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The Best Affiliate Program For Beginners 2020 High Ticket Affiliate APCO BIM-D TIGER Testimonials

The Best Affiliate Program For Beginners 2020 High Ticket Affiliate APCO BIM-D TIGER Testimonials

Here and the only thing we need is I always like to confirm it on the phone because that just kind of Kind of tells me everything’s good. Oh Look at that says Facebook says I’m live and discover heal so that we’re life. Oh my goodness. All right guys, welcome welcome Welcome, welcome for everybody. That’s just joining us. We’re gonna get going in just a second here I just want to get this shared out a couple of different ways as always and Let’s see Gonna share this to a couple of groups share this to a couple of peeps tag a couple of peeps Man, this is the fun part man. I’m I just I don’t know about you Tiger I love doing these. Uh, I love doing these Facebook’s lives These are just a lot of a lot of fun and yes, mr Munsen the CEO Stephen CEO of he’ll the real deal. He’ll is first in line first on the line So that is awesome. What is going on? Ladies and gentlemen, how you guys doing? Happy Sunday? Welcome to the official Quatro numero Quatro of the Discover he’ll spotlight and tonight’s guests man. All I can tell you right now Like if you guys unless you get it unless you guys have been living in a cave I want you guys to get some paper Get a pen Get ready to take some good notes get ready to like comment heart and engage get ready to have some fun Get ready to listen open up your ears shut your face hole open up your ears and get ready to pay attention because uh It’s gonna be pretty pretty awesome. My guest tonight is uh, I’m excited. I haven’t even heard a full full story and I’m Really really excited. But for those you guys that are just watching this just tuning in for the first time Just checking out discover heal Those you guys that are live on this group and somebody else’s timeline in my group wherever you guys are at Just want to say welcome for those you guys that don’t know me. My name is Daniel come I am your host tonight I’ve been in the online space for about four years now and Had an amazing time and I get to do really super cool stuff like this, which is host amazing people every Sunday night so, I don’t know if Rosalyn here this way or this way but I’m just gonna point like this like I did for taniel last week and one of the ways I’m gonna be right so Super excited to have you on board thank you so so much for taking time out of your night for those you guys that don’t know this is I Gotta say your name right Rosslyn Tiger Burt borg borg, right bird burg Rosslyn tiger berg Welcome, welcome to the webinar she is a Superstar that has been with heal since the very very beginning and way before you guys even heard the tidal wave. That is healed That’s been going on in the last four months and she has an absolutely super amazing story that she’s gonna share with you She has done. I don’t know how many facebook lives sharing her story She is super motivated by heal and she is motivated to help you So, please please please listen up and pay attention to what is gonna happen tonight because you guys will learn something All right So like I said rule out all distractions get some pen get a paper Get ready to write take some notes and get ready Roslyn. Thank you so so much for being here Why don’t you just kind of share really quick? Where you’re from? Why you’re excited to be here? Hey, everyone The courageous motivate is here so get ready to get motivated Excited to share my story Roslyn Tiger burg from Montague, Louisiana but I live in Greenbrier Arkansas now for 20 years, but I still got my accident and I’m just excited to be a part of healing excited to share my story with you because you know my story starts with my health My health was failing My health was going nowhere fast. I was a 264 pounds I Had a lot of body ailments a lot of you know, I’m diabetic I was taking a hundred and 40 units of insulin a day, and I’m not making any medical claims I just want to share my story and how I got started and it just snowballed into something bigger than I ever dreamed boom Awesome. Awesome Well, listen thank you so so much for taking time out of your day to be here and thank you for Everything that you’re gonna share with us tonight I know what these webinars they you know, I kind of was joking in the leaders group a little bit I kind of feel like the Barbara Walters have healed here where it’s like Everyone kind of pours their hearts out to me on Sunday nights, but you know it is what it is, you know and you guys have a lot to share in and it’s all amazing and valuable and Emotional and real and that’s just what’s super super cool about heal. So Rosslyn if you would why don’t you just kind of like take us back to the beginning? You know obviously heal is a home-based business. It’s an affiliate marketing opportunity There’s so many other cool awesome aspects which we will get to but why don’t you just kind of take us back to? You know, where did you get your start in? You know home-based