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What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2020 | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2020 | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What are the best affiliate marketing programs in 2020 affiliate marketing for beginners
by the end of this video? You’re going to learn the best affiliate marketing
programs and I’m also going to show you tips and tricks. I’m also going to show you the pros and cons
about each one. And which one is the best to use? Hello. My name is Mark Daniells a factory worker. turned entrepreneur over 10 years ago. My life was frustrating. My life right now is absolutely blessed, but
it wasn’t always like that. I was frustrated overwhelmed confused about
all this stuff that I see online only because I wanted to be an entrepreneur since then
I have met my mentor who guided me into the the right way of doing business and the purpose
of this channel is to Pass on this information to you as well. So if you’re new to the channel subscribe
drop a like and make sure to hit that notification button. So you’ll be the first to know I’m going to
show you on the computer the pros and cons about everyone so you can make up your own
mind about which is the best for you. Obviously, I’m going to give you some recommendations
about the best one based on where you add you at affiliate marketing. Mark Daniells here,
and we’re going to Talk about what are the best affiliate networks program affiliate
marketing program, which is the same thing as networks. Basically, if you are an affiliate, what you
want to do is sell a product and sometimes the product is in affiliate Network or affiliate
programs. So we’re going to go ahead and talk about
that. And the reason this is so personal to me is
very simple because years back when I First got started. I wanted you to know, I went online I want on
YouTube and I got a lot of information. I got confused frustrated and overwhelmed
and I don’t want you to go through the same thing. So this is kind of personal to me. I have evaluated 25 videos on YouTube regarding
in this subject alone. So I’m going to go ahead and not only give
you the ins and outs. I’m going to show you what these people are
talking about why they’re talking about it. It and then I’m going to go ahead and give
you the pros and cons of everything. Now. The first thing is Amazon Associates. A lot of people on YouTube they sit there
and they tell you about Amazon associate how good it is since sliced bread. It could be but and sometimes they do show
you how much money they made from Amazon Associates show you on there video screenshots because
last one that I saw he said that this is the best one, so I’m going to go ahead. Just go to Amazon Associates. And then we’re going to talk about it as you
can see this is Amazon associates. They tell you here earn up to 10% Are you
going to earn 10% No, you’re not legally. Look right here says 7% luxury Beauty. It’s 10% The biggest thing that I had a problem
with that is because a lot of these people there were doing something like this. I’m talking about cameras anything electronic. Alex yes, you can make money if you are evaluating
and you have expertise in that. All right, let’s talk about the pros and cons
The pros are that it would work for you. If you have an extensive technical experience
or expertise most of these guys that I noticed that I’ve seen them doing it. They’re actually one of them. I can remember is that it was just like doing
cameras and he was making good money and he showed his Gunshots he’s making good money. Yes, but you have to have the expertise. Not only that you get to have usually it’s
an Electronics not everything is going to make you a lot of I can sit there and just
talk about a couch how good the couch is for example now and then you have to have an existing
product evaluation platform. The best one is as you know is YouTube there
go to YouTube and they talk about it and then they put their links to Amazon Associates. It’s one of them does high-end headphones. The other one does something about music mostly
cameras and things like that. Now, you know cameras are expensive and sometimes
the actual lens cost about $1,000 or so at the cons. Is that the maximum payoff just because in
case you didn’t know it is only ten percent. That’s maximum and then the cookie is
only valid for 24 hours another word if that person Click on your link. Maybe you have a video on YouTube and they
clicked on your link. This is only good for 24 hours another word
if that person went back and he bought something after 24 hours went straight to Amazon. Then you will not get that sale or the credit
for it. Now, you know about Amazon Associates, that
could be good. But only for a few people the people that
I have evaluated basically about most almost all All of them they don’t do that anymore. Wow, what a coincidence. They just don’t do that anymore simply because
it’s saturated. There are so many people talking about cameras
and electronics. It’s way oversaturated. So they are not doing it anymore. They don’t want anything different. So just an FYI here now, let’s go ahead and
talk about Commission Junction, which it CJ. It’s it’s high-end. It’s for GoPro and Overstock and Things like
that. We’re going to go ahead and go to It’s a really good one. We’re part of it. I’m going to show you the pros and cons here
in just a little bit but they do have a hundreds maybe thousands of product in case you’re
not familiar with this and this publisher means Affiliates. Okay, a lot of people they just tell you about
it, but they just don’t know. What’s the difference between these two but
they just say, oh, yeah, that’s a CJ go-ahead and just sign up for it. Don’t if you are new this is the worst
