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Top 3 Free Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

Top 3 Free Website Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be giving you my top 3 free traffic services for affiliate
marketing because guys I know what ton you don’t want to spend any money on
advertising or maybe you don’t have a budget to spend on advertising yet and
that’s completely fine because in today’s video I’m gonna be giving you my
top 3 ways today I made some traffic maybe you can generate some leads and
then make some sales to them now you can start generating income online because I
know that’s what so many you guys are trying to do online and guys I know it’s
hard as a beginner especially if you don’t have any money to spend on
advertising but I’m gonna show you exactly why that’s okay in today’s video
and just a minute guys ruined up into my computer so I can show you guys exactly
how to do this but before that guys if you’re new to the channel then please
subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day and with that being
said let’s step into my computer right now so I can show you guys my top three
free traffic sources so we know in my computer as you guys can see on my
whiteboard top three free traffic sources for affiliate marketing guys I’m
not gonna waste any of your time like I said let’s dive straight into the first
traffic source which is gonna be Facebook guys there are plenty of ways
you can utilize Facebook to gain free traffic of course isn’t me fanpage is
gonna be grouped and they’re also going to be the personal page or it’s gonna be
your personal account page as a course of fan pages you can make fan pages for
pretty much whatever offer whatever niche you’re in whether it’s the health
needs to weight weight loss without muscle building it can be sports guys
you can make an entire page is based on the New York Yankees you can really be
anything guys any nice you’re in make a fan page for it or same thing guys
sampling works for groups guys you can make a Facebook group and again and
pretty much any niche you’re in whether it’s health fitness weight loss muscle
building guys anything last thing guys gonna be your personal
page this is a little bit more if you actually want to build like a personal
brand if you don’t then you can pretty much ignore this one but if you want
your personal page to also work as like a personal brand if you want to be like
an authority figure in the niche for example you can definitely put some some
free content on your personal page and drive traffic that way as well
my guys Facebook is fantastic because there are literally millions and
millions of people that use Facebook every single day you just have to get in
front of them now you can send them to your landing pages to your offers and
maybe start making some sales off them guys it’s really easy to monetize a
Facebook just because of how many people are on it
so I put it as the number one way to generate free traffic online guys moving
on to the next one I’m gonna pull the second box to way
down guys which is gonna be YouTube there as standing with you to YouTube is
fantastic also because there are millions of people on YouTube every
single day watching videos now yeah as YouTube was great because when you
upload videos they will rank really highly guys Google loves to put videos
in the search results because they know people love to watch videos guys it’s
all about video nowadays it’s 2018 video coverage really well now and people love
to watch a video because it’s fast it’s simple it’s straight to the point I’d
like people love it so much there as next thing that’s great about YouTube is
you can upload as much as you want it’s free to upload one video it’s free to
upload a thousand videos obviously you’re gonna be putting out consistent
quality content but if you don’t really care you can upload 100 videos in a day
and use those videos to drive traffic to your landing pages or to your offers
really really easily you guys already said it millions of
people on YouTube daily you just have to make videos to get in front of them that
way you can send that traffic to your landing pages to your offers and start
monetizing it that way that’s why YouTube is a really really
close second for being a top traffic source guys if you guys have the ability
to make videos and upload them to YouTube definitely do it guys I really
really recommend it guys YouTube is one of the greatest and best ways actually
generate traffic online and it’s really simple to do guys all you have to do is
make the video upload it and in the description or in the cards of your
video just put your affiliate link to either your landing page or straight to
the offer if you guys just take these two alone Facebook and YouTube and start
doing them both you guys will definitely start to generate some leads and jemmye
some sales obviously I can’t guarantee results guys but if you’re doing both
these daily you’re actually utilizing them both jenamae traffic guys free
traffic which of course is the best then you guys should definitely be able to
get some sort of results here that is not gonna waste any more time pulling
away the ther box right now is gonna be blogging my guys blogging is another
great way to generate traffic online because one your website can rank in
Google which is obviously fantastic because of course Google literally
millions same thing guys standing across the board the reason that these are all
the top 3 traffic sources is because there are millions and millions of
people using these every single day so there’s tons of traffic for you to
actually generate all you have to is get in front of these millions of people and
start sending them to your landing pages to your offers and you should start
generating sales but guys back to blogging blogging 3 because it
consistently brings in traffic what I mean by that is guys you can write as
many articles as you want on your website so article that you wrote
three months ago where six months ago can still be bringing people in so bring
potential customers to your website at I mean by consistently brings in traffic
over time which of course is fantastic another thing guys its tested and proven
to work because it’s been around for like ten plus years people have been
blogging on the internet for ever people have blog websites that are
easily like easily like 15 years old and they could still be using it today if
you guys ever been on a really big blog on but like one or two people you can
almost guarantee they’re making a lot of money whether that’s just do Google
Adsense or they’re actually promoting affiliate offers to their customers to
their reader base they’re gonna be making a lot a lot of money doing that
guys because you can generate like twenty thousand people a month to your
blog and then promote affiliate offers then you’re gonna be making a very nice
income I can’t I can’t can’t guarantee it but that’s a lot of people that’s a
lot of traffic you’re generating so if you’re able to get twenty thousand
people to actually see your fucking offer if even one percent of those
people buy you’re making a nice healthy profit on whatever offer you’re
promoting you guys another thing about blogging is you can actually start a
blog for free of course you can actually buy your own
domain and buy your own hosting if you want to which might be the better way to
do it just because having your own custom domain looks a little more
professional but you can always do something like Wix and then start your
blog up for free at least for the time being maybe once you start generating
sales and start generating traffic to it you can actually make your own custom
domain and start sending people there instead with that being said though guys
that’s pretty much blogging wrapped up you guys these are my top three free
traffic sources for affiliate marketing they’re all time tests and improvement
to work I’ve used all of these I know there are thousands other people online
using these exact methods whether they’re using one of them or all of them
to generate income online as an inflated marketer that pretty much wraps up this
video guys if you enjoyed definitely drop a like on it and you guys
definitely subscribe to the channel for brand new videos every single day with
that being said my name is Anthony Villa and I will see you guys in the next one
peace you


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