Wasting $1000 on Amazon and Wish…

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And welcome to “No Limits
Push USB Sound Button.” Lamarr Wilson, would you
like to do the honors of the “No Limits Push Sound Button”? – So, are there any limits to me having to unbox
this in a certain way? – No, live your best life. – [Button] Hey guys, this is Austin. (Austin gasps) – Did that? (both laughing) – Wait. – [Button] Hey guys, this is Austin. – So, you got to rub it like that. – Okay, okay. – And then. (clicking) (Austin laughing) You have to rub it and then– (Austin laughing) (clicking) – [Austin] Okay, well– It lasted for three (laughs). – [Lamarr] All right. (box thudding) – Oh, okay. – I guess I’ll open this one. NoPhone Air? (sighs) – [Austin] Visible phone for people who use their phone too much. Zero gigabytes of storage,
no headphone jack, no wifi, no camera, It’s the NoPhone Air. – Oh, wow, wow, is this the S19 one? So, let’s just get this
out here, and hello? Hey girl, (laughs) how you doing? – This is not off to a great start. – I drove a long way. – (laughs) We got a broken Hey Guys button and the NoPhone Air. Hope you’re ready to step up your game. Lamarr Wilson is here. You better bring the real (bleep) here. – You better bring the heat. Oh, did you, can we curse here? – We can, yeah. – Okay, darn. This gonna be a three minute video. (thudding) Okay, “Airpods Recharge
Power Sport Sling”. Who named this? – So, basically take the Airpods out, which I have some Airpods here. We take them out of the case, we put them into the base,
which it will then charge and also keep the Airpods
from falling out your ears? (upbeat music) – Okay, this might be the point where we can have some music. – Yeah, so I’m going to attach it. – Because otherwise
like what are we doing? – It’s okay, don’t worry
about it, just embrace it. What do you wanna listen to? – If you don’t just play some music. – Okay, okay, fine, fine, fine, fine. – Oh. Why you dancing better than me? – [Matt] I gotta be honest,
that bar is not set very high. (all laughing) – All right, do you wanna give them a try? – Yes. Like actually put it around
your neck and see how it feels? – I mean, so they’re pulling
these out more, out of my ears. – It’s the weight, right? – It’s the weight. This is holding. But if I move, yeah. – Look, who needs to buy these? Like I guess if– – People who are running and do exercise, which who are those people? I don’t– – People who exercise? Like as in, do physical
activity for no reason? – Right. – I don’t think those people exist. – Okay, cause I’ve clearly
have never heard of that. – I mean, you’re not a weirdo. – Okay, but you’ve heard of it. – Okay, okay, okay, all right. (thudding) – I got it, I got it. – Oh my– – Woo! – I thought the phone came over. – Why’d you throw a
phone, don’t throw phones. – Are y’all that rich over here? (cash register rings) Do y’all just throw phones and stuff? – No, it’s Ken, he’s wildly irresponsible. – I’m like, this is nice. ♪ It’s the money ♪ – [Austin] The AEE Selfly,
we can unleash our camera. So, we put the phone on the drone. – I hope not. – No, look, the flying phone case camera. – Yeah, we’re gonna use your phone. – Well, we’re using the phone
that he threw apparently. – Yeah. – [Austin] Wait, this is the drone? This is the drone. – [Lamarr] There’s no
way a phone is gonna, no. – Phone on one side,
drone on the other side, which actually, to be fair, can fold up, so you can just use
this as your phone case. You have a drone attached to your phone. – Hold on because I’m
feeling some creepy stuff I can do in my building here. No, I just meant, okay,
creepy was not the word. You can do some accurate
surveillance of my neighbors, just to make sure they’re
complying with the– – [Austin] With the rules. – You know what I’m looking at. (Austin laughing) You know what it’s really about. – So does it just fly like this? Oh you know what, dude that’s
what you need the camera for. It doesn’t use the phone at all. I don’t understand why the phone is here. – Yeah what is the purpose of the phone? – Is the case just to like a
