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Vray for SketchUp — Getting Started (How to Create Your First Photorealistic Rendering)

Vray for SketchUp  — Getting Started (How to Create Your First Photorealistic Rendering)


Do us a favor and let us know: Which part of the Render-Ready checklist will you implement first? Let us know here in the comments.

Oh, one more thing: Do you have any advice on how we can improve our YouTube channel and videos? Leave a comment and let us know!

Don't use round corner with vray. It creates unnecessary high poly coun't and when applied, objects are difficult to adjust. Instead use vray edges as a material bump map. Creates rounded corners in render only. So all the objects will keep their hard edges in sketchup viewport. Much easier!

I loved this video… And I've subscribed…. My render is so yellow and I don't know how to fix it please help

hi i am MAYA artist, but very new to sketch up & and i m in the process of learning, i downloaded a model and materials are assigned to it and i just want to see which material is assigned which model. but i don't know how to check , it please do help me with this problem.

Good job.i have a project file which has size of 35mb and when i start render with vray sketchup will crash and close all .. but when i try rendering the model which has file size 1.02gb its working. so what you suggest me to check in this problem.

great video , thanks… one important setting you did not mention is making sure all your model only shows front faces….allowing you to render single sided materials in rendering software…theoretically reducing render time by 50%… 6 things you need to know and this is probably number 1 on complex models

SketchUp School, interesting video and thanks for sharing 🙂 , may i know what size of RAM and graphic card that you recommend to speed up my laptop interior design rendering process? Hope to hear from you soon, SketchUp School. thanks 🙂

Sir, what is the difference between SketchUp and SketchUp Pro ? i dont know which one to unstall(, can you explain please?!

Great video! It's very useful thanks! I see that youre using vray for sketchup on a mac. I've been using sketchup for almost 5 years as an architecture student but I never founded the vray extention for mac. Could you please tell us how did you get it?
Thank you.
Greetings from Mexico.

Going to use all the points on that checklist when I start to render and will definitely consider your website for lessons.

Liked and suscribed, what a great channel, looking forward to check all the content, thank you very much for your work

nice experience from you…………..I think its one of the most perfect explanation video on youtube.
you got a subscriber from Bangladesh……

What do you call those small boxes running around on the screen while you're rendering? My 2018 sketchup has only 6 boxes and also larger while my 2016 sketchup had more of those little boxes and they're much more smaller. I'm sorry I'm old and I knew just a little about computers.

EXTREMELY helpful, you explained everything very clearly. I came with so many questions in my mind about a project I'm working on, solved them all ! So lucky ! Your advice on polygons is gold.

I thought i was ready to learn v-ray but after watching this video, I realized I still have a lot to learn on sketchup. Thanks so much for this!!

thanks for really useful information ….but when i go windows i dont find entity info for accurate sun location … ??

Thank for helping us but i need more favour in apply material (reflection/refraction) for each material .

Loved every bit of the video. This is the first video I watched and I'm already in love with your work. Awesome!

Great video! Super helpful as I'm about to start using Vray for a project. Very engaging, thanks so much. heading to watch more videos from you!

If you want to know what I think about this video, I will let you know, in my review, which is coming up now. Lots of people who have wanted to know what I thought about this video, were unable to know, because they hadn't yet read my review, so if you want to be one of the few people who know exactly how I feel about this video, please continue reading, as I will be giving you my review right here, right now. My review of this video, which is really just based on this video, being the only one I have watched, is coming up shortly. Let me begin by saying that my review is forthcoming and there will be a review coming up now. Are you ready? Ok, let's begin.

Useful advice, but could be more concise.

I have jus shifted to vray 3.4 i was comfortable with the old vray. But this new vray gives me grainy images. Its not as crisp as the old vrey used to render. Also the images are little dark and warm. I can still manage the darkness and warm but i need a solution for noise. Can someone help?

You're amusing! Haha I'll check out your school website. Btw! I'm interested in modeling wood frame structures! Any advice?

Hi bro i just want to ask u one missing thing u didn't mentioned about render setting adjustments i think its more important in the check list can u please share a link for that if i am missing any of your video list. Thankyou

Self thought. But luckily I avoided these problems over the year based on experience.
Details – is probably the BIGGEST & most common issue with a lot of Sketchup user. Do not think rendering is somesort of magic that will make anything realistic!
Model your item as the same way it exist in real world! Especially objects that gonna be close to your camera view / subject to highlight.

Great video!. I am self taught sketch up person, learning by videos and a lot of effort and dedication for about 3 years, and never saw an explanation so clear, thanks so much!

awesome and perfect explanation. My native language is Russian, but I understood everything in this video. Thanks.

Brother i am using skeetchup2019 with v ray. and i have 4 gb ram with 512mb Graaphics card. I am unable to do rendering. kindly resolve these problem.

Hi.Am just starting off with SketchUp and Vray and the first part of the checklist I will be implementing will be the Model Orientation followed closely by file optimization.

Thanks alot for sharing. I will go ahead and enrol in SketchUp School.

WOW i love sketchup school. Audible the smooth explanation. I subscribed even before i finish watching the video. please keep it coming i love it. I am sure the public will agree with me👍👍👍👍

Just what I was looking for!! Amazingly clear and precise explanation! So lucky I've seen this before my V ray adventure. Thanks for sharing!

excuse me but i need to know if you are having a particular school where someone can pay and learn more on sketchup please. it's very urgent and important for me

really apreciate your explanations.very brief and useful. i need to exchange with you please to ameliorate my sketchup works

The way u explain is great! Never get bored with a teacher like u, Alex. Great job! Thanks for the videos, extremely helpful. Thank u

Hi i ve encountered a problem during rendering interior room vray. there's this patches on the wall surfaces especially the reflective surface after i render. May i know how to make it smooth..? Is it my vray setting or lighting? I used only omni light is it because of that?

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