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The Ultimate DIY BURGER? 🇧🇷 X-TUDO = a fried egg, potato sticks, sausage, peas, corn, cheese…

The Ultimate DIY BURGER?  🇧🇷 X-TUDO = a fried egg, potato sticks, sausage, peas, corn, cheese…


Oh my god, NEVER put frozen meat on a skillet like that! All meat should be room temp when put on the grill, stove, cooked. Jeez

I don't think I want peas on my burger, maybe some mushrooms instead. Also not a condiment fan but those are always optional. Looks yummy and customize-able!

wow i grew up in fall river massachusetts this is so nostalgic for me! i also now live in Rhode Island! what a small world

I’m always surprised to hear Americans don’t use shoe string fries in their burgers, it’s very common in South America

So my roommate is Brazilian and I gave him some light-hearted grief for his country putting pees on a burger. He said things like that are mostly novelty, like our black charcoal ice cream, and most x-tudo are loaded with eggs and ham or bacon…. more breakfast-like things like we have in the states. He says "for her to find that kind of ingredients she must have done such deep crazy research. I feel more than represented, but I have never had pees, corn, or potato sticks on a x-tudo burger"

Ahh watching this as eating oatmeal … why am I on a diet ?! This looks so good! I love how loving you are to food ❤️

I love your channel your so down to earth and so funny I got into your channel watching your vintage kitchen tools so cool and awesome I have all of my grandmothers vintage kitchen tools

this is a regular hamburguer in most of the latin countries, lots of things on them, I would add bacon, mushroom, more cheese. Sometimes they are with all of those things plus mixed, it can be chicken, pork and meat in the same burguer

This is so accurate!! Here in Brazil we put peas and corn on hot dogs too, by the way you should see how we make hot dogs here in São Paulo!! Love your channel!

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Ok I got myself a ………….. A mess 😬

By emmy

Ps: the way you smile after saying that made me subscribed your channel… That was very cute reaction ..

Just discovered your channel through the instant pot rubber video and was very happy to see the X-Tudo video since I'm Brazilian. I live in Little Rhody but never knew I could get X-Tudo nearby. I hope you can share the name of the place in Fall River! Great channel, keep it going!

Not sure about the egg. Soft or hard yolk. But then again I've had a burger at a bar with, BBQ sauce, smooth peanut butter, smoked bacon, 2 different cheeses, onion, tomato. Sounds nasty. Tasted awesome! 😉

It sounds really good but it just reminds me soooo much of Spongebob SquarePants nasty patty that “killed” the health inspector

This looks so dang good! I have got to get over my fear of seasoning my new cast iron skillet, I want to make thin crispy burgers TwT Does anyone know if it's going to smoke up my whole house when I start baking the pan???

emmy, i am brazilian, and i am so happy to see how you re-made X-Tudo so well. great to see how u recognize our street food with a lovely way, love u so much and so do a lot of brazilians ♡

I'm Brazilian and I can say that there's nothing better than eat a huge x-tudo after you danced and drank a lot at a nightclub. You eat one of those with soda and then you go to bed and sleep until 12pm

Potato stix are one of my favorite snacks! And I love love love the addition of crunchy inside of something soft, a la peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips in the middle. A lifelong fav of mine.

Emmy! Now that we have a Shake Shack, you should try it! I’m not sure if you have or not, but I recently went and it’s delish!

Big fan of your site. You mentioned Fall River, why make this when you can make the southeastern mass-wide famous Chow Mein Sandwich? Throw in a call to save St Anne's too. I grew up in FL but a lot of family back in Fall River.

I like French’s Original Crispy Fried Onions on a burger, but I have to try the potato sticks. It just makes sense. In fact, I want to try them on sandwiches I would eat potato chips with.

We have a pretty darn similar burger in Venezuela with a lot of the same toppings with some minor differences (no peas). That style of burger we call a "Grocera" which translates to vulgar or dirty, which alludes to the over-the-top nature of the burger (huge size, lots of toppings). And pro tip on making the fries yourself, use a grater and use the biggest size and grate a whole potato. Then wash it to get rid of as much starch as you can, make sure to dry it real well and then fry or deep fry them to achieve crunchyness. If made properly they should be pretty dry and crispy and they will keep well in a container at room temperature for a few weeks if you want to make a big batch.

Would love to see you try your hand at making a local Hispanic fav here in Miami called the Frita. It also comes with potato sticks! At least the restaurants here do it that way, dunno if that's universal. But I think you'd enjoy it a lot, Emmie. =D

Well, it's not for me! I like a bun, meat, relish or other pickles (but not both!), mustard and a slab of onion. I am a burger purist I guess. Hubby piles his burgers with everything in the fridge but even he would balk at peas, corn, sausage, and egg. Pineapple and bacon would work because it is my fav pizza topping. Like the idea of potato crisps.

Some places in Brazil will also add grilled chicken and grilled pork as well, plus all the other stuff you added and if you want to go all out you can add some guava paste too. Brazilians go hog wild when it comes to food!

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