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Top 3 FREE Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2019

Top 3 FREE Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2019

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to a brand new video here on the channel work today
guys I’m gonna be giving you guys my top 3 free traffic sources that I currently
use in my affiliate marketing in my online businesses because that is
exactly what you guys want I know a lot of people do not like paid methods I
know a lot of people looking for the quick free traffic sources and that’s
exactly what I’m here to give you guys I’m gonna give you the top three that
I’m currently using I’ve been using they’re pretty much the last like year
year and a half in my affiliate marketing with that being said guys
we’re gonna dive into my computer so I can show you guys all that in just a
minute but before I get into that guys if you’re brand new to the channel I
definitely want you to go ahead down below and subscribe right now for brand
new videos here on the channel and with that out of the way guys we’re
gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show you guys exactly what these
traffic sources are and how you can start using them as soon as today to
actually start generating some traffic for yourself with that being said let’s
dive in right now alright guys we’re now my computer of
course I set up this nice little PowerPoint presentation for you guys
just to keep this video as organized and as simple of the file as possible with
that being said of course on top you guys see my top three free traffic
sources again I didn’t mention that or off the bat guys like I already keep
saying all these traffic sources are gonna be completely free methods they’re
going to be completely free to use and you guys can start using these within 24
hours of actually watching this video you guys can use one two or all three of
them i’ma show you exactly how I’ll top of that guys these will work in pretty
much any niche with any affiliate network and any affiliate offer a
product just because again guys most days are gonna be on social networks
with that said the guys of course when you’re ever using free traffic methods
they’re gonna is gonna be a little bit of a slower build up because it’s not
gonna be as fast as paid methods of course guys using free traffic that is
the one downside of course it’s gonna be free which is great there’s no overhead
there’s no expense but it’s gonna take significantly longer to actually be able
to send a large amount of traffic and that’s why with these methods they’re
usually kind of built up more over time of course guys you can’t really start
sending a ton of traffic very quickly with free methods honest you have a
large email list or a very large following on any of these platforms with
that being said though guys it’s not going to waste any more time the first
free traffic source I go ahead and new is going to be Facebook now guys you
might not be you might not be surprised by a lot of these methods honestly of
course they’re already no methods I’m not really doing anything that’s really
groundbreaking here so Facebook’s gonna be the first but of course with all
these methods I do use them in different ways I don’t use them all for the same
purpose so of course guys with Facebook the
number one way I actually go ahead and actually drive traffic is by using
groups to actually go ahead and answer your questions and then post my links to
my opt-in pages to my funnels in my answers or actually on my profile so
with that said guys depending on what niche you’re in you guys can go ahead
and join different actually actual groups so whatever you’re actually going
ahead and promoting you’d want to join groups linked it directly to that so if
you’re promoting a ketogenic diet for example you would want to go ahead and
join ketogenic Facebook groups that way you’re pretty much joining groups with
people that are in your target demographic of course guys that’s what
you’re really targeting here you want to be going for groups that has your main
target demographic in them after I use the Facebook groups guys I’m actually
using my personal page to give value and again link back to my offers so we’re
gonna do really fast I’m gonna jump over to my Facebook page just so I can show
you guys kind of what it looks like how it’s built to actually give value now I
actually have my links set up so of course you guys we’re not on my Facebook
page so of course guys if you’ve ever been to my Facebook page to my profile
you’ve seen this before but this is essentially how its set up guys it’s set
up in this way for a very specific reason guys I don’t have random stuff
all over the place on our random links to different news articles and blogs and
posts whatever everything that’s on my profile page is directly linked to
giving value or linking back to my opt-ins and my funnels when I go back to
the PowerPoint now I’m not gonna spend too much time actually going through my
facebook page and I know you guys aren’t here to see that so we’re back on the
PowerPoint now guys after I go ahead and actually use my personal page to give
value and link back to my funnels and stuff I’ll actually use direct messaging
or you know direct selling techniques to actually go ahead and talk to people and
build up relationships with them whoever’s actually interested in
whatever product or funnel I’m actually going ahead and promoting guys direct
selling and direct messaging is an extremely powerful tool because it
creates that one-on-one relationship between you and your potential customer
you’re not just sending out some random link now there’s some other person on
the Internet you become a very real person
because you’re actually talking with them you’re answering their questions
and you’re actually helping them solve a problem in a one-on-one way and that’s
way more powerful than just sending out an email
the feeling getting guys talking to somebody one-on-one can be very very
powerful but so many people overlook it when it comes to social media guys with
that said though after Facebook those like them like the really the main three
ways I actually go ahead and use Facebook actually go ahead and send free
traffic to my finalists to my links you guys can go ahead and do the exact same
things because again guys I’m not doing anything groundbreaking here I’m just
using Facebook groups I’m using my personal page and I’m directly messaging
people which of course is completely free to do next one though guys gonna
skip right ahead is gonna be Instagram so we’re gonna go ahead and do again
guys is weird I’ve ordered my Instagram it is a second but honestly as in say
I’m it’s probably the most passive one in my opinion just because you never
really have to do a lot on Instagram you really just put the link in your bio to
either your funnel into your opt-in page or to whatever you’re actually going
ahead and promoting and you just post content on a semi-regular basis I should
probably post more we’ll get into that later and I feel like I just interact
with people on Instagram like their photos comment on their photos and you
can even DM them if you want guys again its interactive people because what
doing all that is really gonna do is people are gonna come back to your
profile just naturally again distinct social media guys people don’t naturally
gravitate back over to your profile just to see where you’re about to see what
you post and when they get there they’re gonna see the link in your bio and
you’re gonna naturally get some more clicks over to your link guys right now
