Voluum: A Story About Affiliate Marketing.

Hi! Wanna make a fortune online? Do you wanna know how I did it? Keep watching then! … Yes, I have a tiger. It all started when I
discovered affiliate marketing. What is it, Jeff? – you may ask. It’s simple! You help others promote their
stuff and get money for it. Imagine a donut shop owner. He wants to sell more donuts,
but he doesn’t know how. He’ll gladly pay someone to help him. Let’s say it’s you! You bring clients to the shop. When one buys that tasty ring – you
collect ka-ching: a cut of the profit. Voila! You’ve just become an affiliate marketer! OK, OK, but how does it work online? Exactly the same. Except you’re on your sofa. Enjoying a drink. Making cash. Like a boss! Step one: Go to an affiliate network. Pick a product or service to promote. Step two: Get potential clients from
what we call a traffic source. Examples? Google or Facebook. Step three: Show your audience the lovely ads you made. Bueno! People click, the offer
owner scores, you score! PARTY TIME! Almost. Cause here comes the tricky part: How do you know which offer,
audience and ad make the perfect combo? You do exactly what your smart,
rich & handsome uncle Jeff here did. You use Voluum –
an ad tracker with AI powers. It lets you quickly test
what works the best. With Voluum things take off fast.
Like reeaal fast. Before you know it, you quit your day job and spend the rest of your days chilling by
a pool with a cool kitty like Jessica here. Wanna join the club? Go to and sign up today! See you at the top, amigo!

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