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Tips To Run An Insane Yet Powerful PPC Campaign for Amazon FBA

Tips To Run An Insane Yet Powerful PPC Campaign for Amazon FBA

Would you rather be this or this What’s up, guys? It’s rob here from steps to success. So I want to make a video for you guys, you know going over Advertising PPC and how you can run an insanely powerful and profitable PPC campaign and how to actually go about setting it up after you’ve done all your research You know finding a viable profitable product to sell on Amazon FBA using your product research tool You know could be viral launch could be jungle scallop or other Amazon FBA research tools, you know You’ve tracked the product using the i99 trick method your product does have that thirty five to forty percent minimum net profit margin and you know You’ve tracked the product everything matches and you know that it is a good product You’ve hopefully done some custom packaging product photography, you know through some freelancers on Locally or through fiber, so everything has been done correctly so far but now you’ve got your product in Amazon FBA warehouse and you’re running through the same problem that 98% of sellers run into when they get their product into Amazon FBA Which is having an a cost that is super high and what I mean by an a cost that is higher than your profit margin, so a cost is how much ad dollars you spend and how Many of those ad dollars that you spend get in return for you in terms of dollar seals So if you spent ten dollars and your product seals is 40 dollars Then you want to make sure that your it cost is lower than your profit margin so for example If you’re a class is 20% and your product net profit margin is 40% it’s still a good viable product to be running through PPC campaign because you’re still making a difference of 20% on your product every single unit that you sell but I’ve been getting message from a ton of people lately who have a cost of over 30 40 50 60 even 70 % guys if you’re a cost is that high more than likely you’re doing something wrong, so This could be due to very very, you know, different cases and it it’s different from a case to case So in this video, I want to kind of go over with you guys of how to actually run a profitable PPC campaign so the first thing that you guys want to do is make sure that the product that you’re doing is not too competitive guys and I talk I talk about this a lot because I know everyone says how to find a 40,000 a month product or a hundred thousand a month product, but the problem with these Products, is that the keywords? Or the cost per click for these keywords are super expensive So you’re spending you know over one to two dollars per click, which is the suggested bid in Amazon’s you know automatic campaign when you’re setting it up and Amazon gives you how much you should be bidding as I suggested bid And again, I’ll hop onto my computer later in this video and show you guys exactly exactly how to set this up but if you’re bidding one to two dollars per click Then you’re selling a competitive product If you’re selling a competitive product and there are tons of other sellers selling the same thing Then more than likely you’re gonna have an e cost that’s over 40% And if your net profit margin is 40% and you’re spending that 40% on your advertising through PPC. Guess what you’re not making any money So if you’re not making any money What would you go and spend so much money and give all your money all your hard-earned money to Amazon? So I had a student who? Messaged me today and wanted me to go over her PPC campaign that she was setting up and her it cost was 15% so I thought it’s a great video for to make for you guys because it’s gonna show you guys the difference of You going after a highly competitive keyword? highly competitive product that is making a ton of revenue month over one and Everyone is searching for this product on Amazon FBA guys instead go after a product that’s making 10 to 20 thousand a month revenue So your cost per click will actually be 30 cents to 80 cents So with a cost per click of 30 to 80 cents now imagine you’re getting ten clicks Your conversion is 20% of that you’re spending so much less than you’re going after a competitive keyword and competing with 10 20 50 other people guys, and this is what I can’t stress this enough You want to make sure that you have that 35 40 percent profit. Margin that You can compete for some of these keywords, but even at the end of the day You’ll see that you’re not actually taking whom much money Whereas this student that actually helped finding her product, you know, we went back and forth with suppliers We ordered a sample we made sure the sample is high-quality everything was matching all the criteria that I recommend everyone going after so now this is Exactly what you guys have got want to focus if you’re a cost is 15% and your net profit Margin is 45% and guys this 15% is through an automatic add. So if most of you guys know Automatic ads are always a lot higher than what you would run. Once you start optimizing your cost per click and your PPC campaigns so now We want to pull a report from this and find which keywords are actually converting and when we pulled this report for my student We found that some of her converting keywords Actually has an e cost of 0.1 percent 0.3% It’s crazy to get these conversion rates guys, but that’s the power of going after a niche product And this is what I always recommend everyone to Start going after a niche product when you start selling on amazon because it’s so powerful When you’re going after a product that only has two pages or three pages of search results sure only 500 people might be looking for that product. But if you’re Automatically found on page one you’re getting the organic sales. You’re getting all the PPC sales, because you’re one of the few sellers who are selling that product so Imagine you are selling a thousand dollars a week and making thirty five percent Thirty to thirty five percent net profit margin after all the expenses is This not better than going after a part. That’s selling 40,000 a month where you have to share this 40,000 with twenty other sellers One to two dollars having an e cause of 50% 60% and at the end of the day You’re not really been taking much money. All you’re doing is you’re spending money on PPC giving it to Amazon Amazon is gladly taking your money to fulfill your product. Yeah, sure. They make even more money. But what about you? What are you gonna take at the end of the period so start looking for products? That’s within that 10 to 20,000 range that has you