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Viewability and vCPM

Viewability and vCPM

Hey everyone this is Andrew Gordon from the
product management team here in Baltimore. I wanted to give you guys an
overview on the new vCPM feature that will be rolling out in the platform here.
We’ve been working on this for over a year and just really excited to tell you
guys all about it. Alright, imagine an advertiser, right they have a
lot of money they want to spend, they want to get some message across to some
audience. One of the ways they can do that is in digital. The issue with digital is that
there are a lot of ways that that message could be difficult to be received
by the audience. They’re kind of paying for one thing and what they’re getting
may be another. The ad is below the fold, it’s behind it on the window, it’s muted…all kinds of stuff can happen that would make that message difficult to be
received by the audience This is what viewability is all about,
this is what vCPM is all about. Its kind of reframing what the advertiser is
paying for from just, you know, a served impression to adding a qualifier. Everyone knows that the main thing that distinguishes Videology from the competitors is our ability to guarantee, right. Pretty cool, pretty sweet, but you know what happens when the client is looking to measure off of someone other
than Videology? What if they care about measuring off with a different vendor that’s
really cool of new vCPM feature we’re going to be able to use a third-party
vendor to do all the same kind of measurement and stuff and integrate that
into our own system to be able to do those optimizations and those guarantees. one of the pricing types is vCPM MRC.
That describes the MRC standard: half of the pixels and the ad have to be view
for at least two consecutive seconds. The other pricing type is vCPM EXT, that
stands for extended: 100% of the pixels in view for at least half of the ad and also the ad can’t be autoplayed, it can’t be muted and has to be
deemed human by the measurement vendor it’s going to be pretty darn similar to
what you’re used to seeing when you go to make a new plan, there will be new pricing type options for vCPM MRC and vCPM Extended. After you do that you have the option to
select the vendor, it basically just means who are we… who are you measuring against? Who is the source of
truth for the data. For the MRC standard you can select either Videology or Moat and then for the extended version you can select Moat. There are a lot of
things that are going to happen under the hood that the user does not have to
worry about. For instance the add-on that is associated with the third-party is just
going to be automatically selected if the third party vendor is selected. And then
also the traffic tag that’s required for a player to know to go out and measure
against that third-party, that tag’s going to be automatically trafficked as well. So
if you’re running a vCPM campaign and say you’re selecting Moat, what do
you–what does that get you? In the reporting suite we’re gonna have a new
tile at the bottom of the screen specific to Moat. You’ll be able to select that tile
and drill in to get campaign level stats for your vCPM campaign. What’s really cool
about this is that the metrics that are coming-for that campaign-are coming
straight from Moat. It’s literally a real-time pixel that’s goint to be fired whenever a
viewability event is deemed satisfied by Moat and that’s going to come straight
through, through logger all the way through reporting. In addition to vCPM we are going to
be putting out some improvements to how we do viewable rate objectives. Previously
we’d only been able to do Viewable rates off of Videology measurement, and only off
of that MRC standard-kinda limited. With this release we’re going to be adding
the ability to do viewable rate off of either MRC or the extended measurement
method and will also be adding different vendors so instead of just Videology
will be able to do Videology, Moat and also DoubleVerify. We’re really
excited to get this vCPM feature out in the marketplace. We really think it’s
going to be a game-changer, no one else is doing this kind of thing
and we’re really excited to be able to give a solution to advertisers to be
able to guarantee a certain number of viewable impressions off of the third
party vendor. It’s gonna be nuts. Thanks thanks so much for watching.

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