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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Back to the Future: The Game for more point-and-click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off about to kick off episode 4 which is called
Double Visions, and we’ll see if we can rescue Citizen Brown and put time right.
Which is what we’ve been trying to do for a while now but hopefully we’re gonna get
there this time. So let’s jump straight back in with a new
game and let’s see what’s gonna happen as we take on the next part of this
wicked game which I’m loving so far. Do we want notifications no we don’t we
haven’t use that so far so we’re not gonna use it in this one and we’re gonna
jump in and see what the game has in store for us man it’s been really good
so far I’m so glad you guys recommend it this one to me because I’d never played
it before and I’m so glad that I now have so here we go telltale games man
they did a fantastic job with back to the future here we go episode 4 where
are we episode 4 double visions okay so we are still in the winter mine
hang on he always does that on this game subtitles never get put on I always
forget don’t I okay so there’s Edna oh we’re in the citizen plus program
oh man that means we’re gonna get a dose of brainwashing being in here there’s no
guitar okay let’s try looking around there’s a
camera up here it doesn’t look like it’s on it doesn’t indeed
what’s this post to them that’s not very relaxing
you can say that again there’s a very tiny window up here ask Jennifer yeah oh
we saw this someone clearly don’t see she can hear us get her attention okay
how we gonna do that there’s a squawk box here maybe that works look like it’s
on no it’s not on what about this big window then how could that guy not see
us can we use this intercom thing and also we’ve got this locker with our
guitar in it it was locked up all my stuff never goes combination on my own
okay so we’re gonna have to figure out that combination at some point the only
thing we can try now is the intercom in the door so let’s press the intercom
boy is treatment by the time I probably can my husband
I always citizen Browne I’m afraid it’s worse than we imagined he’s gone
completely anti-social darn we’re using every disposal to snap him out of it
but I feel that nothing short of a complete personality rebuild will bring
our leader back to us it’s all my fault at all
unbelievable isn’t it one teenage hooligan has brought Hill Valley to the
brink of ruin that well let me know when he’s ready I’ll be tending to citizen
Brown I gotta get out of here and rescue doc so we’ve got to find a way out can
we do the door anything to the door doesn’t know anyone’s paying any
attention to that okay so she’s gone now doc Wells’s and brown I don’t know if I
feel comfortable quitting docket oh the cameras back on are you oh gosh what are you doing in
the citizen plus ward Edna threw me in here everything’s going
crazy is there a way I could talk to Jennifer could he let me talk to
Jennifer yeah she’s in the room next door let’s see that’d be waiting room
beta got it nice cool morning is that you where are you I’m over here in the
camera Oh Martin aren’t you in enough trouble already trouble Jeff I’m not
talking about you know without the drinking in the PTAs Jennifer oh what’s
wrong before you sound straight oh I used to be strange Martin but thanks to
my first do some plus treatment I’m well on my own on average well just a
teenager citizen Plus oh no Jen not you too
why is your door a place your door open now that I’m finished with my citizen
plus treatment I’m free to go whenever I want I’m just waiting for the nice art
to escort me out break me out snap out of it what time is it how’d you wind up
here Edna’s turning people into robots what’s
the treatment like anyway what time you know what time it is no give you some
kind of digital watch when you were done with all that brainwashing this citizen
plus watch I won’t get one of those for another five or six treatments
so you can’t snap her out of it break me out and on your way out
you think you’d help me break out of here oh I couldn’t do that Martin it’s
against the rules damn could you come and visit me then
forget breaking out could you at least come visit me it’s it’s kind of lonely
in here I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to see each other until you’ve
undergone your first citizen plus treatment why not yeah that’s not
happening hormones are out of control Martin okay snap out of it then and snap
out of it this isn’t the real you I mean it’s kind of like the real real
you but not like the real us timeline Wow that’s you know it sounds
crazy I’d never call you crazy Martin you’re just sick I should know I used to
be sick too but now I never want to subscribe to me
listen to rock music ever again they’re not changing position on a face there
for a little bit how’d you wind up in here anyway the
citizen plus program anyway my dad signs me up and it’s a good thing too I was
completely out of control kind of like no you were just cool okay
Edna’s turning people into Roby this whole citizen plus thing is a scam and
is using it to take control of everyone in Hill Valley including her husband you
know citizen Edna told me you were having paranoid delusions but I had no
idea Wow okay what’s the treatment like
anyway what was your citizen plus treatment like anyway it’s it’s well
