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Try This MINI Abstract Faces Challenge!

Try This MINI Abstract Faces Challenge!

now this week’s challenge is all about
faces but we’re going to go really abstract with our faces this week so get
rid of any notions of what a face looks like add in a lot of imagination and
let’s just have a play with shapes and the position of shapes so to get this
one started put down some color and it doesn’t
really matter what color you pick just pick a color one that you’re attracted
to and add a couple of shapes on your page now one central and this is going
to be your anchor that you pretty much base all the other shapes around the
second shape can be a little bit to the side either side it doesn’t really
matter now next I’m gonna add an open shape up and to one side of that first
anchor shape now the other thing I want to do is put a similar shape just under
that first anchor shape so for my shapes I’ve gone with kind of squares but you
can also have a play with the type of shape that you put here as well and you
know this exercise is really great because you can do it over and over
again with lots of different shapes and try it out each time with something
different I’m using a creep paints and everything that I’ve used today is
listed below in the description as always but this kind of exercise you can
do with literally anything you want to so you know just just pick what is
grabbing you today next I’m going to add some texture and I’m actually going to
use the drip to work as my other eye on the other side of the face so I’ve
loaded up my brush with lots of pigment and lots of water and then I’m actually
squeezing the brush head out with my hand and over the area where I want that
second eye to go you can’t really see because handily my hand is in the way so
but I hopefully you get a point but if you don’t want to squeeze your brush
head out because you know maybe you’ve got an expensive brush or it is a very
messy technique then just use an eyedropper instead it’s probably a lot
easier with an eyedropper and my hand is covered with paint so I’m flicking the
excess onto the page as well so that’s what the other drips and
dribbles are here right can you see it yeah can you see the face just with four
shapes we have a nose which is that first anchor shape and then the mouth
underneath it there’s an eye here as well and yeah a cheek I did so it’s
gonna be abstract that’s all part of the fun you don’t have to feel as if you’ve
got to be exactly face like it doesn’t have to be restricted to the normal way
you would paint a face it’s just a little bit loose a little bit fun and
you can replay with the positions and the symmetries of the shapes to get
facial features and just stretch it a little bit and see you know how much
shape you need to put on there to suggest a face to the viewer how far
apart do these elements need to be or how close together and it’s gonna help
you when you actually come to do your proper face painting as well so that’s
my abstract face now to finish mine I let the paint dry completely then I went
back in with some more brush marks just some mark making a little bit of fun and
then a ballpoint pen and doodled with that as well but I have a look at your
own piece now does it need some extra doodling on it if it does you know go
ahead have a play and really you can do anything you like so I mean you could
even like we’ve been doing before add some collage in here as well that might
be fun to try out now big shapes are very likely going to stop your face and
looking like it’s a face so try some smaller shapes although if you wanted to
you could add to the big shapes you’ve already got on there to make them even
more detailed or interesting whatever you like that’s jiving there’s just so
much you can do isn’t there but do try to not overthink it and if you do lose
the face in there then don’t worry about it try again next time that’s why these
mini abstracts are just such great fun because you know they don’t take a lot
of time to do and you can just test out whole load of different things on there
and I’m thinking that you could even make a whole load of mini abstract faces
to go with the other abstract face exercises that I’ve got in my get
creating book and you’d end up with this lovely colorful diverse village of faces
wouldn’t you but don’t forget to share the results with me on Instagram and the
hashtag plus the link to my Instagram is in a description if you had fun with
this one go watch these videos next and I will
see you over there


That is neat, and fun… I did two abstract faces, which in turn inspired some "critters"…
but, I am not able to post photos on Instagram… (I do have an account, so I can follow people… though).

I like how creative this is and am going to try it once some more gift making is out of the way. I love Wednesday's and look forward to your post every week. Thanks for making hump day my favorite day of the week! I hope you are well – thank you for all the work you put into your videos. I know it takes time to video, edit, upload, etc. My hat is off to you! ❤

How fun, Kim! It´s funny how quickly we recognize a face. This is a great exercise 🙂 Thank you for the e book, it´s great! Tfs, hugs, Fia xx

So very cool. My face drawing at this point is doing snowmen for Christmas cards. They are definitely not abstract. 🤣 I won't be posting them yet as they are still works in progress. I'm quite surprised that they are better than I thought they would be. I don't draw lol. Love this series you are doing. TFS your ideas and creativity with us. 🎨

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