business. How did it all start for you? It started because I was diabetic and At the time when I really started looking into different things to do My baby was five years old and I really my health. I was always heavy Because my background is in bakery. I was in the bakery business for thirty years I ran I own my own shop for ten years after my parents retard and Afterwards after I hurt my back And then a few years later. I had a child. I got gestational diabetes and full-blown diabetic so that’s when my I mean it was like, of course I dabbled in it, you know, not really believing that I had diabetes, but Was doing everything that did doctors wanted me to do and really for when my Child was five years old and he started playing soccer. I was like, I need to find something that’s gonna help me So, of course the search went on I did different businesses with my good friend Keith chef saw Actually, I knew I met Stephen on that journey of us being in all different kind of businesses met him for the first time and What were you were you like Google search and YouTube searching talking to other people honestly, I was Keith chefs are following Because he’s a great friend. He knew my story. He knew my struggles and he would always say hey Roz You want to try this you want to try that you want to try this and if I’m gonna try something, I’m all-in No matter what it is. If I say, okay, I’m gonna try this then I’m gonna try it I’m gonna invest my money my time, I’m gonna sell it and if it’s not for me, I’ll move on but I’ve been here for Two years, but three years of being affiliated with Stephen and he’ll and Learning about it and honestly the first time I heard about he’ll I was like man, that’s just too healthy for me you know because it was about health and I wasn’t there I was a mess and Once I was fought, you know We went out and we helped this family out in Florida recover from a tornado that came after a hurricane, you know He that’s when heal for me really kicked off I Was in it I wasn’t able to be there to help but financially supporting and When I watched Stephen walk into the storefront in Thailand and I saw bindi I was hooked Because I couldn’t wait for him to get it I didn’t know if he was gonna because that was some talk about you know We weren’t even sure we was gonna do this. He wasn’t even sure he was gonna do in a filler you market He was he was still in the thoughts of what what was going to do, but when those products got to the US I was all in because Once I started taking them I had more energy. I was feeling better I was able to balance my blood sugars which are struggled for like 15 years to do and Once that happen and he made an affiliate program. I’m like, yes, I can make money with it You know better health wealth love having his faith family, but in the whole package body mind and spirit Hook line and sinker. That was me. I was all in and ER and my story the rest is just history because Steven started this I mean, of course we had the products then it’s like okay, we’re gonna start this four-week MINI CHALLENGE a 28-day go shaped lotion and go shaped powder challenge. I’m like hmm. I’m feeling better I’ve got energy. I’m gonna do it now mine now. It’s weigh-in 264 pounds I was taking 140 units of insulin. So I really had nothing to lose and I’m like, okay now the first day I can only go five houses down the street and five houses back That’s how bad my health was Out of shape overweight. I had some physical issues but I knew 28 days I could do it If I could challenge myself, which I do I challenge myself and everyone else to do just 1% more today Than you did yesterday? Then I knew if I could just do a little bit more tomorrow than I did today and keep on doing that It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen and It did six or uh 28 days. It’s 693 days today then I get on out and I move daily I do a Facebook live to encourage anyone to get Started no matter what situation you’re in to get started whether you need better health more wealth You know stronger Relationships my faith has been restored because of heal My family is stronger, and I definitely can have fun now Because just this weekend, you know a goal I never thought I would be able to do I’ve learned a new sport playing pickleball and I’ve been able to play the pickleball Awesome. It’s awesome. I call it tennis for old people. Okay, because quartz smaller and you know, it’s It’s a few sports put into one but I got to play my first tournament Amazing its third place Wow So now that’s one goal of outreach now, I want to reach another goal every time you reach a goal You you reach for another goal and oh man, let’s let’s back up a little bit here because you know You covered a lot of ground. You talked a lot about a lot of things but I want to make sure like everybody that’s watching this everybody that especially the folks that are brand new the Spokes that are just checking out heel for the first time Obviously you’ve had you have had a big health transformation With heel and not a lot of people a lot of people know about the affiliate side which is kind of newer