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THRIFT STORE BREADMAKER Bread – Will a 30-YEAR OLD bread machine bake delicious CHEAP bread?

THRIFT STORE BREADMAKER Bread – Will a 30-YEAR OLD bread machine bake delicious CHEAP bread?

Greetings my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m gonna be testing a little gadget that I found — it’s actually not that little — it’s right here. It’s a breadmaker that I found at the thrift store. If you follow me on Instagram at all, you probably saw my Insta-story that I found this lovely Zojirushi breadmaker. This thing is a bit of a brick. It is old. As far as I can tell, it’s probably twenty-five years old. But it is a Zojirushi which I absolutely adore that brand. This little rice maker right here is a Zojirushi and I absolutely adore it. We’ve had it for so many years now. I think I’ve had it for fifteen years and it’s an absolute champion. We use it almost every day. I go to thrift stores all the time. I love finding finds. I always go through the appliances, and when I saw this, the Zojirushi logo caught my eye and I said “Well, let’s go ahead and try that.” So there are three main reasons why I’m making this video: number one, I want to know if this machine will work. Number two, I want to make some bread in a bread maker and see how much it costs. I think this can be a really cost-effective way to make really healthy homemade bread really easily. And number three, I love the idea of a product lasting — a product that is built to last and last for a long time, instead of just something that you buy and just throw away after a year because it’s all made out of jenky plastic parts and then you end up replacing it the next year, or even a few months. So I bought this for $12.99 at Savers, and they have a little power strip area and I plugged it in and it went on, so I said “Well, I think it works.” So I went ahead and purchased it. And then last night I did a complete deep clean of this machine and it was so much fun. In the back here there’s a little door that opens — a little hatch — and inside is a little storage cup, and a measuring cup, all built in the side. And then you just put it right back in the hatch. And that’s that! Love that! And I’ve never used a bread maker before, so I’m excited to see what this is all about. But inside here — this seems pretty standard-issue. You have like a bucket that the bread bakes in; at the bottom you’ve got a little paddle that turns the dough. So I love the premise of a bread maker: you just dump everything in there; turn it on; and in about four hours you’ve got yourself some bread. It mixes it; it kneads it; it proofs it; and then it bakes it; cools it; and then you’ve got a freshly baked loaf of bread! So what I love about this is that you can set this to bake in advance. So before you go to bed set your timer, and then you can wake up to homemade freshly baked bread. Brilliant! And it’s better for you because there’s no preservatives in it. And you can make whole-wheat bread. Whatever kind of bread you want — because you’re making it yourself. I love baking bread. I love the process of baking bread, but let’s be honest — it can be a little bit fussy in the sense that “Oh no, I got to get home cuz I don’t want my bread to overproof! It’s sitting there in a bowl, and if I don’t take care of it, it’s gonna be over-risen and my bread is gonna be flat, or….” So bread machine technology has been around for quite a while But let’s be real, the machines can be bulky; they can take up counter space; and they can be pretty expensive. But if you buy it at a thrift store and it works, you can make bread at home for cheap. I was able to print out the instruction manual and the recipe booklet. So today I’m going to be making the QuickStart White Bread. And this should come together in about three hours. So, let’s go ahead and get started because I want to see if this thing makes me some bread! Now with these bread making recipes, it’s really important to place the ingredients in the order in which they’re listed in the recipe. The reason being is we don’t want the yeast to touch the liquid quite yet. So the liquid, in this case is going to be milk, is going to be warmed up and we want the yeast not to be activated yet. So it’s gonna be in the