carrying case for your drone? – Yes, and you take the drone,
and you can watch it probably – That makes a little more sense. Who’s flying your phone around like. – Yeah, how do you control that? – Were we just dumb that it takes us that long to figure it out. – You know this whole time. – [Ken] Yeah! (all laugh) – [Ken] But to be fair, In all fairness to you
guys, I was thinking the exact same thing for a while. – [Lamarr] My videos
take ten minutes to make. – We can tell. (all laugh) – Let’s do it. – Oh mama! Down, down. Oh no no no, turn around turn around! – Down, down, down, down, up– – You’re actually pretty good at this. – Up, up, up! (drone beeps) – Party Roulette, add some
bang to your next party. Ken! Pass it around, who’s
going to burst the balloon, take your turn and cringe, we’re always thinking
with your party revolver. – If I had this, even if it was a video, they would be knocking
at my door at my house. I’m just saying, we’ve
heard reports that you so, (police sirens) I’m just saying for me cause you know I’m. Let’s just be real. – Pass the party roulette
revolver with the balloon in place to a friend, your friend cocks the hammer then pulls the trigger, hoping they can take the shot
without popping the balloon. If it doesn’t pop, it
goes to the next person, the anticipation of the big bang, if the balloon pops is amazing,
watch your friends faces as they wait to take a turn. This seems really (bleep) up. You wanna teach kids this? You’ll be like, “Pass the gun around!” “Pass the party revolver around!” “There’s going to be a big
surprise in your friend’s face!” – It’s like when you spin the
gun in the middle of the floor y’all didn’t play it for Thanksgiving? (laughs) Sorry, I thought that– – [Matt] So instead of “spin-the-bottle”, you played “spin-the-revolver?” – I was in the hood man. – Like I’m bored man I don’t
know what else I’m gonna do. – Are you a smoker? (Austin hollering) That is too much air. – Wow, that’s pretty impressive actually. Shall we begin? – I think we shall begin
and by we I mean you. – Okay, I’ll start. Nothing no problem. – Okay, you. (blowing) – The hell are you doing man? – No, no, no, no, no! (Lamarr laughs) – It’s your turn, it’s about to pop, you know it’s about to pop. – It’s not. Okay, this is literally
taking forever I mean c’mon (Lamarr shouts) (all laugh) Well, um– – It works! – As you can see I’ve never
been shot at because clearly. – [Austin] I’m not sure what we just did. – [Lamarr] I knew it was
going to happen eventually, but I was so confident that
it wasn’t going to be me. You’re gonna cut this right? – We can get a slow motion of that. – No, editors where are you, no! – You look up to the skies, editors. – The editors are up there somewhere. I mean what could possibly
get worse than that? – I mean lots of things. – Oh, okay. – Remember when we got
shocked last time that sucked. – Oh yeah, no I didn’t like that at all. Okay I’m laughing, I literally just got this
yesterday in the mail. – Really? Have you opened it yet? – I haven’t opened it yet. – Oh, so this is a world-exclusive. So this is the Sony SRSWS1
Immersive Wearable Speaker. – Actually, doesn’t look horrible. – Wait, Ken, how much is
the Sony wearable speaker. – [Ken] It is $249. – [Matt] And 99 cents. – Oh well, I was going to get
it for $249 but now it’s 99– – Nah, that’s not enough. Why do you need a headphone
to micro USB cable? – [Ken] So these are surprisingly
enough, not Bluetooth. So they are 2.4 GHz RF wireless. – Why is it not Bluetooth? – [Ken] For latency. – Cause there’s a problem with latency? – [Matt] On Bluetooth there is. – [Ken] They’re also saying
this is kinda perfect if you have a PS VR setup. – Oh okay, this is would actually
be pretty cool for PS VR. So, right now I have my phone
connected with a lightning to AUX jack into a little transmitter, which is then going to
transmit that via 2.4 Ghz over to the headset where we
can listen to it wirelessly, does that make sense? – No. – Okay cool. – So, I hear it but