a lot of people know about the affiliate side a lot of the Making money online and the sales pages and capture funnels and driving traffic and all that good fun technical online marketing stuff but there’s a whole other side to heel which is obviously the amazing community the amazing health products the amazing digital courses that teach You know really? How do you how to be your best self? And I think that’s a fair statement So why don’t you just kind of like paraphrase for everybody? Like what are What? Caught your eye from a health perspective and what have been some things that you’ve done to really apply those, you know Whether it be supplements or just kind of actions that you’ve taken from the heel products yourself You know personally It’s hard to get started But once you get started, you know when I first started I didn’t change a thing. I just made the effort To boost my immune system and to get on out and move Now once you start doing that It’s like anything else it kind of snowballs into something else because you start feeling better You start thinking differently about yourself you the more you do the more you want to do now the community Wow The community of heal is just amazing in the programs that Steven has put together. It’s just outstanding Because you know I told you when I’m in all in and I am all in I’ve got you know I take the products. I’ve got the shirts. I’ve got the skincare I mean anything and everything that we have had I’ve God talk about Roslin talk about the products a little bit talk specifically about because I want to I want to shed light on the kind of like I Guess I feel like a commercial like the softer side of Sears, right? like Cher like the part of a heel that not a lot of people are exposed to which is really the health side And obviously that’s impacted you Immensely, so talk about a little bit about the products and specifically what you take how you take it and what that’s done to Obviously, it’s a benefit you you know, whether you have it doesn’t matter if what? Elements you may have or health crises you have going on every one of us have an immune system and these products immune boosting immune balancing products has changed my life that is what started me on this journey of you know, I have a 30-day Tiger challenge because of The products and I speak of heal every single day because of the impact it has had on my life Because when you can boost and you can balance your immune system your body has the ability to work the way to God Intended it to work Because of all of the things going on, you know The things that are in our water the things that’s in the air the pollution the lack of vitamins and all of these other things supplements that Help you to feel better to give you energy To just get on out and move That is it in a core no medical claims. You have to take it two in the morning two in the afternoon I will never be without BEM D that helps me to balance my immune system For diet for diabetics because that’s what bim d stands for balanced immunity for diabetics for diabetes so there’s four different ones to take and I’ve taken all except for the immune a Because I still take the th+ on a rotation three days out the month to help me To stay away from cold and flu and and all of these other things that come along with the wintertime and As far as I mean, that’s a lot of things we can’t say about it. Sure. Yeah. Yeah what it does for me It’s just absolutely amazing I will never ever be without if I have to start going to Thailand and getting them I will but he o has an amazing product in your back office right there in your back office better health Along with the whole package of all of the other digital products that we have we have immunity for your animals Which I can’t wait to order and I know it’s in our back office and a lot of other things that are coming I Get a question for you. I know I’m gonna start to cut you off. I’m gonna put you on the spot a little bit So how long have you been taking the supplements? Starting February 1st. I think it was the first shipment that came to the US February 2018, so Obviously you’ve been so two years. We’ll call it two years. Yeah, so in that timeframe How often or or have you been sick since you’ve been taking the supplements from heel? Can you even recall I’ve had one Incident but it was short Got sick once and for a short period of time a short period of time in two years. Yeah, that’s it I I call that pretty impressive so if you guys if you guys heard the same thing that I just heard since taking the heal supplements the Immunity boost and and other things and obviously you guys can get in your back office. You guys can go check it out but if you I mean that’s pretty impressive to only really be sick once in the last two years and it was for a very Short period of time I think that’s pretty awesome So I would I mean if you guys are hearing this if you guys like what you hear if you guys are interested Then what I would do is I would get back to the person that shared this with you So you guys can get your hands on this stuff If you guys are have