that’s weird I don’t really remember treatments okay um could you sit around
for a few minutes it’s nice to have someone to talk to
I’ll be here until the guard comes for me then I really have to tell him about
how you’re hijacking the cameras oh come on don’t you know I’d be really annoying
if you do right so can we talk yeah why are you here we’re happy that you’re
here but why are you here mom after you host she’s Commission as well
big ol fight and well she went and signed herself up for a full battery of
citizen plus treatments I tried you know your mother once she puts her mind to
something she’s a regular force of nature and talker out of this foolishness
possibly have you found it yet have you found mom yet you wouldn’t
believe how many cameras they’ve got around here I would actually why not
come down here in person though it’s nice that you’re concerned about mom but
couldn’t you come down here yourself no I think it’s better for everyone if I
stay here in my garage with my televisions and cameras like home any
new advice for getting out of heaven you got any advice for getting out of here okay
Edna’s out of control though citizen plus watches are gonna turn everyone in
Hill Valley into robots starting with citizen Brown watches
david said ‘no she’s completely lost it citizen Edna’s crazy oh that’s not good
although you can say that again lot okay I need to go back in time I know this is
a lot to accept but I’ve got a rescue citizen Brown so that we can go back in
time and stop him from ever marrying Edna in the first place yeah maybe
that’s for the best okay know anything about cracking
combination locks think about cracking combination locks fair enough I’m going
to Jennifer’s in there again sure thing son
just got me something to do if Jennifer could you come visit me snap out of it
what time is it okay forget breaking out could you at least come visit me it’s
it’s kind of lonely in here I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to see
each other until you’ve undergone your first citizen plus treatment why not
because your gosh-dang hormones are out of control Martin so she already said
this how are we gonna get this Jen you don’t
want a life without rock and roll do you rock and roll oh just the thought of the
pelvis pulsing three chord power balance you used to play mix me up on us and say what’s right what time it is no didn’t I
give you some kind of digital wires as well didn’t greenwashing citizen plus
watch I won’t get one of those for another six treatments rats come on Jen
you don’t really want a life without rock and roll rock unless you’ve already
asked that okay so how are we gonna do this then do we have any we don’t have
any items at all can we do something at the window hey
Jen those windows may not work we do anything of this smokebox then no let
just equal I miss clothes for mr. George again doc still down there can we use this thing hello ah okay here
we go let me out of here can I get some food
why is my stuff locked in a cage can I go see Jennifer let me out of here yeah
sorry sir but citizen + patients aren’t allowed to X their waiting rooms until
the citizen plus treatment chamber has been suitably prepped for their
procedure procedure you can’t keep me in here keep me in here it’s against the
law when you sign your citizen plus treatment agreement
you gave the citizen plus Ward legal approval to incarcerate you until the
completion of your citizen plus treatment I’m pretty sure I didn’t do
that yeah I didn’t sign anything sign anything of course you did sir citizen
Edna handed me the paperwork herself she forged it Edna forged my signature hose
you believe me if I told you that Edna forged my signature that’s a good one
sir can I get some heat could you get me a burger or something the only food I’ve
had today is a tofu dog regrettably sir the rigors of the citizen plus treatment
require you to begin the process with an empty stomach damn why is my stuff
locked in a cage my stuff locked in a cage in order to ensure that citizen
plus patients don’t injure themselves their belongings are placed in a lockbox
and to I’m gonna enjoy myself citizen plus treatment injure themselves it’s a
very intensive process some people can’t handle it could I take a look at my
stuff look at my stuff for a second why I want to make sure my guitar neck isn’t
getting bent what come on man my parents spent a fortune on that thing fine
back away from the door sir cool so we can take a look at our belongings there did we figure out okay eat our I
guess it’s okay good I’ve got a feeling we might have
just learned the code while watching him let’s see
I’ll never get that combination on my own huh I wonder if we can get George to
watch for the combination up here I tried to peek over God’s shoulder yeah
here we go try to peek over the guard shoulder to get the combination but he’s
too tall zoom oh he’s filmed already zoom enhance what nice work yes yeah wicked good job
George yeah the guitars pretty cool but this is
what I care about no fair making your dad all misty son
but that’s the photo can we show him that it’s the photo of
George from our time I don’t think a picture of my dad would be useful here
nope it might be useful with Jennifer right
I don’t we can get her attention like this though those windows made of perhaps we can talk to her through this
that’s what – Jennifer again dr. Jennifer again sure thing son is it
Martin oh yes Jenny I wouldn’t dream of it it would be against the rules so
