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Who are you? Wow! What a tan! Do you have your residency permit, huh? I’m gonna rip you off the wall and send you back to Africa! Ma’am do ya think this is normal? Look at me, a broom in my hand… me Giorgio Moroni being your slave. Fucking hell! This won’t last much longer You’ll see, they’re gonna shut you down They’re gonna shut you down. Come on, let’s go. … the first thing to do is to explain our position. But… this piece goes first. we need 1,000 signatures?? No, we want 10,000 signatures! How do you say? Confused… no undefinable… undefinable… You look like a girl. Do you have a problem with girls? No, not at all, it’s just that someone whose all… That tidies everything up looks Like a woman…you know… looks like elusive, hazy, mysterious, Ambiguous! Um! Anyway, in my opinion They’re gonna shut you down. Listen, let’s see how you make coffee. Come on. Hurry up. So, guys! We start: “Please help us.” They want to shut down our radio. We need at least 1,000 signatures. we’re not asking for charity… … we must be direct. What do we want to say? We want to say that, they want to shut us dow, because we’re foreigners and for them we’ll always be foreigners. That’s what we should think about. Do you have coffee in your country? First of all: coffee is an imported product. Second: I’m more Italian than you. But you don’t even have the citizenship. And who told you? The guy whose nose you broke three years ago and I even know why… anyway, I think you were right in beating him up I mean, I react like that too, when somebody touches me, I snap. You know? I snap, I mean, in the end you have to defend what’s yours… right? Just because your black doesn’t mean you can’t defend what’s yours. It’s not right and it’s not fair. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. You’re great. When I was born, when I die, when I’m happy When I am angry, I’m black.. What color? Ok. Anyway, you did good beating him up, right? You know that this bullshit cost me the Erasmus? I can’t vote… and you did the same bullshit and
your punishment is to be my gofer. Hey think! Guys, in ten minutes
we go live and we haven’t written anything yet! We have to inform people that someone is looking out for their own interest
VERY SECRETIVELY wants to destroy the community! This Someone prefers a parking lot over our radio, prefers a parking lot over our bar. this someone prefers a parking lot over our theater… I don’t want a war. We want to start a petition?
Okay, we start a petition… but I
I will invite the people at home to reflect and to think for themselves. I don’t want an official complaint!!! Look, this is a speculation! And we know the names and surnames of everyone. I will not denounce anyone! I started this radio five years ago. In the beginning: there were only two of us. I on the microphones and Jeffrey in the control room. We both did what we were good at: I always talking too much and him being silent. One time I asked him-I asked: “Jeffrey why don’t
you ever talk, why are you always silent?” And he said, because no one understands, no one listens. Perhaps, in these past five years no one has understood Radio Baobab. Perhaps, not even us. Sometimes, I get stopped by a few people from the neighborhood and they ask me: “Hey, are you the guy from the radio for foreigners?” This is the point where
we haven’t understood each other. Because, Radio Baobab is not the radio for foreigners, Radio Baobab is the radio for Italians both old and new. Radio Baobab is a place where the stories that are told go beyond the language in which they are told. And if… the foreigner is someone who’s story you don’t know well, Radio Baobab, is a place where there are no
foreigners… do you know why it’s named Baobab? because this word of Arab origin like me, means “father of many seeds.” That ‘s what we want to be, all of us seeds from the same tree. And now, more than ever we need
that these seeds stay together Because, unfortunately, this radio that we all love so much is likely to close. So, whatever is the color of your skin, your language, we need your help now, on our website you’ll soon find a petition… sign it, all of you sign it, let’s all prove once and for all that we can all be together under one tree. For the tree has grown: it is big, it’s strong! And no one will knock it down. Brothers, Welcome to Italy. Chickenshit, he’s a chickenshit. Luba doesn’t like chickenshit no sir. Do you know what Luba is going to do? She’s going to call all the newspapers. She’s going to say everything, say eveerything. And if we get an official complaint? Who cares? They denounce us and we denounce them. Luba doesn’t fear complaints. Luba wrote “NO TOUCH” on her tits, she did a “NO TAV” human chain! Luba doesn’t fear complaints. He… he’s afraid. But not of a complaint, he’s afraid of the people. Do you know why? Because a screaming Arab scares people.

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