know, 100 reviews could be 200 reviews, you know try to get that 5 to 10 reviews and Start optimizing guys. This is so powerful. Trust me once you guys start doing this and you see that you’re not spending all your money on the advertising promoting your product you’re automatically eliminating doing those giveaways so With this student I didn’t have to do any giveaways All of this is an expense guys, you know You have to give away ten units a day over seven day period that’s 70 units at 80% coupon All of this is gonna diminish your profit margin But imagine that all you had to do is find a product with not too many reviews It costs up 15% 20% even 30% You’re still making it You know the difference of 40% on 30% You’re still making a 10% on your thousand bucks a week So once you have this get rank for those couple keywords because it’s easy to get rank. You don’t need to make 30 units It’d be seals to be ranked on page one You can get that with ten units and a five unit City and from that You’re all you’re doing is now in this scenario. You’re making 30% off your PPC You’re ranked on page one. You’re making another 45% net profit Guess what happens at the end of the day? You’re averaging a very high net profit margin on your PPC campaign because you’ve actually done your homework You went after a niche product instead of a very broad product and you’ve actually focused on Getting yourself ranked without the use of giveaways without the use of any launch services anything this is the power of Amazon FBA you guys and this is what I recommend every single person do one of the reasons I offered the one-on-one mentoring course for my Amazon FBA student is because a lot of people unfortunately watch too many YouTube videos Where other people say how to find a hundred thousand and one product in 90 seconds in 60 seconds two million dollars in two months Selling this but you don’t want to do that If you’re starting with two thousand dollars on amazon FBA you’re starting with a thousand dollars on amazon FBA You want to find a product that’s doing 10 to? 20,000 a month Revenue because this means you can get ranked on page one You don’t have to do giveaways to get ranked on page one You don’t have to go and do any kind of launch strategies. Nothing guys All you’re doing is setting up an automatic campaign from there. You dissect the data You can even reduce this acres to a lot lower number This is what I want everyone to focus on especially if you’re watching this channel. It’s so so important for you guys to start applying Strategies and not just going out there saying okay. My product is in let me get those five to ten reviews Let me do giveaways. Let me run an automatic campaign. My automatic campaign is over a hundred percent. What am I gonna do? I’m losing money Amazon is eating up all my margins that Is not where you guys want to be, so please guys focus on this again if you do join the steps of success FBA course I’ll go over with all this with you individually making sure that you don’t make any commonly made mistakes But now I want to login to the computer and show you a few different results or what is a good campaign How you set it up? how to pull a report off Amazon seller account and how to start optimizing these keywords and Getting rid of the bad ones and how to start focusing on better converting keywords. So we’re gonna be using VAR launches keyword research I’ll show you guys, you know merchant words Which is what I also use but again some of the key differences and how to find these profitable keywords to apply to your Amazon FBA product guys So I’ll see you guys in a couple of seconds where I’ll login to the computer and we’ll continue this video All right guys before we get started on this video. I want to share something with you guys So as most of you guys know I love drinking tea and coffee I have at least two cups of coffee a day and at least one or two cups of tea once I get home You know as I’m doing more work So I came across this listing on Amazon yesterday and it drew my attention and I said, you know, it looks so good let me try it and it’s a matcha green tea powder and you know, you know, it’s a Japanese ceremonial grade hundred percent pure natural antioxidant, you know, it seems to be really good and It comes with you know, finest quality meets regulations harvested, you know It’s a Japanese high quality tea, I guess and I was looking at some of these You know the stats that it comes with it and just the overall picture quality everything look good. So I said why don’t I try So it’s actually really funny guys I was expecting you know for $30 to get something big that will last me at least a couple of weeks or at least a month and Amazon just delivered the package for me. And this is what it looks like guys It’s It’s so tiny I look at how big Check this out guys. It looks I Don’t even know what to say. So I’m just About to have some cheese so I can finish making this video But I’m really curious of how good this dirty always will be for this much tea, but uh looks really nice But anyways, let me just finish brewing my tea, and we can get started for the rest of the video All right, guys, I got my tea meat here. So let’s start looking at some data that I want to share with you guys So this is one of the campaign’s that always running back in 2017 for one of the new products that are introduced so it’s a Bluetooth speaker as you guys can see and It was something that I just ran an automatic ad campaign because I wanted to try to pick up some new keywords that match some of my competitors so as you guys can see my eCos was kind of very high in this scenario because it was an automatic campaign 40 percent and This product back in December. I did have good margins on it about fifty percent but even if you do the math if you have a net profit margin of fifty percent and you’re spending forty percent of that for PPC for doing You know automatic campaign. You’re not really left with anything So there is a few scenarios that you actually want to do an automatic campaign And I strongly recommend that most people do one is to pick up good new key words that you might not have found using merchant words or VAR launches research keyword method You could be using other keyword research tools as well again, they’re all Similar some better than others, but I prefer merchant words and var launch keyword research method but in this scenario I want to show you guys something that I Mentioned earlier in my video look at the default bid that I had to bid to get these clicks guys. So 950 for clicks I spent 1,500 bucks to give almost 5000 my overall cost was 30% But