maybe we can ask the guy to let us go and visit her hello what now can I go
see Jennifer can I go visit Jennifer Parker she’s right next door
citizen plus patients are not allowed to fraternize it contamination treatments
okay so how are we gonna do this can we perhaps hold it up to the window as I
think don’t think a picture of my dad would be useful here
why is he so insistent I’m getting at them good old regular dad I wonder if
I’ll ever see him again crime rate Falls to new low yeah because it’s a police
state okay so we’ve got the guitar hmm wonder what we can do now can George say
anything else any advice have you found mum yet have you found mom yet you
wouldn’t believe how many cameras they’ve got around here any more advice
now you got any advice for getting out of here yeah mm-hmm try appealing to her
with something she loves about you that always worked with your mom back when
she loved anything about me oh that’s pretty sad a close dad I’m as
close as I can get Martin I wonder if we can maybe play the guitar through the
window or something or maybe through the speaker I can’t plug my guitar into that
ah I wonder if you can plug it into the box on the wall yeah look there’s an
aux-in okay a little something I think you’re gonna like something at least I
hope you still do Martin Jennifer oh my lord
Martin what’s going on hey I’m Jennifer Parker rock-and-roller
okay so we did it what she did in no time for small talk McFly we need to get
you to talk walk out of here ah we’re gonna disguise ourselves as a god Calvin
Klein underwear really ha ha ha ha how do I look a
little short for a stormtrooper but they don’t have to do come on
ah Star Wars reference ha ha ha I love it I don’t if we can talk to George
before we go actually let’s see if there’s anything else dad Oh where’s he
gone alright let’s head out the door then why
are we hiding we’re just as a god okay what’s next
now we rescue citizen Brown get the hell out of here and get things back to the
way they’re supposed to be whatever just as long as I get to break some stuff
I’ve got a lot of pent-up hostility right now you know Miss Parker I’m here
to escort you to the lobby your father’s waiting for you
Kenny wait I don’t think so I’m an active young man could take me on a tour
of the facilities I’m afraid I really must insist miss relax Jennifer I’ve got
everything under control really really okay then first what was that for
first why are they not doing something about that let’s go officer you know I’m
probably gonna have to write you up for a PDA violation bite me
what did happen to see that apparently not right so we’re out into the facility
now then once this is a food tray here is like haven’t eaten in years no what’s
with the boys eat it and Elise take it as pacification pill we trying to give
it to an hour ago but he still hasn’t swallowed it let me try I can be pretty
persuasive no why do I sound like I have nasal issues what about the soda
I need the caffeine taste the scent dispenses somewhere and the gut where is
the sink respect this inner ear alright let’s look at this control panel do you
mind I’m trying to run a complete personality rebuild on the big man
himself here and and the last thing I need is your stubby little fingers
turning hill valley Savior into a drooling rutabaga okay can we talk to
this God Hey busy right he won’t talk to us so wonder if we gotta do something to
his drink this is nice is a crack under that door it was a door over here wasn’t
there Jennifer’s door hey can they stop me out of here sorry
can’t hear you in this thing but thanks for the duds though always what sees
romance isn’t it is it the guy from the shop that’s a really deep place
I guess gendered that so the guard won’t be able to call for help oh it’s the
guard I see hahahaha Wow I can’t believe I missed that Krakens
like a little crack between the door and the floor who’s in this door they really
got this door locked up tight I wonder what sick freak they’ve got in
here oh wow it’s Biff okay hahaha he’s properly locked up in there can we talk
to him on the intercom here we can hi Beth looks like your intercoms busted
just as well it’ll probably be just a bunch of swearing and mixed metaphors
anyway you want out guess who eat your pill guess who guess who your guard is you’re now on out of here big guy yes they don’t work haha eat your
pilgrim says I’m not supposed to give you any food until you swallow your pill ah do we have something we can slide
under there to get that pill right there we go so I wonder if we can now get him
to do the pill again and then pull it back out on the newspaper I bet you pill
yeah just swallow your pill yeah there we go perfect okay now let’s
take that back newspaper here we go how’s the pillow
nurse bit quilty then the next episode because
we’re pretty much out of time so as always guys thank you very much for
watching I am really liking this episode so far it’s very different to the others
and it seems pretty damn cool actually too so I can’t wait to see what happens
next and if we manage to save doc and but we’ll do that in the next one so as
always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that
like button it really does some chunks grow so I do appreciate it make sure you
hit that subscribe button and the notification both in you or just haven’t
already done so and I’ll see you all

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