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Visible Unlimited NOW $25 a month on Verizon | Visible Family/Party Plan

Visible Unlimited NOW $25 a month on Verizon | Visible Family/Party Plan

did Visible just come up with the ultimate
cellphone family plan hello and welcome back to another
episode of Travelling Down The Bannister’s the channel where we cover everything RV
related from tips and tricks and travel videos, so if that’s something you’re into
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you’ll know when our new videos come out so visible has created a new family plan
or is it? we’re gonna cover that now. for those of you that don’t know what
visible services is, visible is a prepaid service that uses Verizon’s network, that
you can use a travel around the country the wonderful thing about visible is
it’s $40 a month taxes included for unlimited text unlimited calls unlimited
data and unlimited hotspot and we’ve actually created a video that tells you
all about how you can use that unlimited hotspot to have a limited internet in
your RV while you’re travelling the country if you haven’t seen that video
yet I’ll link it right up here so you can check it out however visible has
only been $40 a month for unlimited everything and it was a great price but
they went and they made it better they made a family plan. but yet I’m not
sure if we can call that a family plan because a traditional family plan
requires you to have several different phones on your one account to get a
discount where as visible has gone a step further. they’ve made a party plan
or what I call a group plan where you can have several different accounts in
one group but nobody has to even know each other so instead of having multiple
phones on one account and having one person responsible. everybody is
responsible for their own lines and one of the best parts is is everybody in the
group the only information that they share between each other is their first
name this gives you the ability for somebody that only has one phone to be
able to be a part of a group plan and get the SPECIAL discounting without ever
having to worry about the responsibility and cost from the other phones. the only
thing you have to worry about is that everybody does pay their bill in time
otherwise you just lose your discount that you have no responsibility to their
bill which is nice so visible has made it now where you can go and set up for
people onto one account for each additional person that set up the main
party there’s a $5 discount that goes to everybody thus far taking
an already cheap $40 bill and bringing it down to possibly $25 depending how
many people in the group setting up a group is real simple. if you want to go
set up a group right now I’ll show you how to get there just go down to your
visible website come down to the bottom or you might even present you at the top
on how to set up a group or if you can’t find it that easy I’ll put a link in the
description to get you directly there once you set up a group come back to
this video if you want and link your group subscription down here so anybody
anybody who wants to link into the same group can click on and you can accept or
deny that don’t want to start your own group actually probably be better off if
you check the descriptions right now and see if anybody’s got any open spots down
there I do ask if you’re gonna post your group down below they’ll let everybody
know in your group’s full and you’re not accepting anybody else but this is a
great way for people to save money users group discounted pricing and not have
one person have to share the responsibility or have your family
members pay you on time or have to worry about being responsible for somebody
else’s phone and the great thing about this is is you don’t have to sign up a
new account to get it. those of you that are already visible members can get it
right now. we have three phones ourselves today I went and I opened up a group and
I already got one of our members joined up with it a subscriber of ours sign up
with us and boom we now have that full discount now the only downfall about
this whole thing is for those of you before or those of you that were trying
to get it the referral link they gave you $20 off your first month and $20 off
for the person who gave you the referral link is now gone but don’t worry visible
has already thought about that if you earned up a bunch of credits like as you
can see I did here by referring people to visible they don’t just take them
away. for those of you that have earned up credits you’ll be able to use up the
rest of them until they’re gone at $20 per month so essentially my phone bill
on two of my phones is five dollars a month in tax and everything that’s
unlimited service on Verizon network you can’t beat that
so I recommend go check out visible get yourself a $19 phone
get yourself a $25 month phone bill and like I said even if it’s just one person
signing up you can set up on a group like this and if you
find anybody in my group send me a message I will help find somebody for
you and you will get $25 a month unlimited Verizon phone service with hotspot unlimited. you can’t beat that. listen do me a favor if you find our
information useful it gives us a lot of help if you give us big thumbs up also
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able to benefit from it also comment below join some of the groups let us
know what you think and we want to thank you for watching our content we know
that we’re new. so as always we want to thank you for Traveling Down The Bannister’s and
we’ll see you on the next episode


I JUST FOUND OUT!! They are allowing a small grace period for the $20 discount code. If you hurry and sign up, you can use it!
Visible $20 off 1st month:

or enter the code: tFhMB LIMITED TIME TO USE!
::UPDATE:: As of 12/28/2019 STILL WORKING

You are welcome to share your Visible Party Pay links in the comments, we just ask that if your party is full come back and let people know. Happy Saving!🚩🚩🚩🚩

This is awesome. I'm only 1 month into Visible service and now I'm going to get everyone know on it and we will all save a crap-ton of money and get way more for far less. Awesome! Thanks for the video. 👍

We have been on Visible for many months now. It was a little bit of a struggle when they first started but has been rock-solid since. The only complaint I have is the lack of WIFI calling on devices. They have it for a few but not many. Visible states more are coming but what is the issue? I had WIFI calling on Verizon with no issues. Small complaint but I live in a very rural area and WIFI calling would make life easier.

Nice video, I got in a party yesterday with some people on the Visible Facebook page.. just watch the comments on their posts. I have three spots open. If you want to save and be on Verizon‘s network with Visible. Come on and join my party

Hey guys, thank you so much for coming to our premiere. It meant the world to us. I have always wondered about this service. That isn't bad on the price. Mr. Martini use to use this in the oil fields. He would be in the middle of no where and still have internet. TFS

So how a group of 4 works does everyone gets the discount or just the guy that created the group gets the discount? I need a group also

Hello, can you help me i just started my service with Visible and I’m looking for member to fill up my party, my party page is

OK I signed up on oct the second this year, everything was great I even started a party plan and quickly got 3 people bringing my cost down to 25 a month,, day before yesterday my speedtest started down and this morning at about 5 my internet stopped altogether, I contacted the chat and she tells me I have exceeded my 5 mbps and my internet is stopped.
I dont understand how a speed cap can top my internet completely

Come join my party! You’re cordially invited to the save-money-on-phone-service party I started with Visible Party Pay. Join here:

I’m a new member. I’d like some help if there is a party I can join. Looking for a party of 4 total.. I got auto pay set up and reliable. Thanks for any help…

Hi guys! I just signed up for visible today, just waiting for it to come in. Anyone have a group I can join to get the discount?

I am joining, just waiting for my Sim card to come today. I auto pay all my bills and will never miss a payment. I will be looking for three people to join my group who are reliable bill payers so we all can get the best discount. After I get my service going later today I will post my party information so you can join.

Say I join someone’s group and I port my number. Does the main person have the ability to kick you out of the group and I lose my number? Also, do I have to port my number right away? I was thinking of trying it out before committing. Thank you for your time.

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