tried or want to try to heal supplements guys Do me a favor drop some flame emojis down in the comment box below If you guys want to get your hands on some of these supplements because there’s a lot of sickness out There is a lot of disease out there. We’re not making any claims here, but you know Rosslyn is a perfect example She’s been taking them for two years. She’s only been sick once and it was for a very short period of time So if you guys want to get your hands on these or you guys are excited to try these Give me some flame emojis down in the comments, and I’ll have somebody follow up with you Alright, so sorry to cut you off there, but I think that is that’s pretty awesome that’s okay, but I’ll say it was around Christmastime and I’m a highly alerted to part two Christmas trees New of course living Christmas trees. Yeah, not the fake ones not the fake ones. I love the fake ones, but I accidentally walked into a place not knowing that they would have a real Christmas tree and that’s when I had the Reaction. I thought that I was fine now. Usually whenever I do that, I lose my voice and everything But it didn’t happen this time because when I realized what had happened I came home th + th + so it was short and uh yeah, we have an amazing product in our back office and Everybody needs to be on it. Like I said, we all have an immune system. We all have different things We’re all do our bodies are different but man Everybody should be taken immune boosting products to stay healthy if you mentioned something called the tiger challenge What exactly I’ve heard about this before I’m just heard of it I heard the rumor came through the grapevine, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Tell us about the tiger challenge. What is that? I do I mean I I was given a test or I I don’t know what you want to call it Stephen gave me 12 days to put this together So I did and I started the 30-day Tiger challenge because that’s my nickname 30-day Tiger challenge. It’s a challenge like no other because We boost our immune system. We do six simple things. We boost our immune system We stay hydrated by drinking half you weight in water good clean water Mm-hmm a day We get on out and move for at least 15 minutes a day We eliminate negativity whether it’s sugar people spouses. No, we don’t eliminate them. But you know eliminating that negativity by staying connected to the heel TV All of the information that heel has whether it’s free content on the heel page or it’s paid content inside the group’s staying connected to that part of the community is fire Because when you have a community of people like discover heal that you can tap into 24/7 when you don’t want to tell everybody what’s going on when you don’t want anybody to know what’s going on in your life But you need something Heals got it. So eliminating the negativity that’s number four number five. It was we journal our dreams and our goals We chase our dreams Not someone else’s dreams, whatever it is that you want to accomplish whether it’s health wealth love happiness faith family fun that’s what Journal and your dreams new goals and accomplishing them is all about and it’s sharing sharing your results sharing what’s happening? What’s negative what’s you know, it’s not working. What is working because we’re all different and Starting the 30-day Tiger challenge was really a great thing for me. It helped me to really discover who I was Who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go because I know the struggles that I had Thrown out and start moving It’s not easy to get started and lots of people Lots of people make it difficult Instead of keeping it simple and just getting on out and move Getting on out and do something making a goal to be 1% better today than you were yesterday doing 1% more today than you did yesterday Everybody can do that. Mm-hmm. And that’s where the 30 day Tiger challenge is all about because lots of us Especially when you have you like I was it’s hard to get started But if you can stay start it Just doing what you can do because when I started I couldn’t do a 4 to 5 minute workout I couldn’t walk 5 houses down the street 5 miles back But I could go a little bit further every day and every day and every day and that’s what it’s all about It’s about getting started staying started setting goals. Now, you know, I could play three hours of pickleball I used to only walk five houses down the street five miles back, but it’s because in 693 days every day I get on out and I at least walk for 15 minutes a day and On the other days not and I’m hooked with pickleball three hours three times a week Get on out and have fun and and and I’m I’m living life again So whenever I say that he’ll not only helped me get my life back It gave me my life back We had questions come I’m watching the live feed here We got questions coming like if you want to share this you can but people are asking how much weight you’ve lost And if you want to share the number you can or a percentage 65 pounds 81 inches Wow, and I’m insulin free Let’s say that one again 65 pounds 81 inches and Insulin