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The History of Lowbrow Customs

The History of Lowbrow Customs


I've always loved motorcycles, but I could never afford one, so when I was a teen I got into freestyle bmx. I'm trying to start my own small used bmx bike/part business, and hopefully get that bobber that's been in the back of my mind. The point of my small bio is this. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make this video. You guys have the best running business plan I think I've ever heard. If I ever need parts when I get to building my project bike, I'm coming to your website first. I like your no macho biker attitude. I work with a bunch of old Harley riders at a machine shop and they aren't too keen on giving advice to a beginner. I however have several friends that ride and have given me ample advice on the route to go when purchasing my first motorcycle. But again thanks for doing what you guys and gals do. Peace Love Rock
-G from Hybrid BMX

I'm working on starting a traditional custom and hotrod shop. This is more or less a blueprint for how things should be done. When I get my Harley I'll absolutely be buying my parts from you guys.

Bought my first bike and started riding last year. Been going to festivals for years and have friends that work at the Quarry. Looking forward to my first Getdown. Great video, very inspirational

Nice video. Nice style of bikes. Kudos. I ran a well known Meriden Triumph shop in the UK 88-03 for 15 years. Bikes featured in magazines etc. Timing. Pre internet. Also not very good with my (anti) social skills ie would never have made it in the new world, instagram, hipsters, photography etc etc yada nada da bing. Called a spade a spade. Ruffled a few feathers. Burnt out by 43. Too much work. Too much partying. Not enough hours in the day. Overheads & beaurocracy. Now happily retired & content in NE Thailand. Still have my 79 owned from new stroker, nickel plated frame, Hunt mag T140. 40 years a long time with the same bike. Regards.

Damn man I HAVE to research my parts with these guys now. I order parts and get them wrong even with the part number ON the part a lot. So I'm def gonna look up this company. Riding owning and building for 27 yrs.
This is the refined definition of U.S.A dont LIE, treat'em right, do what you love!

Love this! You guys are inspirational. Love the Frisco tank I just bought from LowBrow. Always the first site I go to when searching for build parts

I love everything about your company …every time I have bought from you has been a great experience. I work on a lot of local bikes and always recommend lowbrow when people ask me a good place to get parts. Thanks for being awesome

Every order I've ever placed with Lowbrow has been painless. Their website works great, they ship fast, and their parts are what they say they are. I wear their shirts with pride because I really enjoy being one of their customers.

Loved the video guys! Kept me completely entertained. Good quality content and great editing! I was recommended Lowbrow by a friend here in the UK when I started my 1966 TR6R Bobber build last year. Since then, I have bought a lot of great parts from you and watched Todd's amazing engine rebuild videos and had questions and advice from you. So it's great to see the Real people behind the company and I must say, you come across as real good dudes. All of you! What a great company you are! Just wish I worked for a comapny with a team like yours Tyler! I don't understand the 8 thumbs down!

Cheers from UK. Chris

could not be more happy to support Lowbrow with not just my money (orders) but also by stopping by on the regular, hitting up their events and telling people how great they are. Tony and Kaitie (the two people you'll meet when you walk in the showroom) are wonderful human beings. So friendly and helpful. Tyler is 100% real when he says they aren't putting up a front or image (like a lot of other "chopper" operations, unfortunately). There's absolutely nothing wrong with riding motorcycles with a smile!

I had a tank exactly like the one on poison ivy until some cut a hole in the wall of my shop and stole it with everything to build a rigid frame Springer front end triumph chopper……….pisses me off😠

A man cares about himself, a good man cares about himself and his family, but a great man cares about himself, his family, his friends and their families! Ran my own business some years ago. Screwed it somehow and never had the joy of offering jobs to my friends & family. Somehow this story inspires me to start again someday. Thanks!

Right on. Got all my tabs, bungs & cool guy parts from you guys in those neon green wall days.

I am in the process of restoring my first Triumph. A 1965 T120
I found Lowbrow while doing my research on YouTube.
You have provided me quality parts I need.
Kaitie Rocks.
You are providing knowledge.
The videos Todd did are my guide, and I have talked to him twice on the phone.

What you do is simple.

You are making dreams come true.

Subbed. Tylers got that silicon valley bezos, zucc gene of determination, intuition and motivation. Super inspiring and motivating. I aspire to have that drive when I start my projects.

sounds like a genuine human others should pursue to be like. not prideful arragont ego monster tuff guys

Just started a small bike company in my garage. Have dealt with these guys and cannot praise them enough!!! Great service, great products. Will continue working with them.