very, very top, separated with a layer of flour. “Cup and a quarter of milk.” So that is a full container of milk. One and a half tablespoons of butter…. two teaspoons of salt; three cups of bread flour; So bread flour contains more proteins, so you’re gonna have a chewier loaf. One package of active yeast which is two and a quarter teaspoons of yeast — I’m going to put that right on top. Now we’re gonna take the bucket, place it inside, and we’re just making the basic white bread. Baking degree: you can choose dark, medium, or light. I’m gonna choose medium. And now I’m just gonna hit “start.” Preheating operation. So, right there it says at fifteen hundred hours fifty minutes, we shall have baked bread! Alrighty, so we’re gonna let this on the countertop for four hours and hopefully we’ll have some freshly baked bread. Alright, see you in a few. I’m so excited! Okay, my lovelies. It has been three hours and fifty minutes, and I am back. Actually I went to the gym and I came home to the smell of freshly baked bread. So far it looks like the bread maker is working. When I came home I also looked through the little window on the top. Since this looks like bread, I think it did it successfully, but we won’t know for sure until we actually taste it. Okay, so let’s get the bread out of the machine. Opening this up. Oh, it looks great! Let me show you what it looks like… There’s the bread…. And there is the bread! There is the bread!! I’m so excited about this! Great! Thank you, Mr. Zojirushi. So the inside of this pan is a nonstick surface much like the interior of their rice cookers, so this should come out nicely. You know, I have issues with unmolding things, but let’s see. So this little part right here is what attaches the paddle to the motor SoI just give that a little twist, and the bread released. So here it is. Yeah! Thank you! So inside is the paddle; you want to remove that. All right. And here is my loaf of bread! It looks great. The top of it doesn’t look as smooth as I would have liked: there’s a little bit of kind of knotting on the top, but the crust looks nice. It has a signature hollow sound which is the indication of fully cooked bread. And because I’m interested to see how economical making your own bread at home is, I worked this out to be $1.72 a loaf. You certainly could bring this Down even lower if you chose a different brand of flour, or if you bought the flour on sale. Let’s cut into our bread. Huh-huh-huh-huh…. Sounding good! Oh yeah, that’s looking lovely. We’ve got tiny little holes here. And this is the type of crumb we’re looking for when we’re making a sandwich bread loaf. Okay, let’s cut another piece. It cuts really nicely. Ss you can hear, there’s a nice crust. Oh, that’s looking lovely! Ah, look at this slice of bread! So perfect! So happy about this Itadakimasu!. Mmm. Because we used bread flour, it has a really nice chew to it. It’s still very soft and tender, but unlike sandwich bread that you get at the grocery store, which is just soft and squishy, this has a nice little chew to it; a little bit of a stretch; and some substance. Nice amount of salt in there. There’s also salt in the butter that we included on top. It’s just absolutely delicious! The crust is nice and crunchy, especially if you eat it fresh out of the oven. I think once you wrap this in plastic to store it, this crust will soften, but freshly-baked — can’t be beat! Now, I want some honey. I want some jam. But honestly, it really doesn’t need it. It’s just really good just as it is. Mmm! So there you have it. It is indeed possible to make beautiful, lovely, tasty homemade bread in a vintage thrift store find. These Zojirushi bread maker circa, I’m not even sure, maybe 1989-92…old. Old bread maker is my point So once I make bread for two weeks, I will recoup the amount of money that I paid for the maker. So…definitely, definitely economical, and delicious; and super, super easy. If you go to a thrift store and you pick up one of these bread makers and decide to make bread, please share your results with me on social media. I want to see your beautiful bread. So thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; LIKE this video; subscribe; and I shall see you in the next one. Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee!!!


