Top 5 Google Ads Mistakes, and how to avoid them!

Hi I’m Sam from mater solutions and
today I’m going to be talking about five common misconceptions about Google ads
and why they’re bogus today the misconceptions will be discussing will
relate to expensiveness ineffectiveness and click fraud but first off if I can
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many people come to me and say that they don’t click on Google ads and so
therefore everyone else mustn’t usually about 15% will click on Google ads the
other 85 will go to organic however I say why not go for a hundred percent of
the search impression share and why wouldn’t you want that extra 15 percent
if it only costs you when someone clicks on your ad the second misconception is
the more I pay the better I rank and more sales I get well I prefer to look
at it like optimize your keywords optimize your ads and optimize your
landing page so you can pay the same or less to get more sales
the third misconception is that being a pay-per-click system your competitors
will just jump on and click out your ads spending all your money for the day and
you get nothing from it Google does have a system in place that stops this
however if that is a major concern there is also other pieces of software that
stop this. With that out of the way let’s get to the fourth misconception
which is that being number one is the most important ad position this is just
untrue again essentially it does depend on a variety of factors including your
industry and your business however position two and three are often much
cheaper and much more cost-effective for your business so with those four down or
into the fifth and in my opinion the most egregious of all of the
misconceptions which is throwing in as many keywords as possible into your
Google ads and hoping that they work this is the worst thing you can do for
any account I see it so often and it most likely is
the biggest contributor to the other four misconceptions being that they’re
ineffective and too expensive a good keyword strategy is tried and tested and
must be employed I’ve been saying fields from matter solutions if you liked this
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