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The History of IBM: the Personal Computer to Watson

The History of IBM: the Personal Computer to Watson

This is the largest computer company in the world, and it’s known as ‘Big Blue.’ Welcome to, and today we’ll be learning more about the history of IBM. Before changing its name to IBM, the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation was incorporated on June 16th, 1911. CTR’s products were quite varied, but they all increased business efficiency. Just a few years after that company was officially formed, Thomas J. Watson, Sr. became president, and within four years he doubled the company’s profits. Watson’s appointment also resulted in a shift in policies at the company. In fact, IBM is credited with a number of changes that have indelibly influenced the American workforce. It was among the first companies to hire disabled workers, and it created an employee training program early on. IBM also instituted the 40-hour work week, and introduced group life insurance to its workers. It was also early in its acceptance of equal opportunity employment. Eventually, on February 14th, 1924, CTR’s name was officially changed to International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM. In the company’s early days, it achieved success for perfecting punched card technology, as well as a number of other innovations. IBM and Watson remained bullish throughout the Great Depression. In 1935, that gamble paid off when the company was awarded what was called the biggest accounting operation of all time by the U.S. government when it passed the Social Security Act. IBM was then put in charge of tracking employment records for 26 million American workers. The company expanded significantly through the 1940s, and during that period made strides to enter the large-scale computing industry. IBM began the 1950s strong, and during that decade they began producing some of the world’s most popular business and scientific computers. For example, in 1952 the IBM 701 business computer was introduced to the public. By 1956, they had also revolutionized data storage by launching the world’s first magnetic hard disc. This machine was the size of two refrigerators, and cost roughly ten thousand dollars per megabyte.
Amid these great strides, the company lost one of its founding fathers: Thomas J. Watson, Sr. passed away on June 19th, 1956. Control of the company was then passed to his son, Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Moving into the ’60s, IBM introduced its award-winning Selectric line of typewriters, and this model went on to dominate the American typewriter market. Just three years later, in 1964 the Selectric typewriter became a pioneer in word processing by allowing typists to revise stored text. The company transformed the industry again that year by announcing the IBM System/360. This family of computers was the first modern mainframe computer system. By the end of the decade, IBM had also proved itself an important ally of NASA and the space program, and was instrumental in putting a man on the moon. IBM also began changing the face of retail. In 1969, they introduced the magnetic strips found on credit cards and within two years, this became the standard across the world. They further influenced retail by perfecting the technology that allowed stores to read UPC codes.
IBM introduced a magnetic storage system called the floppy disc in 1971. Ten years later the company announced the IBM Personal Computer, and this caused another revolution in the business world. In fact, in 1982 Time magazine named the personal computer the ‘Person of the Year.’
IBM went through some tough times through the late ’80s and into the ’90s due to changing trends in business computing. However, one positive event during this period was the invention of Deep Blue. This supercomputer defeated the world champion chess player, and foreshadowed another triumph for the company. In 2011, another IBM supercomputer competed on the trivia-game show Jeopardy! against two human champions. The appropriately named Watson computer was able to process questions asked in natural language, and used its huge database of knowledge to win the game. Following this impressive showing, experiments placed Watson in a medical environment with the potential to answer doctors’ questions about medicines, diseases and diagnoses. IBM continues to advance the computer industry, and will surely contribute a number of valuable discoveries over its next hundred years. Subtitles by the community


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IBM was instrumental, in keeping records for the German Nazis, on how many Holocaust victims they murdered, including all their belongings, and families backgrounds. Tell us all again, how great they are! Does this history upset your MoJo?
Don't believe it, then Google it, and it's also in several documentaries too!

Dude, you completely missed the point. I don't care if nazis drank Fanta. I ALSO don't care if nazis used IBM products. It's called analogy based argument.

My favorite typewriter was my IBM decimal tab 20" carriage and I even purchased one for working at home. In 1996, I gave my machine to a charity group — and hope they used it well.

I wish I still had it. It was a perfect typewriter for statistical typing.

Is there a picture of that machine in your archives?

look up their connection to nazi germany. they created special machines that kept track of how many people died in which camp and how

I remember IBM from working at the Stock Exchange in the 70's.  There were 13 brokers who started to use computers for the first time.  I was promoted to Quote n Trade! I also used a magnificent IBM Selectric typewriter, the beginning of "word processing".  IBM made my life amazing!

I love how they give IBM credit for the PC being machine of the year. Apple invented the PC, IBM just "announced" theirs after Apple came up with the product. The only next notable achievements are winning games on TV and reinventing google's wheel. We're talking from 1971-2018, nothing serious.

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