You guys inspiring me a lot i still cant have a chance to build my dream chopper but i know that i will, thanks for keep inspiring us

I’ve been a customer awhile and have always loved the gear and products

I do even more now after seeing this.

And how bada$$ is it that a lot of that photography is shot on a moving bike

Thanks to Lowbrow Customs for infusing excitement into the motorcycle industry. As the owner of JRC Engineering it has been my privilege to watch this business grow from a very humble beginning to what it is today. In the beginning JRC was willing to take a chance with an enthusiastic young man with a vision. Having been through the first wave of custom bikes in the late 60's I was excited to see someone take that path again. many of the old guard did not appreciate the custom scene for the fulfillment it offered and some of my contemporaries were rather distressed to see the rigid chopper scene come around again. We at JRC loved to see it and have been eager to help Lowbrow in whatever way we can. I personally look forward to many years of continued fun in this business. I began my career in the biz in 1971 and bought JRC in 1987 and have no regrets. My hope is that Lowbrow will be able to say the same after 48 years! Thanks for posting this history video also, it is great to see how far you have come.

thanks for sharing this video. I'm proud to have some lowbrow parts on my homemade shovelhead. Hope to visit your company one day. Cheers from France

Great story Tyler. I've been a customer since 2006 and it's amazing to see how far Lowbrow has come.
I'll actually be using this as a case study for a high-school business class this afternoon (and wearing one of my original Triumph shirts from way back then).

i've always thought you guys were a stand-up company, but now i know you're all good dudes. seems like an amazing place to work too–i've had the misfortune of working for narcissistic bosses at small companies before, and i wish i had the chance instead to work for you guys.

good shit. thanks for always getting me my stuff super quick!

Hey! I am also a sign guy who builds bikes on the side! I build custom signs at my day gig. Then go to my shop every afternoon to build bikes. Rock on brother!

I meet thebrothers years ago at ohio flat track races ,on my old triumph have bought many parts over the years and ava has become a long time friend ,was great meetin you all .will see u guys some time in the future

What an awesome company . You guys have the right idea. I don't buy all of my stuff from you but you're my first go-to. Please stay small and SUCCESSFUL. Worked for many shops that grew exponentially and went from fun and productive to dull and vindictive. You say you are not smart and that just shows that you really get it. Keep your partners, known by some as employees, engaged and more importantly your dogs loved and well. Okay, I really appreciate that you didn't ask me to take a "short survey" God I hate that. So here's my survey answers…male, 64 years old, riding and racing for over 50 years, current interests all things 2 wheeled focusing on Vintage Brit Bike restoration/rehab, currently in my garage, 1972 T6-R(daily) 1967 A-65L 99% original survivor non-restored and gorgeous (please ask for pix), 1981 H-D Ironhead factory custom, another '72 TR6-R in pieces, 2006 Husky TE-250. Love you guys and be seeing you soon. Keep it up!!!

Great insight! I live by the same set of rules – rare qualities. I’m also a Graphic Designer/Motorcycle Enthusiast 🤙😎

Truly Inspiring People 🙂 Respect from Tasmania Down Under Down Under Australia 🙂 God Bless You All.

yes, these guys are great ! I screwed up my order no problem fixed it ,INSTANTLY no problem. I will be a regular customer. good people!! no BS ( and thank you Lowbrow/Tyler )

You sir have now gained another subscriber!!!,why you ask …….answer is bloody easy ,for once it's good to see a motorcycle builder/parts seller who doesn't have his head up his arse and dont rip people off !!!!!
I am in the process of building a triumph chop ,shame i dont live in america .
See you later mate, peace

After years & years of 'life' delays (I'll be 70 in a few months), I finally bought my first Triumph Bonneville. A sorta modified '78 T140V. The next great thing: I spent the best 47min & 21secs I could've imagined getting to know the guys & gals at Lowbrow. I'll be checking in cuz my Bonnie needs a little help getting safe and CA street legal. Thanks!

Thanks for the insight into how you started and operate your business.
I’m a small business guy, myself and a motorcycle enthusiast as well.this is very inspiring.

It’s nice when pure determination and hard work pay off. I’ve never stopped working and I’m never struggling.

I have two sources for you guys.. A friend who owned a British Twin Repair shop in the '70's early 80's may still have many boxes full of British Bolts and parts.. He is the owner of the BSA Pro Hill Climber bike and I know a Guy who had a motorcycle Dealership since 1950 and just closed in the last year "2019" I has three pole barns full of classic bikes that he took in on trade when he was a New Yamaha Dealer.. He was a Flat Tracker racer in his day and Sponsored many young Flat Track Racers in the 1970's and 1980's Now that I know a little about your business.. I'll call you guys and see if there is any interest..

