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The Yumpu WEBKiosk

The Yumpu WEBKiosk

Welcome to Yumpu, welcome to WEBKiosk! The simple way to share your magazines with the whole world. But the WEBKiosk offers more than just that. On top of the page you can embed your own logo and a flexible navigation panel. All
possible with the WEBKiosk modular system. The
most essential element, of course, is the magazine itself. Scroll, zoom in, read and share it as much as you like. Magazines can easily be organized in
collections and there’s sub-sections. The WEBKiosk
is what you make of it. Link your web kiosk directly to your
social media. Keep your Yumpu followers informed
with the latest news. Display advertising for your products or web-sites. Offer content solely for
subscribers. Attract new subscribers to your
newsletter and inform them about what’s new. Embed countless
services in your WEBKiosk to generate forms, maps and much more. Utilize “free content blocks” to enter any
desired information. Use the footer to display important
information. For example your imprint. Attract
visitors to your app for iOS or Android and generate more downloads
by utilizing the Smartbanner. The possibilities for your WEBKiosk are
limitless. Start today and register for your free
WEBKiosk and a 30-day trial of all Pro features. Yumpu, we change
the way people read content.

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