whatever that is whether it’s your funneling your actual affiliate product
it doesn’t matter like I said we’re actually go ahead divert what am i
Instagram right now just I can show you guys what it is I guess we of course now
over here on my Instagram you guys definitely follow me by the way
shameless plug Anthony dot Villa underscore I know it’s weird but
whatever right here guys as you can see I just have a getting quick bio about
myself I have some pictures these are some random motivational pictures that
do together really really fast you guys don’t need to have anything crazy on
your Instagram you don’t need to have the most high-quality pictures and the
most high-quality captions and all other some guys don’t worry about that this
post some content that applies to your niche on a semi-regular basis and that’s
gonna get people naturally back over to your page of course guys my link is
right there how I’m gonna help a hundred people make $1,000 passive income in the
next 30 days and then it’s just a youtube link guys again I’m looking back
to my youtube you can link to your own funnel to your opt-in pages or again
whatever you want you can have any link that you want but of course I also
recommend having some sort of cult action like I do right
they’re just some people actually know exactly what the link is you want to
explain what the link is in your fate in your actual Instagram description that
people know what they’re getting when they go ahead and click on it and guys
from my Instagram from this link right here I probably get easily anywhere from
fifty to a hundred 125 clicks to that link on a weekly basis I
know that’s not a ton of traffic but again guys we’re using free methods
gonna be a little bit slower and again guys if they do 100 people coming into
my funnel coming to my YouTube page or whatever I’m promoting is pretty solid
because again I mentioned before this is very very passive I’m not doing a lot on
Instagram to make this happen I’m just posting content on a very semi
regular basis and people are naturally coming over to my page and just clicking
the link so there’s really not a ton of work involved and I’m getting 50 to 100
new people every single week over to my YouTube into my funnels and things like
that guys that’s just natural free traffic generation and you really can’t
get much easier than that guys with that said that’s my Instagram right there
definitely follow me again guys shameless plug with that said we’re
gonna dive back into the PowerPoint right now so you can actually go ahead
and go over my third free traffic switch which most of you probably know already
alright guys back on the PowerPoint after Instagram the third traffic source
I go ahead and use is going to of course be YouTube again no surprise is there
guys of course I’m getting traffic from posting the videos on this channel but
again guys you can post videos on a niche out there you don’t have to
necessarily build a personal brand channel and a flight marketing channel
like I have you can build a channel in again any single niche whether it’s
health fitness weight loss dieting whatever what you guys can do is just
put your affiliate link in the description of in that video because
again guys don’t overdo it because you to doesn’t like to have a ton of links
in the links in the description what ends up happening is they don’t promote
your video as heavily because they don’t like a ton of people going off of
youtube but yeah that’s just some YouTube algorithm stuff I’m not gonna
get into all that what I recommend you guys go ahead and do is just post videos
on whatever niche you’re in you guys don’t have to show your face you can
just can obviously just use like some pictures some slideshows awesome video
clips and this – voiceover just a microphone or if you guys don’t even
want to use your own voice – guys can go ahead and just use the got robot voice
and then I’ve seen people literally just use like random pictures and random
slideshow clips and just using the robot voice the robot voice over to actually
go ahead and create their videos and still generate a ton of traffic to their
affiliate links just by having that guys because again YouTube
again is a completely free platform you can upload as many videos as you want to
any channel that you want and the other great thing about this is guys it
becomes passive as seniors upload that video that video can get you traffic for
the next three months the next year the next two years as long as that video was
still getting views it can still potentially drive traffic or you that’s
why YouTube is absolutely fantastic guys again these top three traffic sources of
course they’re all gonna be social media sites they’re gonna be completely free
message and that’s exactly what you guys won again these are gonna be a little
bit more slower of a build up but you can still start using all of these
within 24 hours guys again I’m gonna go to the last slide really fast just as a
quick wrap-up to this video so what you guys can go ahead and do is a chorus and
sign up to all of these and use all number em within the first 24 hours but
I wanted to make sure in this video you guys could take this information and
apply it to your on a flight marketing business very very easily I don’t want
to make this too overcomplicating guys of course I do have other traffic
sources that are more or less known I can definitely get into those in another
video but these are my top 3 these are the top 3 you guys can go ahead and
start using as soon as you want with that being said I meant I kept
mentioning to start the video that it will take some time to build some of
these up because again free traffic just generates slower than pay traffic of
course guys when you’re using Facebook Ads solo ads things like that you can
drive a lot of traffic very very quickly but of course with any free method guys
it’s gonna take some more time I’m gonna take some more time to actually go ahead
and build up that traffic after that though guys if I had to pick only one
for you guys to go ahead and use or you know if I had to restart completely and
I had to pick one for myself to use I would definitely say start with Facebook
now the reason that is it’s because I honestly guys it’s the easiest
everyone’s on it and you really don’t need any following at all to go ahead
and start using it effectively of course with YouTube and Instagram you may need
just like a very small following because of course guys you don’t need tens of
hundreds of thousands of subscribers or interesting followers to make this
actually work of course I only have a few thousand on each but you guys might
need a little bit of a smaller following just to get that again that initial
build up of traffic whereas with Facebook using Facebook
groups your Facebook profile and things like that you really don’t need any
following at all you just need to have a Facebook profile and then just go around
answering questions and groups providing value help
people out that’s why it’s definitely the easiest and that’ll probably be the
fastest one you guys can go ahead and actually start using today so Facebook
is gonna be the one I recommend you guys go ahead and use with that said though
guys there’s pretty much wraps up the video those are my top three three
traffic sores hope you guys gotten to Ballia this hopefully you guys enjoyed
if you did definitely make sure to leave a like and definitely subscribe for more
videos here on the channel every single day and with that said guys my name is
Anthony Villa and I will see you in the next one


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