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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – Gigabyte AD27QD Review

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly – Gigabyte AD27QD Review

gigabyte has just launched this their
first gaming monitor it’s called the AD27QD, catchy I know. It features a 1440p
27 inch 10 bit 144 Hz panel and it’s pretty interesting this video is going
to be taking a look at the good the bad and the ugly about it and giving you an
idea of if it’s actually worth your money or not so let’s jump into it. So
let’s start off with what they got right the 1440p 27-inch panel for me is the
perfect sweet spot when it comes to gaming monitors with the right amount of
clarity and crispness but also and you know the desktop icons and all and all
that jazz aren’t just too small and too hard to see so for me this is the
perfect combination it’s also a 10 bit panel which means great colour accuracy and
95% of the DCI P3 spectrum as well as also impressive viewing angles 178
degrees on either side and side to side is great as you can see as well as top
to bottom as well which is often the tougher one for them to actually get
right. This coupled with the 144 Hertz refresh rate make for a killer gaming
experience. It really leans on its gaming focus with its OSD sidekick software
which when connected via the USB 3 hub on the back of the monitor acts as the
monitors a menu system it’s actually got some killer gaming features including a
customizable crosshair a gaming counter and timer and a whole lot of other stuff
they can all be customized and turned on or you know interacted with via hotkeys
from in game. It’s also a display HDR 400 certified monitor meaning HDR works just
fine with this as well as also having free sync which actually now thanks to
NVIDA’s driver updates is now actually free sync for both AMD and
NVIDIA owners and it works very well with this it’s actually in the process
of being certified by Nvidia to be a g-sync compatible display so that’s a
great news for both AMD and NVIDIA owners alike. I/O wise it’s got
everything you need from 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort a built-in power supply and
that USB hub as well this headphone and microphone jacks that
you can connect your headset to and offers with the OSD sidekick app active
noise cancellation with three built-in microphones this is great for a more
crowded gaming space especially in the more set of like gaming cafe side of
things so this would be a perfect companion in one of those sorts of
spaces. The included stand is adjustable to the moon and back with twenty six
degrees of tilt forty degrees of swivel ninety degrees of rotation so you can
turn it to a portrait mode monitor if you fancy and 130 millimeters of height
adjust as well you can also easily remove the panel from the stand with a
simple pull and lift up and then you can see the included 100 by 100 visa mode
which is also great to see it’s also got customizable RGB built into the back of
the display which can be customized with the new RGB fusion 2.0 software which is
actually compatible with basically any gigabyte RGB products from your monitor
to your motherboard to your Mouse Gaming on this is a joy especially if you
enjoy fast paced FPS games some of the extra features like the crosshair was
actually an enjoyable extra addition that I found in some cases with you know
games like csgo and especially the AWP in csgo allowed me to be just a tad
bit more accurate if not exactly always so that was the goods now let’s talk
about the bad. That 10 bit panel I mentioned at the starts is actually only
an 8 bit plus FRC now that’s not to say that 8-bit Plus FRC isn’t better than
standard 8 bit it is but it’s not 10 bit and I feel like we shouldn’t be so
blatant about lying about it even if they do correct themselves directly
after they say 10 bits but for you know not so informed users who don’t
necessarily know what 8-bit Plus FRC your frame rate control means when they
read 10 bits or 10 bit and the big colored letters I feel like is a bit
kind of disingenuous oh and that 95% of the DCI p3 color
spectrum is actually more like 84% at least according to my data color spider
5 and the display Cal software now that’s not to say that 84% isn’t bad
it’s certainly impressive and a good bit better than a lot of other especially TN
monitors but it’s not 95% which is again what they advertise.
Moving onto the OSD sidekick it’s a good idea in theory but one
requires you to have the USB cable plugged in at all times to make use of
it and two they’ve actually completely done away with the standard monitor menu
system any of the you know main features that you would expect any monitors menu
system that you can easily and quickly adjust with see the little dial that’s
on the bottom is now completely gone away in favor of a small dial that lets
you change your inputs and basically nothing else and even that would be
alright if it was somehow functional with every operating system and console
you might want to use it with but it’s not it’s a Windows only application so
if you want to pick this monitor up for your you know Linux PC then good luck
changing literally any of the settings besides inputs and that would still be
alright for most if the software didn’t crash or break so often when I was using
it now this is still an early version of the software so they can improve this
with updates so keep that in mind but with my experience so far it crashed
multiple times and actually the monitor has a feature called aim assist which is
essentially black frame insertion one in every 10 frames at 144 Hz which
essentially allows the monitors panel to catch up with the fast-moving images as
I’ll talk about in a second but I actually couldn’t get it to turn on for
the vast majority of the time Llorona tested and I had to turn on and off
resync had to change their refresh rates multiple restarts all just to get this
one feature to work and now for the ugly there’s two points here the first one is
kind of the lesser of two evils as it can be corrected with the built-in VESA mount but that is that the stand that they include here is wobbly to all hell
and is generally more complex than most people should make it and it kind of
seems just unnecessarily complex and to offer a less than standard amounts of
swivel that most monitors provide now the knuckle that they use here is
actually a three axis one as you can see here it allows the actual monitor panel
itself to turn instead of some part of the stand like most monitors allow you
to do which does allow for a stylish stand but means that the monitor shakes
just incredibly also that loose mount that allows you to vary
easily remove the panel from the stand is also a bit of a problem when it comes
to stability and even just your sitting here as you can see it wobbles a fair a
bit and if you put your hand on it and shake it at all you’ll notice what I
mean and finally the worst offender here is
the response time of the panel they caught it as a 1 millisecond panel which
is actually a one more second moving-picture response time as opposed
to the much more commonly quoted Grey to grey response times but that’s not the
end of the world it’s just a different measurement and a different type of
response time but the thing is though that the black to white response time
which is what you’ll notice here in my GH5 180 FPS high-speed capture with
the UFO test frame skipping mode that as you can see multiple boxes are lit as we
go through at least three a given time is average here to give you the perfect
score and to understand this a bit better only a single box should be lit
here sometimes you can have it where one is lit and the next one’s half lit or
the last one is half lit because of the the frame capture but the fact that this
is on every frame as you see it go through is generally a pretty bad sign
and means that the black to white response time here is somewhere between
5 and 10 milliseconds which especially for 144 Hertz display is definitely on
the slow side to give you some context I actually have an Asus PG279Q on
my desk at the moment so I’m no stranger to 144 Hertz 1440p IPS you know adaptive
sync monitors and that one actually doesn’t fare all that much better when
it comes to the response time but that panel is over 4 years old at this point
and I would have hoped that you know a brand new monitor like this one would have a
bit better panel tech but obviously that depends on what’s available this is an
Innolux panel so technically you can blame them for that but it’s something
to keep in mind when you’re spending five hundred and fifty pounds or six
hundred dollars on a monitor you want the best and this just doesn’t seem to
be that and of course the question I asked in all of my videos is what I put
one of these on my desk the answer from me is probably not but I also wouldn’t
be horrific ly offended if it was the only monitor
ever used you know forever after because it’s not a bad monitor there’s a few
things are a little bit gimmicky in terms of the the OSD sidekick and a few
of the extra features that they have there and the fact that there’s no menu
system by changing inputs but overall it’s still a good display the panel is
not the worst in the world while it’s still the worst that I’ve tested in
terms of response times it’s certainly not a bad gaming experience and I
actually didn’t really notice that issue in games so unless you really can see
the difference between you know five and ten milliseconds of black-to-white
response time then this is still gonna be a great option for you and in terms
of its pricing it’s not you know extravagantly expensive especially know
that it does actually support g-sync as well so that’s also pretty cool so if
after all of that you want to pick one of these up or if you just want to check
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there too otherwise that’s pretty much it hope you enjoyed it and see you in
the next video