free. Yes. That is unbelievable. Okay, I’m gonna put this out there. We’re gonna we’re gonna put a challenge out for those that are Interred the facts those are stone-cold facts Unbelievable facts too if you guys want to take part in the tiger challenge You guys want to take part in this this is what happens in the heel community big capital letters comment the word tiger down below and We’ll find you. Well, we’ll make this happen for you But if you guys want to participate in the tiger challenge, then drop the word tiger and big bold letters down below I think that it’s absolutely awesome what you’re doing and that’s just the tiger challenge just screams community it screams Accountability which I think is the biggest thing I mean if you can help people create a positive mindset I mean the world is your oyster anything can happen from there. And I think that’s what you’re doing is absolutely awesome So kudos to you for for doing that and starting out and staying motive with that and I love how you phrased it You just got to stay started. I think that’s that’s super super cool so Obviously you’ve had some great health results with heal, what would you say out of all the different products whether it be you know, The big profile profits the I am 21-day challenge business class VIP coach the health products. What would you say is your biggest? Aha moment with in heal, you know, it could be product based. It could be an event that you went to What was your biggest aha moment that you’ve had with you? Well, I’ve had a few my biggest aha is stay boosted boost your immune system or a product because that is my number one thing that I talked about that changed the direction of My health and gave me my life back Secondly, it would be the I am challenge because the I am challenge helps you to understand yourself in a deeper way and Accept yourself How you are? because Society beats us down life beats us down and the I am challenge Helped me to understand and to realize that hey, it’s okay To be me. I am enough I am you know all of these affirmations that we don’t say enough and I Say it every day and I think everyone that watches the third a day Tiger challenge It doesn’t matter if you watch it live off your watch it on the replay. I appreciate everyone that joins me and leaves a comment and you know cuz you don’t know realize how much that impacts us all Just leaving a great little comment. Welcome. Hey hi go Whatever it is Because we all need to be a part and we all need to know that it’s okay It’s simple. It’s easy. Don’t complicate it Just get started and believe when you change your mindset Man, I have grown so much You know, I used to be in business. I lost myself in my illnesses my sicknesses I lost myself for a period of time now. I’m back and you can’t shut me up Love it. Love it Let me let me ask you a serious question here I mean clearly I mean, there’s no denying that you’re passionate about what you do There’s you’re passionate about heal. You’re passionate about how you feel You’re passionate about inspiring others to do the same Why like if you if you would like let’s talk about your why a little bit like why? Why do you do what you do? Why are you doing this? Why are you? Trying to motivate and inspire others Because I have kids I have a 16 year old year old that still lives here and Like I said when he was five, I was overweight. My health was crazy out of control there’s lots of things with my family that I wasn’t able to do because I’m on when I got up. I’m on when I walk Everybody knew I was always hurting because it wasn’t only diabetes. You know, my back is messed up and They all knew when you know, mama didn’t feel good leave her alone, you know Tiger was there but in a different way, I mean I’m sure the I’m sure the household felt that too. Yeah, and and that was my big why because I guess Since he was five. I was really searching but whenever I saw this product I was like Maybe this is it. I was just like everybody else. Maybe you know, maybe this is it. Maybe this is just a another scheme or a phase in my life, but I knew I Had to try it. I Knew that if if it did half of what I believed it did It would help me to change the direction of my health Because that was my big issue I know lots of people come in to heal for the financial gain for the affiliate program for all these other things but Mine was really health because my why was my kids were having kids. I need I want to play with my grandkids I want to be a part of my teenager that was involved in football and going to all of these activities and you know you there but because of the way I felt about myself I Wasn’t there I was embarrassed. I Was embarrassed for him because I was overweight and and I couldn’t do a whole lot Even though my personality kind of carried over but I really wanted to be on the rock You know because that’s how I felt I was a person in the back of the room. Not anymore. I’m in the front because I’m not embarrassed anymore because I feel better Not because I look better because I feel better and I’ve changed my thinking All of these programs and heal has helped