I’m not immersed in it. Are you immersed? – No. (lofi hip hop music) – Why not just have these in your ear? Can I just do it like this? – I don’t think so. (Austin laughs) – Yeah. – So what you’re hearing,
because we have mics on, is probably a lot louder than
actually whatever’s around. So like here, if we play it– – Yeah, this is probably more realistic. – This is what people around you hear, and this is what you hear. – Well, okay, I’m out, I don’t
get paid enough for this. What’s your impression on all of this? – This is goofy, it should be Bluetooth. – Yeah. – They sound good, I
just don’t quite get it. It’s not a product for me,
however, more power to you if you wanna bump and grind. – Oh he said it. – And twerk and whatever
the kids do these days. Watch watch, keep your
eyes up here, okay buddy? Is that a GameBoy, or like
a little emulator guy? – I think so. – Ambernic. Oh, is this the good one? So I heard that there’s this emulator. – What, why is this
open, why is this open? – Matt. – I am an unboxer I
wanted to get the plastic why is it open? – [Matt] Stop, no, no! Sometimes we gotta test it out. I may have played it a little bit. – See what I have to deal with. – I see, I see this now. – “Mystery Tech”. – Yeah yeah, the mystery’s gone sir. – [Ken] Oh, but you complain
when stuff’s not ready. – Yeah it’s pretty true I complain a lot when I have to set things up. So this is a little emulation box. So, essentially you can load
up, I think most emulators like Super Nintendo, Playstation, I actually know what’s one here. How much was the Ambernic RG350? – [Ken] $97.99. – [Matt] However, if
you feel like waiting, you can get it straight
from China for $80. – Limited time now, buy one get one free. I’ve never played this game. – [Matt] Really? – [Lamarr] You all seem
really familiar with this. – [Matt] This is my second favorite game. – [Lamarr] Are you serious? – [Matt] Yeah. – Does it start at anytime
or do I have to watch this? – [Matt] Press the button. – Oh okay. – [Matt] You know like a game. – How do you unsubscribe from “THIS IS”? – So you just go to the channel and you hit the unsubscribe button– – So hit a button like he told me to do. – [Austin] And you don’t see it anymore. – Okay, good. – [Austin] So there’s definitely
some pluses with this. I like the size, it’s
got a couple USB ports – [Ken] Also, it claims to
have 7 hours of battery life and a 2500mAh battery. – This is really cool, however, Matt, I know we have the older version of this. – [Matt] Yes, and we’re
gonna take a look at them both on “THIS IS”! – Boo. – [Lamarr] Yeah who, what is this? – [Austin] We have to go
to the other channel Matt, everyone is one this channel right now. You’re going to make people click the card and go to the other video
to watch a whole video? – They’re not clicking. – They’re not going anywhere. – I’m so sorry (laughs). – They’re all going to
Lamarr Wilson’s channel. – [Matt] Lamarr! – I’m sorry! – [Matt] What are you doing to me? – I’m going to watch it
at some point I promise I like you now you’re cool. I’m just reading what your shirt says I’m just being a savage. – Look, I mean that is pretty accurate. Okay, I caught it. – I wanna catch one. – Here, here. – Oh I got it still. Okay, it seemed like it
was going to be food, but this is a tech channel, I don’t know cause it felt squishy. Oh it says chip challenge so like, we can only eat one chip? Potato chip? – Do you know what this is? – No, but I feel like you do. – Lamarr, do you know what this is? – No, but I feel like you do. – It’s the world’s spiciest chip. – Hell no, I knew it was food, I knew it! I said, it’s food. – Why are we eating this
there’s no challenge to it. Why would we do this? – There is a challenge, it’s hot! – No but I mean, there’s
like, everyone does this. If they lose a challenge or something, like you don’t just eat it randomly. Where is the narrative stakes Ken? Why would we eat this? Okay what to expect, mouth on fire, short term loss of speech,
