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Top 5 Best Keto Foods To Eat for Fat Loss! | Keto Diet For Beginners

Top 5 Best Keto Foods To Eat for Fat Loss! | Keto Diet For Beginners

top-five absolute best foods that you
can eat for keto if you actually plan your week and try to get these foods
within your week you will absolutely see results enhance your health and make
this a lifestyle that you can stick to long term what’s up guys love them back
to my channel my name is Ashley Salvatori and today we are talking about
the top 5 absolute best foods that you can eat for a low-carb high-fat
ketogenic lifestyle so if you’re new here hit that subscribe button I have
hundreds of videos to help you transform your body and your life with this
lifestyle I have personally had an incredible
transformation I’ll put the video in the description so you can check that out if
you haven’t seen that yet it is going on over a million views absolutely insane
and so blessed to be able to inspire and help so many people stay motivated to
reaching their goals so back on the topic number one the very first thing
that I think is one of the best foods for keto and through the research that
I’ve done is salmon I tried to have salmon once or twice a week
I’ll cut see him in his best but salmon in general is really high in DHA and
it’s going to help you with those healthy fats and it’s going to keep you
full I love to have salmon on a Caesar salad and no croutons obviously and that
to me is one of the best types of foods to order in a restaurant I get it all
the time if you guys follow me on Instagram you know you see salmon in my
diet like regularly on the regular and there’s a reason for that the next one
leads us right into the leafy greens leafy greens are incredible for
potassium so the dark leafy greens are really what we’re talking about here the
darker the green the better okay so have adding this in is really really good so
if you’re making your own Caesar salad you’re putting some salmon on that maybe
you’re grilling it maybe you’re poaching it however you want to create it or cook
it you want to add your Caesar dressing to dark leafy green veggies so you want
to make that salad with those dark leafy green veggies if you can you can also
just make tons of salads with that that is my recommendation and if you guys
want suggestion for a really really good
Caesar dressing that’s low in sugar I’ll put the link in the description number
three and if you ate leaves every single day I could almost guarantee your result
and that is organic pasture-raised eggs having eggs in your first meal of the
day after breaking an intermittent fast is an amazing way to kickstart and
really push that fat-burning growing eggs actually have been shown to get
incredible results on the scale and that’s why a lot of people will do like
egg fasts and that sort of thing there’s properties within the egg that
will actually help your body with fat loss and so if you’re making an omelet
or something like that try to make it more so the egg yolks and the egg whites
because sometimes egg whites can cause bloating and swelling in some people so
that’s one thing to consider I usually will do three eggs or four eggs and I
will drop out one or two of it the egg whites and so it’s completely opposite
from the typical low-calorie low-fat diet which is telling you to eat egg
whites and egg yolks but here with keto and high fat lifestyle we’re telling you
to eat more of the egg yolks number four is avocados because they are
loaded with healthy fats now avocados is another one of the fruits or vegetables
I don’t know what you would categorize avocados I’m pretty sure it’s actually
categorized as a fruit let me know if you know the answer to that in the
comments but avocados are really really good to get those healthy fats in
they’ll keep you full they help you with this your skin your hair everything I
mean anytime you get any type of really good healthy fat and I actually
absolutely love to make an avocado omelet so what I’ll do is I will mash up
my avocado and make a guacamole or I will get guacamole pre-made and then I
will make an omelet put it in the center the guacamole folded over maybe put some
capers on top butter salt and pepper that sort of thing and I will eat that
and that is an amazing fat-burning meal to help you reach your goals with the
low carb high fat lifestyle number five is going to be shellfish now shellfish
are it is incredible for this lifestyle guys wasters at a restaurant if you can
find a restaurant that has wasters and makes them with like garlic and Parmesan
cheese without the breading on there like bake them like an oyster
rockefeller or something like that but without the breading that is so so good
for you and helping you reach your goals and so I try to have that like a couple
times a month and so if you’re just making it yourself you just take wasters
you break them apart and you sprinkle on some garlic powder and you put in there
some you top it with some shredded Parmesan and you bake that until it’s
bubbly add a little bit of lemon to that oh my gosh that’s amazing that’s gonna
help you reach your goals so fast so since we’re talking about the best foods
for keto I want to add in just a couple foods you should stay away from and that
is nuts because nuts you can go overboard on you
can eat too many of them and they definitely can stall your progress and
vegetable oils so try to get those in moderation or cut them out completely
alright guys I hope this video helped you if you’re new here I have hundreds
of videos right on this channel created to help you reach your goals with a
ketogenic – lifestyle if you really want to get inspired my friend Brittany has
an 80 pound transformation and I just created a video with her on her
transformation and it should really really inspire you to stay focused on
your goals I’ll put that video also coming up next thanks guys take care


Thank you for watching!!!! & I am giving away a Keto Reboot to the best comment that drops on this video within the first 24 hours of the upload! I will comment back to let you know you are the winner if you win!

Thanks Ashley! I checked out the dressing you recommended. First ingredient is canola oil. Somewhere I remember hearing canola oil isn't good for keto. Is that true, or am I perpetually confused?

Girl them oysters have me droooooling. I have never been brave enough to make at home but this gives me courage!!!!

And agreed… this house goes nuts over having nuts on hand hahhh few quick 1handed snacks that are perfect on the go!!! They satisfy them crouton cravings in salads yesssss

I'm going to eat a smoked salmon & spinach omelette topped with guacamole shrimp and be set! Thanks for the tips 😉 Go Keto Reboot!