me to grow body mind and spirit It’s helped me to become the best version of myself And don’t we all want to be that way. We all want to feel good we all want to look good and we all want to be a be able to be a part of something bigger than us and when we do that Lots of times people say So he has done all of this for you, but I don’t see it One thing I would have to say is that you get out of it what you put into it Because it’s not a magic wand you have to do the work, so Whatever program you have bought into whether it’s just a VIP You have to do the work. You have to watch the videos. They’re powerful But if you don’t watch them they either do nothing for you you have to do the work, so when people ask me what does heal man, he was amazing to me because I Go in and take part. I might not post all the time in heal But I’m there and I’m telling everybody. Hey, welcome, you know all of this other stuff you want friends? you got to be a friend you want to make an impact you have to show up and that that I mean, yeah, I’m fired up just You just like dropping sprinklin little bombs and nuggets like all over the place I mean plate like plain and simple like you said you got to show up if you want results You got to show up and trust me I have people on my team, you know, they’ll turn to me and say you know, hey I’ve been in this for 30 days and I haven’t made any money and I was like, yes, cuz you haven’t done anything like Well, I went and I watched all the training videos like big deal Watching videos doesn’t make you money Implementing what is in the videos makes money? So speaking of that. I mean I What I think is really really cool is everybody that’s been on the heal spotlight has had kind of like a different Take on what they’re getting out of heal what they’re putting into healing what they’re getting out of heal for chanel It was very much about the community and the support And in the people and adam and tanja it was very much You know more focused around making money and the how and the why and learning how to do all that for you it’s been definitely a lot of the health side and I mean obviously to Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve also this is a business for you as well. Right? Absolutely Absolutely, and you know my focus is mostly on health And I don’t push anything But yeah, I want to make money We all have to pay bills. We all need money to pay them so Yes, I share the products. I share everything I Would like to make more money I would like to me I need to Impersonal II I need to implement a little bit more but I’d like to say for people that say well I ain’t got it a lot of time. I Don’t either I’m a lot. I’m busy and I’m a little slow on some of my Catching up with videos and catching this and catching that and I’ll say like The big profile profits. I’m just really getting it You know, it’s just clicking in my head Now how many times have I seen it how many times if I watch videos how many times if I dent on something? But I’m just starting to implement it and really understand so it takes a while You know you can read it You can listen to it. You can watch it But when you start taking action if you’re not really sure on what to do You have to go back and read it so that you can implement it You have to go back and read it and then sometimes I just have to sit and wait go take a walk and go all And I have that aha moment. Mm-hmm. I got it, you know are some somebody comments something It’s like yeah, so that’s why it’s important for us to interact with one another So that we can get ideas from each other because we may not get it because you’re saying it or because I’m saying it Someone else may say the same exact thing and it resonates with you. Hmm So you have to keep on keepin on you can’t give up, you know You can’t give up three feet before you hit go you can’t You know, just when you want to give up don’t Every day I get up and it doesn’t matter how I feel I can say I’m like man But I’m like my why The reason why I’m doing this, you know, I’ve reached one goal. Yes. I’m insulin free But if I quit what I’m doing, guess what? It’s gonna come back so I have to keep doing what I’m doing in order for it to Continue to be in my favor And it sounds like it’s very much in your favor too, which is amazing yeah, my doctor’s want me to do a commercial for them, but I’m like no, I’m just Thinking of themselves, but they’re amazed too because they’re like whatever you do and keep on doing it just you know, I go in for my checkups and they’re like You’re doing great So I have the support of them. I didn’t just go off and do my own thing They know what I’m doing, they’re approving of it. And you know, of course some little parts. I’m like I ain’t doing it I’m gonna just work harder on My in to do you know cuz if I start cheating too much, you know, I feel the effects of it mm-hm have to go on out and do it and I Love you And he loves you, I think it’s awesome So again for everyone that’s watching this if you’re just tuning in just with the support and products from heal in the last two years Rosalyn is now insulin free