The design seems similar to modern bread makers. I guess not much has changed in the design and function in 30 years. Here's a tip if you'd like the top of the bread to look better. Remove the dough from the machine after it has finished kneading. Then with your hands, form the dough into a nice, even shape in your countertop. You can even get creative and form different shapes like pull-aparts, twists and braids. Remove the kneading paddles from the machine and place the dough back into the pan. Let it rest/ rise one last time before baking. There you'll have a perfect shaped loaf with no big holes on the bottom.

I picked one up at the local thrift store in my area. Took me a little while to get the combination of the recipe correct, because it didn't have a book. but I finally got it. I love it, had one years ago. I make my own bread and even the dough for hamburger buns, which are amazing! Find me on facebook and message me if you would like the hamburger bun recipe Shannon Peters Amell. 🙂

That bread looks great!! Now I need to make some bread! Have you ever tried the no knead breads? So easy and so good!!

I just looked this bread maker up and was told this brand is the Ferrari of bread makers and are still in use, but new ones are priced at between two hundred to three hundred dollars now. Emmy is the best. I too love thrifting and dare I say, I may be hooked! She and I are alike in that we go to the electronics departments and thoroughly clean whatever is bought. I will now look for this brand because I have never heard of it before. I also am a scratch cook and make my own bread in a clay pot!

I have a bread machine from the late 1980s that makes cylindrical loaves. I bought it at a garage sale for $5 years and years ago and it works perfectly well. I love it in the winter time when I'm making lots of soups.

I just face palmed! Been making bread for years in a machine….just realized I have been cutting it the wrong direction! 🤣🤣 Thanks for the great video, will be making bread this afternoon.

Have the same machine. If you set it to the dough setting you can make some amazing dinner rolls. Great machine. You can download the manual online.

I’ve had my bread machine for 25 years! I got it for Christmas 1994 and I’ve been making bread with it ever since! Works perfect and the smell of it baking is insane!!!! Go by the machines recipe booklet for the best results because each machine is a bit different. Enjoy!

A lot of the old stuff is built to last a lifetime. New stuff is only made to last a few years at the most which is main reason I I go the thrift stores and buy the heavy thick steel kitchen utensils and cooking pots and pans. Those white (black primer painted) old basins last forever even though they look old. These basins never rust and many old homesteads back in the early 1900s used these basin to hold their washed clothes prior to hanging their clothes on the clothesline. Newer doesn't always necessarily mean better these days.

well done, I wouldn;t have left it alone the first time to goto the gym, it's old and I have trust issues haha,..but good for you

I got a bread machine from a thrift store also for 30 dollars. Had original store receipt in it. Makes gorgeous doughs or loaf breads for over 5 years now!

I just bought a Breadman Ultimate breadmaker at a thrift store today for $15. I have added all the ingredients and I just pushed start, sooooo fingers crossed😅

My family cuts the loaf the other way, the slice of bread is not as long that way with ours. It is really strange to see it done the other way.

I bought a bread maker once I made one load and went right back to my kitchen aid and oven it's the only way it comes out just right

Thought you were making healthy bread… That white bread is NOT it! Use it to make dark, whole grain bread with lots of fiber… ☺️

I have the same old breadmaker. Love it. I do watch as it mixes at first and sometimes have to add a bit more liquid just to see that the dough looks moist and soft. Also love my Zojirushie rice maker.

Here's a hint about using a bread maker. When you make a loaf, set up a few zip lock bags and measure out the dry ingredients to make future loaves. Then you only have to measure the wet ingredients and dump in the bag of dry stuff.

Bread machine bread pans are all non-stick pans. There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread, or
waking up to a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread in the morning. Check to see if your breadmaker also makes
jams. I own (3) bread machines. Two were 2nd hand and one was purchased new:

1. West Bend Baker's Choice – makes a horizontal loaf ($29) — Made 1996 – still working like a charm
Last bread made in this breadmaker was a banana walnut bread – was so delicious
2. Breadman–The Corner Bakery – for making butter, cakes, cheesecakes, and bread pudding (purchased new)
Amaretto Butter Cake is scrumptious
3. Magic Chef ($3.00) for making jams – strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, etc.. Just ran out
out of my strawberry jam, and will be making some pineapple tomorrow. Picked up a can of Dole diced
pineapple. Since I can make this jam quickly, I only make enough jam for a smaller jam jar. Because
the jam does not have any preservatives in it, make sure you keep them in the frig.