This is exactly what I need to re-start keto. Thank you for the advice, great info as always ! Straight to the point, simple and never over do the extensive science behind it.

I really don't know how to cook salmon or other fish. Too expensive to ruin! The first ingredient on the Caesar dressing is Canola oil. That doesn't concern you?

ALL the foods that I absolutely love 🥰 I am going to check out more of your videos. I truly need to get down with this and start losing weight to reach my goals. Thank you Ashley for all of your help and awesome information. You truly care about helping so many people. Keep it up we love you.

Ive been eating all of them except the seafood. Not a fan of that. I have been eating my eggs like you said with mayo. So good. I was wondering if you do custom meal plans?

Hi Ashley
I love your channel! Thank you for all your information. I've been watching you for months. Congratulations on your weight loss journey. Its absolutely amazing and very inspiring. 🥰.
I also recently lost over 100 lbs on a very restrictive meal plan. The meal plan works but I dont think it's a lifestyle. I'm happy I did it and got the weight off. But now I'm looking for more of a lifestyle not a "diet" . I have 10 more lbs to go.
I've been following you and doing other research on keto. It is definitely a better lifestyle for me.
I've followed all ur suggestions and I've also played around with my macros several times. On carb manager app. Problem is I'm not losing any weight .( I'm really strict I do not go over macros and I do not cheat and and workout everyday..still nothing, it's very disgusting)I was wondering if u could help me out.
I think I has do do with not getting my macros right.
I'm 39 years 5'3 135lbs.
What should my macros be….????
Pls help…!!!

I need to get back into keto I was doing so well and lost weight but then I went on vacation and it went downhill ! Thank you for always helping us out !!! 🤞🤞🤞

Omg I needed this video so bad..thank you for always seeming to have perfect timing🙏 I also tried the Pruvit Keto Kreme Ketones in my coffee for the first time and Im literally obsessed..Thank u for all your inspiration😘

💕Trying to be cute to win this reboot.
Avoiding the nuts and the vegetable oil’s. Not bringing the boils or coils or spoils.
Not involved in a famine, eating plenty of salmon.
I’ll eat 20s of veggies, all the green Submarines.
I’ll incorporate eggs To maintain these strong legs.
No need to go to Colorado to find avocado.
With catfish and crawfish and shellfish Galore, I’d still like this reboot a little bit more. 💕

( A little Dr. Seuss inspired comment with the help of my three-year-old 😄 thanks for the info! Love your channel. I binge watch it all the time)

Once I was making lettuce wrapped hamburgers and my son asked me if we were poor and I said why do you ask that?? And he goes, “Because you we never have buns anymore..” 🤣🤣🤣 raising keto babies ❤️

I loooove eggs with avocado!!!! My kids call them chicken butt nuggets lol …. but yes we get them fresh from my sister who has chickens, and ducks … sooo much better than the store bought plain jane white eggs. Thanks for the video !!!! Definitely going to start adding some of these to my weekly and monthly menu!!!

I seriously need to put down the nuts and just walk away. 😂 I think that might help my recent stall. My new mantra: cut the nuts! Thanks for the great videos ☺️

I try to eat an avocado daily. We use it a lot in Mexican cooking and I love to mix it with mayonnaise for an amazing keto sandwich spread. Muy rico.

I wish I could get into salmon!!! I just want to let you know- I am SO GRATEFUL for your channel/videos as I start my journey💜💜💜

Also, I just clicked on the link for the 10 day challenge and it’s telling me the website isn’t secure and giving 2 warnings. Just thought I would let you know! Please let me know if you have another way I can do this or if it’s actually OK!!

Reboot, reboot, oh what I would not doTo get my butt back into shape, just like youYou're inspiring to watch day in and day outI learn so much from you, please don't ever doubtThat you are helping so many, many of us loseTo get healthy, happy, fit and to also chooseThe best life for us, our minds and our soulsThanks so much Ashley, you're helping us all reach our goals.Would Love, Love, Love to win the reboot.  You are amazing and I enjoy following  you, learning from you and getting my daily inspiration.  And I live in snowy Vermont… I need this reboot to lift myself outta this snowy state!! lol  Take care and thank you.  Tammy Castle (Vermont)

I’ve missed your videos here. Also avocados are full of nice potassium & magnesium. I add mine to my eggs every morning.

Ashley, omg when I see a new video it's the highlight of my day! Your information is so helpful and realistic ! A new video on keto snacks would be muchly appreciated! Thanks❤❤ avocado spread on a omelette is bomb💣💣

BLACK OLIVES SAVE ME!!!! Take them to work as my snack!! Just check your teeth hahaha no one wants to see them in your teeth hahaha

i started my keto diet and i was lost and I kept on looking at YouTube videos but yours was the best one 🥺 thank you very much.💚

I have find your videos so incredibly helpful. I am new to keto and in just two weeks found myself feeling so much better!! I’m strict keto and down 11 lbs already. Your videos have really helped answer questions and give great tips and guidelines that are easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. I just ordered the 10 day challenge and can’t wait to get started!

I am always eating salmon at least 3 to 4 times a week. I also eat a salad every day at work. 👌 eggs are also amazing. After the reboot I always have eggs!!.You're such an amazing leader! I love love love listening to you! I eat avocados on my salad too!! Yes it is a fruit and great for healthy fats!! I'm so glad to be apart of this team!. I've never tried oysters, but I will try them!!

Great video, being mindful of what we are eating on Keto is so important since we have to eat so much fat, these 5 foods are all healthy. Great tip on nuts! Thanks for all your tips and tricks Ashley!

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