So I mean if you’re impressed by that I know I am just type the words insulin free down in the comment box below Share some show some love for Rosalyn the tiger because what she accomplished was absolutely amazing I know diabetes can be a real wreck to some people. So it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve you’ve gotten those results So guys, please do me a favor just type the two words insulin free in the comment box down below You’ve been to several Heal events if I’m not mistaken write that actual live events get everybody there Did you just kind of? Summarize for people because we have an event that we’re working on which is going to be coming up pretty soon So you guys make sure that you stay tuned for that There’s gonna be some announcements coming soon of our actual first big huge national event Why don’t you just kind of share with everybody a little bit about? What a heal event is like what does that do for you? The community the people the feeling what is what are heal events all about? heal events are about relationship It’s about building. I mean every event I’ve gone through There were people that I knew online that I hadn’t met in person so It it Increases your belief it Allows you to touch a real person and It just fires you up because you get to build those relationships. You start talking about certain things that are going on and an event quote-unquote, I mean I’m not gonna miss it. I’ll be there. I don’t know exactly the exact date, but I can’t wait to go, you know first first event was in Houma Houma, Louisiana We had some great food some great. We even danced and we had a good time and That’s what it’s all about about getting, you know wasn’t all business. Of course, we pray first and We get to business and then we have fun We’re always going to have fun because being around the community Is special it’s just special Cocoa Beach man, Lala had a side on the beach doing Crossfit CrossFit on the beach running into the water afterwards and it was November But after she worked us out and we couldn’t wait to get in the ocean. Yeah Just And and everyone is special I could talk about them all you know gonna going to Anaheim. I’m going to Orlando going to Hollywood on back to Orlando You know, everyone is special because you meet different people Different topics are talked about of course Stephen Munson pushes us and teaches us something new each and every time So there’s always something to learn if you think spending money on events is crazy Then I think you’re crazy for not spending that money on events because every time I go to an event and it doesn’t matter cuz look I Pay for my trip in parts, I Buy my plane ticket first because I’m going I don’t know where I’m staying I don’t know, you know a room whatever, you know Well, and you know lots of people like well I can’t afford $700 me neither not at one time. I’m not there yet, but I want to be there I can’t wait till I have enough money that can help other people to go That’s my dream and my goal is to help as many people as I possibly can but figure it out get you a plane ticket Didn’t get you a hotel room in worry about the rest worried about the food bring some peanut butter. I don’t know, you know You can work it out. Yep, cuz it’s doable and I don’t want to miss a thing. So and that was my first my second event, too whenever I went to Cocoa Beach That was my theme. I don’t want to miss a thing. I Didn’t even buy my whole plane ticket at one time. I bought a ticket there. I Said I’m going because I don’t want to miss a thing And I know God’s gonna work things out then I’m gonna be there So if you’re in that situation I was in that situation I’ve been there. That was last that was last November not just passing of them, but you make a way because if you want to experience a life-changing event You have to go You could stay home and you can watch the videos and you can do this and you can do that But it’s not the same as being there and I’m a Cajun girl. I like to hug mix You hug a neck and you feel it that heartbeat You know, it just changes you I got the free songs right now. Just talking about it That’s goosebumps for you guys, I don’t know what that phrase yeah. Yeah, I get that all Right. So I mean I Can’t I can’t wait for this this National event is just gonna be huge. It’s gonna be epic. There’s gonna be so much emotion community inspiration motivation Everything it’s all going to be there. So I’m looking forward to that I’m looking you can you can give me a neck hug or whatever you want to call it. I’m looking forward to that That’s all good Oh, yeah I’m looking forward to meeting everybody there in person because like you said events make it real you get to meet the people that you Talk to you and text and message and you know see online every single day you get to meet them and like yeah They’re real people, which is awesome. So in closing here you’ve Sprinkled. I hope I hope everybody that Did either wasn’t paying attention and you’re a fool if you weren’t, but if you weren’t paying attention You picked up halfway through you picked up a quarter the