I've had my eye on this for a few weeks, but I think I'll give it a miss. Buying a new monitor these days seems to be real minefield. All the panel tech has it's own individual drawbacks. And as you say there doesn't seem to have been any improvements in IPS panel tech in 4 years. Overclockers currently have the MSI Optix MAG27CQ for £400 which is very tempting. Great review though! Hardware Unboxed have reviewed this as well and raised pretty much the same issues and criticisms as you have.

That was a great review! Refreshing to hear not only the good parts but pointing out the faults of a product given the price point. Look forward to seeing more!

Datacolor Spyder 5 can only measure up to 100% sRGB and that's why Dci-p3 score was so low. I have this monitor and measure it with a i1display Pro and got close to 94% of Dci-p3 in DisplayCal.

I have the monitor, and it is very steady. No wobble here. Perhaps you haven't tightened the bottom bolt enough (it could of course change a bit from monitor to monitor)? And I do have full menu access through the joystick. I very much like the monitor, but I do not have a lot to compare it with. I agree, that it could have been faster, but if you want an IPS monitor finding a better alternative at this price level is difficult. Thanks for the review 🙂

If you lower the refresh rate at 120 Hz with FreeSync enabled, is the 8 ms g2g response time of this monitor going to cut it? It won’t need to match 6.94 spec limit right?

Well I just returned mine after having a complete nightmare with it
and there is no way this monitor is properly G-Sync compatible, despite
what you may have read or watched in some online reviews. Multiple games
of mine simply started up to a black screen with no way of getting back
to the desktop, no amount of Alt-Tab, CTRL ALT Delete or anything else
would get the desktop back which meant doing a soft reset from the PC
case and as if that wasn't bad enough the display wouldn't initialise
after the POST screen, no amount of soft resets would cure it, only way
to get back into Windows was with a Hard power down and restart, on one
occasion it even booted to the Windows repair screen and I had to use a
restore point before Windows would boot. On numerous occasions just
doing a normal Windows restart from the desktop would also result in the
display not initialising correctly…and as if all that wasn't bad
enough there was really bad light bleed in the two bottom corners which I
just couldn't put up with so it would have gone back for that alone
without all the other hassle, in dark games the light intrusion would
spread to nearly half way up the screen!!.