again the average From December to January was about 40% So even a 30% I was making good Profit on my product but check this out guys for me to sell a Bluetooth speaker portable bluetooth speaker Amazon suggests that 155 but even at 155 I wanted to Start producing the sales velocity to match the top competitors so I can start getting ranked on page one So that’s why you see me spending so much money within a short period of time so I can get ranked on page one because once I did get ranked on page one I was Making a ton of consistent sales Organically, which meant that I was keeping that 50% net profit margin all to myself not having to give it to Amazon So sometimes you have to run an automatic campaign along with a manual to produce that sales velocity to match the top sellers on Amazon Because once you do and you start getting rank for those multiple keywords It’s a lot easier for you to start getting more organic sales Which will push your profit through the roof and that’s the whole goal of you guys spending money on PPC now I also recommend you do Facebook Advertising if you have not as you know advertise on Facebook before I do have another video which teaches you step-by-step Exactly how to go about running a profitable Facebook campaign, but we’ll leave Facebook advertising for another video guys, so Again, I want to go over this real quick This is how much dollar we’re spending on PPC advertising through Amazon’s platform So a cost is how much you’re spending? divided by how much sales you’re getting from your ad spending and That’s how you get this 40% So 468 divided by eleven sixty five so in this scenario if you look at our overall budget I spent fifteen hundred bucks to get four thousand eight hundred sixty seven dollars in sales. Alright, my eight cars was thirty percent again It’s not the best a cost. I know that guys your usual it cost should be about ten to twenty percent So you’re still making twenty percent afterwards, but you know, this is a more competitive keywords, which is a Bluetooth speaker So as you guys can imagine For you to get ranked for some of these keywords You need to be selling fifty to a hundred units a day just to get rank for it For example the keyword Bluetooth speakers. So I want you guys to know how competitive this keyword is This is exactly why I recommend a lot of people focus on more Specific products within a specific niche unless you see a up-and-coming product that you can go and take your profit move out and move your profits into another product or Simply create a long-term brand around your product guys. So now we’re logged in into a viral launch keyword research So what we want to do is we want to search for Bluetooth speaker and I want to kind of show you guys exactly how to go about doing this using viral launch because it’s truly one of the best research software tools that I’ve been using lately and I want to share that with you guys showing you exactly what kind of things that You can expect You know making and using to end up turning good sales conversions and ultimately lowering your overall a cost So these are the categories again The the sellers for this product are listed on there. These are the phrases so what you guys want to look at is one the phrase you want to make sure that the phrase is actually relevant to your product So I like to always highlight to show you guys exactly what it is that you want to focus on Opportunity score again guys is very very important So make sure that as you’re looking at these opportunity score you’re comparing it to how much your cost per click is you want to focus on ones that are not as Competitive. So your eCos is not gonna be through the roof at the same time. You want the keyword to be relevant? So again Bluetooth speaker Wireless iPhone speaker portable speakers These are all relevant and what you guys want to do after? you’re running an automatic campaign for your specific product is after a week polo report dissect which keywords are converting well for you and along that use merchant words and viral launch to add in other keywords as exact or phrase type and Match those suggested bids plus a certain percentage so always recommend you guys doing at least three to four percent over and above your Competition so that way your ad your sponsored ad shows up on top of other people So you start getting more impressions more conversions and hopefully more Conversions that means you end up making seal from the clicks that you’re getting guys so again I have a ton of videos which shows you how to set up a PPC campaign how to find relevant keywords for your product how to use viral launches keyword research method So make sure you check out my other videos within this channel again guys, if you’re new to this channel Make sure to hit that subscribe button. Give it a like and leave me a comment Let me know what you thought of today’s video guys again I appreciate every single one of you for supporting me and joining me on this video And I can’t wait to see you guys on the next one


I’ve seen many videos on this subject and you’re the only one that goes into such detail about this topic. Thank you for posting!

Thank you, Rob! I am about to ship my first product to Amazon and this is exactly what I needed to set my PPC campaign. You are awesome!

Sohrab has been a great mentor, he mentioned me in the beginning of his video. Sign up for his course and message me if you have any questions!

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Amazing video like usual!
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Thanks for the advice dude! Currently documenting my journey through Amazon FBA so I'll make sure to use your information. Keep up the good vids!

How would you proceed in this situation: you run advertising to gather keywords and pull the last two months of data. Many keywords are over 100% ACOS. The keywords that are below 50% only have a sale or two. I take them and use them anyway. Now that I'm targeting the low ACOS keywords, and they're actually making sales, their ACOS shoots way higher, over 100%. So really, the only keywords that are below 50% are just statistically following the law of averages, and just need more sales to average out to their higher ACOS, leaving no good keywords remaining. Do I just shut off all advertising and let it sell organically? (1-2 sales per day)

What should I do if my Acos is at 102%? Iv had 30 sales in 7 days, 127,198 impressions . Its been very expensive, I know im doing something wrong just dont know what. Im running auto ppc. Any advise would be great and appreciated

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