way through three quarters away three or whatever Make sure that you go back and watch this entire thing because there were so many golden nuggets of motivation sprinkled all throughout this webinar But Roslyn one last question for you for everybody that’s watching this for all the brand-new bees that are just watching the videos and haven’t taken action yet or for the free folks that may be signed up for a free account, but they haven’t quite Started yet. They haven’t started their business. They haven’t started taking action yet. Maybe they want to take the tiger challenge What would be your advice for everybody? That’s still sitting on the fence? What would be your advice for those people to take that next step? My advice is to get started Look if you click on the unit’s tab if you’re just in a in a discover heal And you’re not even a VIP click on the unit’s tab and go through the videos and the courses there’s so much value there and I encourage you to jump in and become a VIP Because there’s so much information there to help you to be successful If you want to be successful and if you want to change you need to jump in if you don’t want to change if You’re not ready for total transformation Then don’t do it because you have No Excuse or no? Question about changing once you get started and you start going through the units There’s a lot of information to help you to grow to help you to heal to help you to Stand up and have confidence in yourself For me it was a no-brainer I’m in because of the transformation my life has taken already and I encourage you to do the same because if you don’t do something different if you want something different you have to do something you’ve never done before and That’s what heal is to me you have to do something You’ve never done before because if you keep on doing the same thing, it’s insanity, right? Mm-hmm You have to change you have to trust yourself you may not even have the money and don’t want to spin it but let me tell you he o has an affiliate program that if you share what you learning You are gonna have people joining you and you’re gonna make you money back That’s all you have to do is invite three people to do the same thing that you’re doing. And guess what? Boom it’s paid for Uh-huh. Yes, three people so Fifty bucks a month to grow yourself and to grow your your your business is nothing look I own the bakery and Electricity was $1,000 a month. That wasn’t everything else You know, it was sixteen eighteen hundred dollars, I think a month for rent Yep, or mortgage bucks is a lot of money. Yeah, 50 boxes is nothing For you for you to be the best you you can possibly be. Mmm. I just encourage you if you’re not a VIP jump on Just spend that money look into the unit’s become a part of the community and Share share what you’re learning people is gonna want to know you’re gonna be Different once you start because when you start and you go through the unit’s you’re gonna be talking different You can be thinking different. You’ll be looking different people’s gonna be going. What are you doing? Because you got a pep in your step Thinking oh my god. She’s drinking or she’s doing whatever, you know, like she’s a law soraka, but it’s so worth it it is I mean, you know, it makes me think people think I’m crazy cuz I am I Want something different? I don’t want to settle for the status quo and God has the best for you and me whoever reaches out You’re gonna have it You have to do something different and I am so grateful for heal. I Appreciate watching Stephen walking in that storefront. I appreciate Keith’s. Jessa4 Always, you know hey riles have you seen Miss? Hey, Roz. Have you seen this? Don’t be afraid to invite your friends that you love and you care about hey, have you seen this? That’s all you have to do. Hey, have you seen this and Cher? I mean shoots heal is so easy to fill out a program is so easy. You become a VIP you get your own back office Everything is there for you. You don’t have to You don’t have to think about anything. You just have to know how to copy and paste Copy paste share your link copy paste share your link, you know have a conversation with people pretty simple pretty simple So here’s a hint You want to know who my guest is next week? My buddy you already know you already know Well, you’re your sponsor I believe your sponsor right yes Yeah, the one and only Keith chase on he will be my guest next week right back here Same bat-time same Channel at 9:00 o’clock Eastern right here in the discover. He’ll live group or wherever you’re watching this I know this got shared out a whole bunch of time. So Tiger you want to take us out? Absolutely Let’s hear it. Let’s go. So what time is it? it’s time to heal every second every minute every hour and Every day it’s on you All right. Thank you so so much for taking time out of your day. Awesome. Awesome story Thank you so much for sharing guys have an awesome night have an awesome week We will see you next week right back here with Keith. Have a good night. Everyone. Take care. Good night y’all

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