impaired vision from tears, extreme profanity, rip. – Nope, no, it says death! You coulda got the nacho cheese at least. – Yeah look at how nice
the nacho cheese looks. Look at all these other,
ignore all these ones, these are great. – [Lamarr] Yeah. – [Austin] Also you get a free bag. – [Matt] For how much
we paid for those chips, they should give us three free bags. – How much was this single chip? – [Ken] 38 bucks – [Matt] Each! – Man are you crazy! – Now I feel like we have to eat it, we can’t waste 38 dollars. – We, let’s be clear here. Oh you’re going to do all of that? – Yeah. – Okay here, I’m not doing all that. – Why do I have to keep
eating so many spicy things? – This is going to be bad. I’m glad yours is bigger than mine. – Where’s the milk, where’s the water? Give me something. – [Matt] Oh, we’re outta wuss juice. – I’m doing it. Ready? – [Matt] Three, two, one! (both groaning) – I need me something to drink. – Where’s the water? – Guys, I’m not even joking. – Why did you (screams)? (spitting) (groaning) It’s getting worse, where’s the water? (Lamarr screams) (groaning) – [Lamarr] Okay it’s not that, yes it is. – [Ken] So Austin, I barred you earlier from not going into the
main office bathroom, – Yeah, the toilet’s broken. – [Ken] Yes. Do you wanna go see? – Why would I wanna go
see a broken toilet? – [Ken] I put something on
it that might help you guys. – Look, I’ll drink the toilet
water at this point, let’s go. – Yeah okay, let’s go. – [Lamarr] Yeah you poor guy. – [Ken] Aight, we’re good. – Use bathroom across the hall, okay what. – [Ken] So you can go in. – [Lamarr] Are you going to
lock us in here for like– (angelic music plays) (gasps) – [Austin] Is that a Toto Washlet? Ken! This is the holy grail of toilets. – [Ken] I know! – [Austin] Oh, it did it again! It even sprays water,
it turns on the light. – I’ve never been this
excited for a toilet before. – Why do you need a light? I don’t wanna look inside. – [Ken] If it’s night. – Oh, so you can see the toilet. – I’ve never used a bidet before. – [Austin] So do you want that button? That looks like the fun button. So there’s rear, soft, front, wide, dryer, oscillate, pulsate, wand clean, and you can adjust the
pressure and the position. – [Ken] Also, it is heated, and lift the remote,
look at the back of it, it has a screen. – [Lamarr] Wow, so the
water temp, the seat temp. – How much was this? – [Ken] $900. – Are you like being serious? I was actually kind of interested in one, but I don’t know it was going
to be that, that’s $900? – [Ken] It’s $900, and
it’s just for the seat. – I think we need to do it. – $900 bidet test. – How are we going to test
this exactly on camera? – It’s okay you go for it. So the way we’re going to do this, we’re going to close the
door to give you privacy, but we’ll still hear your audio, so can you narrate what’s happening and how you feel about it? – Am I legit taking my pants off in here? Wait! I scream when I use the bathroom. Okay so now the pants are coming down, Okay, well I think its, oh, oh! Hello! I mean at least give me dinner first. – [Ken] By the way,
this was for you losing that “Mystery Tech” game
this is my $500 budget. – You just spent the
“Mystery Tech” money on this? – [Lamarr] That is quite refreshing, wait there’s a pulsation thing, hold on. I need to stop, it’s not stopping! Wait, wait. – Do you need me to come rescue you? – [Lamarr] I mean I need
this as an Instagram picture so come on in and open it. Like I’m not kidding, there’s a fire – Do you need help? – I mean I’m not complaining,
don’t get me wrong, but it is shooting all kinds
of water in my ass right now. Stop! It’s doing the whole thing now! – No no no, it’s drying. – Is it, I feel water still on me. – I think it’s drying. – Wait is that air? – It’s drying you right now. – Okay, I need a few more minutes. – Thank you very much for watching this episode of “Mystery Tech”. We’ll not be back next time, because this is definitely
going to get us canceled. (Lamarr yells)

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