We had a bread maker growing up and my mom only used it a few times. It was such a large machine and kind of cumbersome to pull out and use. But now I regret never using it!

Omg my mom use to have one of these when I was little it was so fun to watch it make bread and the smelll ugh I’m so mad she got rid of it

emmymadeinjapan Ok~~~~I have watched many of your videos, today~~This one here got me hooked,
line & sinker~~ I got some cool old gadgets, I will look,,, I subscribed just Love You,

You are so Genuin~~
**** Thank you ****** ~Peace

I never buy bread, I always make my own. My sourdough starter is quite old and very active. Making bread is easy and honestly not really a lot of work. I make sourdough even when going camping – I just take the bowl in the car and do the folds every hour or so at a stop using gloves. Then when I arrive at the destination I have a perfectly folded and risen dough I just need to bake in a dutch oven or my little foldable camp oven (which ironically I found at a thrift store). So no, I would never use a breadmaker, I don't even use my kitchenaid stand mixer because more often than not mixing by hand is so much quicker and so much less to clean.

There are large numbers of machines like this in the thrift stores around my area. So, I assume they are everywhere. I used to buy especially nice ones for friends. As I recall, the least I ever spent on a "sale" day was $1.65. It wasn't in the original box but looked virtually unused. Gave it away, of course. Supermarket white bread is always $1/loaf here.

That sound of bread being cut is similar to the one which our cat
makes when she’s moving her litter around- no kidding.

I've got one that's a good few decades old. a wonderful indesctructible gift. They're hard to clean if you forget the salt and it over rises. It's pretty effortless to use the dough setting and shape it yourself to rise, or set aside in the fridge under a damp cloth for a few days to get sour.

I've had several bread machines. Here's my hints: The rapid mode makes better sandwich bread. 2 tsp salt sounds like a lot. I'd try 1 tsp. In addition to the butter, add 2 TB sunflower oil(maybe 1 TB). It stays tender longer with the extra oil. Replace 2 TB of the flour with Rye Flour. It makes the crumb more uniform. Replace 1/3 to 1/2 of the milk with butter milk. One or 2 TB of Soybean flour makes the crust better…I think. I noticed that you didn't add sugar. 1-2 TB of sugar in the milk is a nice addition. A bit of black molasses can be interesting, too.

I bought a Sanyo Home Bakery for $3.00, yes THREE dollars! And it works!!!!!! Made bread in it today!
Thank you so much for the inspiration!

I am currently baking a loaf of bread in my 1980 welbilt bread machine. My family had one when I was a kid. I found it in a antique shop a year ago for $14.00 but I didn’t buy it. Came across this video a while back and kicked myself in the ass for not picking it up. I was in the area about a week ago and decided to stop in. It had been moved to a different booth but it was there and had been marked down to $8.00 I wish I would have picked it up way earlier. Thanks for these videos Emmy. You’re a joy to watch.

Bread makers are a great thing… I used one my family has had for ages to make some buttermilk bread after I made some home-made butter. Also, wrapping the bread after doesn't effect the crust much if you let it cool first, which I highly recommend. It always heats really well later too, becoming warm and chewy again. That said… whenever we make a loaf in our bread machine it vanishes within a day.

Geeesh, you made cleaning that bread maker look fun, you inspired me to clean mine! Kidding! I keep mine "brand new" clean after every loaf I cook.

My grandparents have a bread maker just like this and have been making bread in it since I was a kid (I’m 29 now) the flavor of their bread is soooooo unique and yummy and nostalgic. It still tastes the same as it did when I was a kid and often ask for a loaf of bread for my birthday even as an adult 🤣 I love slicing a thick piece, toasting it, and slathering it with butter and home made jelly 😙👌🏻 perfect for a hangover lol!

Does anyone else just ever get the urge to grow wheat make bread and consume said bread with homemade strawberry jam?

