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UNA TAVOLETTA GRAFICA SENZA PC! || Simbans PicassoTab || Unboxing/Review

UNA TAVOLETTA GRAFICA SENZA PC! || Simbans PicassoTab || Unboxing/Review

Hello everyone guys weloame back to mine
channel today we will do something that I would have had to do already for quite some time
but I didn’t have time to do and that unboxing a graphics tablet that I have
received this summer and see together unboxing how it works and I’ll do it too
a review the tablet in question is a PicassoTab which is practically a tablet graphics that do not need a
computer because it is a tablet is a real one An android tablet so with
this you can draw without having to connect to a PC
which is very useful especially if you are traveling
here is a box inside and these are some of these are advertisements
we do things if you put hashtag of sharing etc. etc. here is there
a thank you but in high thank you to you for giving me this tablet
so beautiful graphics thanks so much again for this gift and this is a glove
which I generally do not use because of me does not like to draw in digital with
gloves annoys me this how much but technically is that kind of
how much that only goes on some fingers I’ll show you if I can understand
that’s how half goes to be told but I can not make it
then what is theoretically needed is used for avoid contact with the tablet
graphic and generally this kind of how much
this type of what is needed even when the tablet overheats then
in short, to avoid getting burned or to do not soil the tablet and in this
I believe it is also a case to avoid to accidentally press things seen
that being a tablet is also touch screen
so beyond the pen here you can also use your fingers to do things
enlarge drawing, etc., etc. so this serves to avoid maybe
to accidentally press keys this is the fantastic booklet of the
instructions in all possible languages this is a story and a cover
for our tablet and I put the tablet in here
but I took it off to unlock it with you and here it is below the sponges inside
casings there is our tino tablet there this beautiful and finally in this little box there are
all the useful things I hope there is an example the tablet’s power supply would be there
charger in practice this loaded
then there is the drawing pen that goes to battery seems to me
I know a battery this a spare battery and an adapter in the
in which case you live in a country where this thorn does not exist and it is possible
to change okay not tear it but you can
remove costing me to put this here now that we’ve seen all the content
of our tablet we will try it and I will explain to you everything I think about it
while I will make you a test drawing there once we shelled out ours
graphics tablet and will present itself in this way it is when you put it
cover that I made a tablet graphic is very very cute and has one
very spacious and also a lot of screen comfortable doing this practically
stop the blanket and becomes a stand on that project
graphic tablet to draw though clearly being quite light
you can also put it on other things that you take me there in time
something to keep it a little better guys, let’s get this started right away
review and in the meantime I do see this drawing I made
precisely with this graphic tablet so first of all I have to say that I have
found very very comfortable in mine experience
the thing that does not need to be then connected to a computer this
graphics tablet can be transported around the house or even outside then
maybe by train by bus without having to bring a computer with you too and it is
a very useful thing because generally the graphic tablets are
therefore only monitors they can only be connected to a
computer to work instead in this case being a true e
own tablet was very much simple then from this point of view
so being a tablet you have to consider that you will not be able to use
the same programs that you used first to the computer so you can’t
use clip studio pento for into the sign and photoshop
you can only use apps downloaded from the app store
of the android so you have to take into account of this thing
in fact I found myself a little sick because I just had to use some
app that I had never used before though never bank and very very similar to clips
this paint studio apart from this element we say that regarding
the actual stroke of the pen see the graphics tablet
let’s say this has me a little bit they gave problems, that’s why
found it difficult to achieve of the most accurate account lines possible
that is, I can’t give it big precision this graphics tablet
it will probably be my problem in the sense that I am not yet not done
still quite practical with this graphics tablet to understand how
use it to the fullest to be more accurate as possible
and therefore it could be something that concerns me only but anyway
I repeat that this review is very subjective that is what I am
I personally think of this tablet graphics for which you take into account in
moment when you are going to do your choices of your assessments
therefore it is exclusively a my very personal opinion therefore how
pro there is precisely the thing that can be transported anywhere and you can too
use it to make drafts of drawing so for example if you do
comics and maybe you don’t want anyway carry out the finished illustration o
however the tables concluded with the graphics tablet this tablet
graphic you can maybe with this making drafts is therefore more convenient
to transport so you can achieve sketch the name of your del
your comic all through note this tablet and then maybe switch to
computer for things a little more complicated then very final opinions and
then first of all with the cons we have that the graphics tablet may not
be very accurate in the stretch and not you can use paint open studio clips
tulsa io photoshop because it is precisely a android operating system
imprò I am that it is a tablet it is very easy to transport very comfortable
very compact you can put it in your bag and take it where you want you can
use it to make sketches drafts and everything that does not concern
however the finished drawing of illustration finished then has then
use both sit of beginners but also if you are a professional
then to make your drafts ed finally you can buy it for example
you need to buy a new one tablet and you want at the same time
something that is also useful for design in fact this is also a tablet
normal where you can put the your apps your favorite games
so you can take it and buy it if maybe you want a tablet but you want that
this tablet can be used even for the drawing well guys the
video ends here if you have others questions write me read in the comments
I hope this video is there liked and been helpful in the info
box find the link to buy the graphics tablet and if you want
subscribe to my channel leave me like this video
share it thanks a lot guys for the your support and see you at
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Rosenberry-chan, Sorry for my absence, I don't have internet at home for a while. >__<
I love you. Pls somebody give her twice the likes for me, okay? ^__^

Bellissimo video complimenti <3 il ritratto che mi hai fatto al taranto comicx di quest anno è stato incorniciato e appeso al muro insieme ad altri due bellissimi disegni, ti adoro sei fantastica, un saluto anche dal mio ragazzo :3

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