Hey guys. Me and my bro have been trying for bike next year. We rode motorcycles down last month., and it was difficult. Wear a couple parking lot parties. So now we are thinking about an125cc record with a Harley hummer

Lowbrow is the best! Very helpful . Informative and shipping is very fast. Here in York county Pennsylvania you don't get you don't get that kind of treatment. Thanks for being who you are

I like Mikey the photographer, his beard is so long it hangs over the lens. How does he take photos like that. He must be photoshopping hair out all the time ha ha ha
Cool company, cool production values.

Tyler, you and your brother have found the secrets of business success. Look outward first, everthing falls into place with patience and hard work thereafter. Money comes and goes but your customers and their customers and friends will be there to support your busines. From an 'ol fellow who like you started as a laborer in cnstruction in 1968 to establishing and running a succssful concrete construction business 1974 through 2003 at which time my Wife and I handed the business over to our 2 foremen and retired to the Seattle, Wa area. Rock on Tyler and LowBrow, GOD speed and be safe

Just an observation, how many others have noticed Tyler and Kyle's pleasant sounding voices and relaxed presence in front of the camera. A cool company headed up by a couple cool human beings.

A shout out from the Great White North! Corporate greed and lack of ethics brought America down. You and your family at Lowbrow are getting it right. Hard work, honesty and integrity are the things that made America great and getting back to those values is the thing that will put America back in the leadership role among nations. Some people enjoy watching the giant fall but I find it far more inspiring to see him get back up and fight on. Your way of relating to your customers and employees is inspirational and other businesses should take note of your success. Go Lowbrow! T.

I stumbled across LOWBROW a few years ago online looking for parts for a bike I was considering buying. Here I am a few years later, still no bike, but completely inspired by watching this video. LOWBROW looks like a great group of folks who are passionate about what they do, whether it's motorcycle fab, PR, media, sales, they enjoy their work and enjoy excelling at what they do to contribute to the greater good of this business. I'm always on the hunt for a bike, but I'm still looking. As finances are available the time will come. Family, home, my architecture practice, and other projects have taken precedence run my life, but a motorcycle is in the cards for my future. When the time comes, I look forward to relying on LOWBROW for my needs. – Jeff

I have built a bobber with parts from these guys and I cant fault them, from the frame to the loom everything is top quality and does what it says. good luck for the future guys…..

15:30 I just saw an old video of a real young Mark Cuban who said, "If you don't have customers, you don't have a business." I see now what he means with your adage, treat your business, like you would want to be treated as a customer.

I like your philosophy and entrepreneuiral spirit. Saw you at Bonneville a few years ago when we were racing down there. I run my business with the same philosophy and customer service. I want everyone to feel like they are in a win win situation. Highway 101 Rod and Custom.

I'm building a oldschool rigid bobber now and I really appreciate how great u guys have been having nice parts for a decent price. I think people can get behind y'all cause of ur just one of us. Thanks

You guys ROCK! I ordered a couple things from ya and both times recieved FAST. Patiently waiting for the black Friday sale…free gift sticker I got sent with my order covers a dent and matches bike perfectly! Also recieved a nice key chain for the bike a different time. Always now look at lowbrow first.

it's rare that companies are ran like this, with such a high caliber of genuine people. thank you for all of your hard work. keep kicking ass!

Hey, did you happen to know a guy named Brent Adams? Out of Mentor? Rode Triumphs and a Harley or two, big ass dragon tattoo chest piece? One of my best friends from the Navy, and the reason I just bought my first bike. Watching this, I felt like Brent was here with me, he loved his choppers. So I thank y'all, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing my dead homie back, if only for a few minutes.

I'll be honest… I don't have a high level of respect, for what is called a "custom," bike today.
An assortment of 'off the shelf parts,' to make a bike. The most original part of the bike is the paint job.
I've come to love those old hardtail rigid frames, chopped, with any of an assortment of a front end on it. The engines are as old as magneto powered, iron flat heads, knuckleheads, pans and shovels. Yes they drip oil and shake parts loose! That's part of the adventure.
And then, parts and pieces are chosen solely for their unique individuality. Or even fabricated by hand! Almost nothing off a shelf… But maybe something collected at a swap meet, or found in an old garage, or barn. Who says that because something's older than the rider, it's no good?
I got nothing really, against the modern bikes… Evos seem to be good motors. And if you want a bike taken from off the shelves, go for it. I don't think they have the soul of the old rigid frames. They are as 'custom,' as the shelf they come off of…

Harley Davidson company and all dealerships should take notes on how to run a business and take care of their huge following… How many people have been ripped of at a harley dealership?

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