I found my bread maker at the thrift store also. Problem is now I have to make a loaf of pumpernickel every holiday. Hollow out and fill it with spinach and artichoke dip.

Wait a second, you can make and bake bread in a regular bread pan much quicker than 3 hours. Why even bother with a bread maker at all?

Older bread makers are far superior to any of the ones currently made. Every single model of bread machine currently made is made in China. Most of the older models were made in Japan. I have two Japanese-made bread makers (one a Welbuilt, the other Williams Sonoma made by Panasonic) that are about 30 years old, and work beautifully!

Package bread mixes work well to
I tried the seeded one I followed on the bag what I had to do
Turn out lovely
Pizza dough is great to

My grandma had one of those. IT WAS FREAKIN LOUD! Good luck waking up to freshly baked bread. You won't get any sleep and your neighbors will hate you….lol

I had a bread machine like that growing up, it was a wonderful thing to play with. All sorts of breads, and settings to change the knead, proof, rest, bake times and temps.
I think I may treat myself to one this year. My absolute favorite bread I would bake was a standard white loaf with a hint of sour cream, chives, and sprinkling of cheddar cheese. Onion Cheese bread. <3

If anyone was wondering (probably just me) i got bored and counted that she said exactly 55 times the work Bread in this video. 🙂 This means that she said the word bread 5,5 times a minute.

ive only been watching your channel for about a week, but i aboslutely love your free spirit!!!! dont ever let anyone try to blow out your flame. you just keep doing what you do!!!! <3 <3 <3

I had this EXACT bread maker. I bought it at an Army Post Exchange in near Colón Panamá in 1992. I lived in the Army barracks and "cooking" was not allowed. We could use a microwave or anything without an exposed heating element. This machine technically didn't violate the rules and I absolutely LOVED torturing my neighbors with the smell of freshly baking bread. The machine was actually quite expensive, so buying a working unit for just over $10 is a great find! I lugged this hulking machine around for a while, but then when I got out of the military and had an actual kitchen, it was no longer necessary. I learned to make bread the old fashioned way. I donated my machine to a thrift store (in Monterey), and it absolutely still worked. I wonder if it's the same one!

Had the exact same bread maker and gave it to Goodwill about 10 years ago. Somehow it made it back to Japan. I prefer the old fashioned method. With a little preparation, the clean up is easy. And the results are FAR superior!

My grandma had one of those. I remember coming over to her house and her making fancy breads with it. She is no longer with us, but seeing this brings back fun and happy memories.

I make my own bread for maybe five years now, no bread maker though. I get here 1 kilo flour for 40 euro cent if I buy the cheapest, 90 euro cent for the bread flour which I mostly use or spelt flour for 1.5 euro. The smell of freshly baked bread is just so good 😀

3 cups Bread flour, 1/4 tsp instant bread yeast, 1 and 1/2 tsps salt, I use pink salt from Himalaya, I feel the added minerals in it add a little something to the flavor 1 dollar at Dollar Tree, 1 1/2 cups VERY hot 130 degree water. Blend dry ingredients thoroughly add hot water mix till it forms a sticky dough ball. Cover in plastic into a warm sunny spot or into the oven with the light on to proof, 3 hours MAX. stir with a, I used a chop stick, to degas the dough move to pam sprayed pan or skillet big enough, cover with a lint free cloth 2nd proofing 1 1/2 hours.
Now I don't have a casserole dish I don't have a dutch oven and I don't want to fight with hand making rolls with this dough. So I took a metal mixing bowl lined it with bakers parchment , covered it with aluminum foil 40 minutes in a preheated 400 degree oven( heat bowl in oven as it preheats prior to placing parchment and dough). Remove foil leave in 4 to 6 minutes lol try that bread. No bread maker, none of the usual baking pans. Just a metal mixing bowl and foil!

I have this EXACT model! It was passed from my step mom to me, still works wonderfully! I just used it the other day to make wheat bread. 😄

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