Very,very disappointed, TBH. Really wanted this monitor as well. Now it looks like I'm going to have shell out for a proper G-Sync screen after all, so that means £600+ for the Asus or Acer models.

I recently bought this monitor and can confirm if you enable HDR in windows with freesync turned on you will get black blank screens in most games. Also to enable 10 bit you have to lower the refresh rate to 120hz then enable HDR in windows to show 10 bit. Though in 8 bit 144hz mode with brightness turned up 100% and gysnc enabled this monitor is absolutely stunning, so far beyond anything i have ever seen when it comes to colors. Games like overwatch absolutely pop.
Overall i am very happy with the monitor but i feel like it could have been a bit better overall. Though i have hopes that with some updates to the firmware to the monitor and nvidia drivers it will get better.

You said that the PG279Q didn't fare much better in the black-to-white response time contest which surprised me as those AOU monitors still seem to be in the "best" performance range you can get any non-TN panel these days. So what other choices are there? Especially when gaming competitively I do not see this monitor as being good enough even though the panel is 3 years newer.

In regards to the PG279Q, would you still buy that monitor now if 1440p IPS 144HZ would be a requirement solely for gaming, or would you pick differently?

Which 1440P monitor with 144HZ and FreeSync (27 inch) should I pick? Any recommendations for me? I search for the best between the price range of 400-900$€.

Thank you for a great review, a lot of stupid reviewers get distracted with LED on the back and OSD menu like a child and forget about the real thing like response time, ghosting light bleeding.
I wonder how is this monitor comparing to VG271 or VG271U.

I have 14ms old ips VG27AH and I get 1 block lit and 2nd one almost full dark during frame escaping test @ 07:30 so this monitor is more than 15ms if you ask me without OD. if you don't like ghosting then don't get this monitor.

I give this a yes as It's had DP 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 plus hdr, so would be please a lot of ppl for pc gamer and ps4 pro as well.

Your example for poor response times is ridiculous. You see 3 squars lit at the same time because of your shutter speed,it has 0 relevance for response times. If you are doing a review, is it that hard to do it properly and professionally? Perhaps document yourself about the ufo test and how to capture it properly. It seems that these days reviewers only reiterate the specs and technologies of a product,something that can also be read on the product s page – but then who would promote these products and make a buck in the process as well.

This is a very well put together video and you're a fantastic speaker! I hope to see this channel grow more! If you happen to see this comment, I'm wondering if there's a monitor absolutely objectively better at this price point? I think despite the drawbacks you mentioned I'm still tempted to get this unless there's a better one I'm missing?

So… what is THE best you can buy right NOW for around 500-600USD? Whats your favorite with 1440p 144Hz IPS/VA 24-27" 10bit? You ever seen the Acer Nitro XV272U? What about the LG 27GL850-B, could it be it has the same panel as the Gigabyte?

The reason people like this monitor is because it's not a lottery like every other 1440p 144hz display, which have backlight bleeding, dead pixels, color banding issues etc.
This one is a solid quality panel with some extra gimmicks, but to be honest, as a gaming monitor,I would personally buy it just for the resolution, refresh rate and the G-sync compatibility that has been announced by Nvidia, not for 10 bit or HDR since those features aren't useful in terms of gaming. I don't think the crappy OSD display is a real problem and the extra stuff, like noise cancellation and the fake crosshair don't get in your way if you don't care about them. I think the only other reputable IPS monitor that fairs well against the AD27QD is the Asus PG279Q, which is completely out of this price range and has numerous reports by users about defects in the panel.

out of all the games you choose you play counter against bots with a 2k monitor could of play battle field 5 and used an RTX card??

Got mine today for 400$ with black friday
For that price you will never find a screen like this one !!
If it was 600 like others i would probably take the PG271

Couple changes from this monitor.

You can change settings on the monitor using the control on the bottom of monitor, you do NOT have to use the ods software, I am running F9 firmware.

Also response time is perfect. Fast enough to keep up with the frames. 15ms minimum is 60hz, which monitor keeps up with, 120 is 8.3 but didn’t test that, 144 is 6.9 and monitor was able to do 6.1ish on average, for 120 and 144 speed setting is a must and. I have no issues with any overshoot. I play call of duty at 70- 130ish with ray tracing on with my 2080 and do not get any overshoot with speed setting no matter what the frame rate is. Consoles have extreme over shoot with speed setting and is unusable but balanced setting is still killing the 15ms giving you about 9- 11ms average.

It's ridiculous true response time on this monitor 5-10ms. Even Asus Pg348q have better response time then this.

Ive got one and, While I dont have the gear to check all the specs or would want to I think its by far the best monitor I have owned. I think your being a bit harsh on it.. The on screen adjustments work fine with the windows app and the little high quality joystick to. Its not loose I'm very happy with it. The eyeball says its very good.

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