can we make more calendars next year, pleeeease?

why not print these on-demand after the initial run is gone, I would love to have it but I missed the window when it was available and Im sure a lot more people want one, seems like a waste of potential revenue

You know I have made a new way to describe time. I call it Cycle time notation.
EX December 17th 1991 is 120th cycle 91.1217.
120th cycle is the centuries since the start of the human era
91 is the amount of years since the start of the century
12 is the month
17 is the day
It is pronounced one-hundred and twentieth cycle nineteen point one two one seven
You will find that this works with any date and all time before the human era is given a negative and notated from time til the human era
EX November 27th 100,000BCE is -10th cycle 0.1127

kerzgact: sells futuristic looking callander
my brain: i dont need this
another part of my brain: i allready keep track of time
yet another part of my brain: thats a bit to much
me: i dont need this
my educational and dreaming part of my brain: GET IT NOW!

I'm late
I have waited a whole year for this

I miss out on buying this calendar every year. Really wish you would print more than one run of these because it's the only thing I ever want to buy from your shop.


Is there any chance you guys can contact dftba europe? I've ordered 6th of november, but nothing has arrived yet. I tried to contact them, but they won't respond. I'd rather not write a comment like this, but the minimal ways of customer support makes me do it. Please help out a fellow subscriber of yours!

Dear Kurzgesagt,

Two and half months have already passed, and I haven't received the calendar that I ordered as Christmas present to a loved one.

My order number is Order K-18061.

I can’t track my order either by track number or in any other way.
Number in UPS: 801189031394492358

According to the latest information, the shipment was transferred to our services on December 2. But I did not receive any notifications.
Please help me. Could you find out from the transport service which company in Russia they handed over my parcel and what new track number was assigned to it.

Hope for your help.

Best Regards,
Gorshkova Daria.

Can anyone tell how much it costed in Euros? Got to know about these calendars only now, already set a reminder for next one))

I will buy one of these and give it to my future kids and then tell them to do give it the their kids. In 10,000 years, The calendar will match the actual date. hopefully.

argh! the peoles are buing more than one! i'l seriously wanted to have somes' stock in this year because EXAXTLY on this and (on the year (2020)) i will make ten years , so, i will have a job and i will have money to buy the calendar!BUT OBIOUSLY… SOLD OUT!GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
P.S:sorry for my english , im brazilian(you can see on my name)
edit: i' decided to colaborate,making legends for brazilian, (this is the firts one that im going to make

Is there any chance this gets another print run? My son had the 12019 one and loved it and was really looking forward to getting the 12020 one because he loves space, but it sold out before we even knew it had come out. He was heartbroken. Maybe at least a download & print version?

hey when you guys got your calendars this year (2020), was November missing? cause November was missing from mine. it sucks cause it's so beautiful and I honestly just hope the channel doesnt loose too much money reprinting them.

I actually really hate myself for not ordering this when I saw the video cause now months later I reaaaaaalllyy want one but it’s been sold out for so long now 😢

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