thing that you can do and I’m going to tell you why it is so now we’re going to go ahead
and talk about Commission Junction or CJ the pros and cons as far as the pros are they
sell good name product and I heard one of the guys he was doing it goes. Well, this is you know, they sell some really
good product while name. Yes, that’s true. But I’m going to tell you what the issue is
with that. hundreds of products. Probably thousands of product they do have
great marketing tools for you to track your stuff the cons about it. Is that a good thing for a beginner? It’s not friendly for beginner. Why is that well because there’s two qualification
processes. One of them is that you get qualified. You need to be qualified by Commission Junction
first, then when you get in what happens each time, you want to be promoting one of these
products you have to apply. Why get permission to promote them for
example, GoDaddy a lot of people think it’s they also go through Commission Junction. A lot of people think GoDaddy is going to
be easy, but they’re not when you go to Commission Junction. If you try to apply for them. It’s going to be a tedious process. They’re going to ask you a lot of information
have a proven record website large email list. It is a cumbersome a little bit. You have to explain also your marketing strategy
to them and not all of them are going to be Difficult, but some of them are be expecting
to do that when somebody said yeah go to CJ and go ahead and just put in your information
and that’s what happened to a lot of people who are new they don’t know much about that,
but they hear that hey this guy has a lot of likes on YouTube and people love them and
he has a good nice haircut and he talked about that. So I’m going to go ahead and do the same thing
when you go in there and you find yourself you wasting your time you’re frustrated and
Confused we use it but it’s for someone who’s been around or a company been around for while
they do have a proven record. All right. The next one we’re going to talk about is
share a sale which is a mostly physical product. Let’s go ahead and go to their website. If you go to, most people,
they like fashion physical product. They don’t only have a physical product. They have other things, but they have mostly
that. Let’s go ahead and talk about the pros and
cons. Bad mostly the pros is like
fashion products in case you are one of the people that like to promote passion homemade
products as well. They have great marketing tools and they
have the best customer service out there that you still have to do the same thing. Is it good for beginners? No, it’s not after you establish yourself. This is good for you because you still have
to go through the two qualifications. Another one is that you must have a proven
track record. Record and you have to explain your marketing
strategy. Let’s go ahead and talk about number four,
which is, which is also a brand name like Adidas and Airbnb. It’s probably one of the most difficult ones
to get approved. Now the pros and cons for impact don’t get
me wrong impact is a very good platform, but it’s not easy and it’s not good for somebody
who’s starting out or even maybe have a year or two under their belt. They sell a really good brand name product. They have great marketing and they do have
sophisticated tools. Now as far as the cons are not friendly because
the simple they have a hard qualification processes. You have to go through in order for you to
qualify. Then also you have to have a proven track
record and you have to explain your marketing strategy. Now the next one I want to talk about is network
marketing companies. A lot of people get confused between network
marketing companies and affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is totally different than
network marketing. Okay network marketing could be kind of on
the Shady Side sometimes well, most of the time it is I never dealt with that and it
will never ever deal with it. Now. The next one I’m going to talk about is jvzoo
Marketplace. It is a good platform. Let’s go ahead and talk about that. It is a beginner friendly now if you get in
started out it is it beginner-friendly. And Lee the second thing it is easy to qualify. They do have thousands of products. They also have something unique which is early
announcement of their product releases so you can get ready for it and you start marketing
and so this is something kind of unique about them. The other thing is that their cons. Is that there is this still a qualification
process not from jvzoo, but from vendor, let’s say you want to sell a product or software. You have to send something amiss. Is to the vendor for basic information telling
them about a little bit about you and sometimes they might qualify you sometimes they don’t
75% 80% you get qualified if one of the cons is that there is a narrow Niche another word
is just software. Okay, the last platform that I’m going to
talk about is going to be ClickBank and a lot of people know ClickBank but there’s something
they don’t know about ClickBank and I’m going to go through the pros and cons for that as
well. As far as the pros. It’s very very friendly for beginners. And the other thing is that it is so easy
to qualify almost everybody can get in start selling products
and they have thousands of products. The other thing is that they have a dedicated
course of how to use the platform which is ClickBank and also have multiple ditches and
sub-niches other words did not like jvzoo. They’re like software oriented. For example, they do have different niches
in the health wealth and Ships as far as the cons, you must know how to pick a winning
product because there are thousands of products out there not all of them are good not all
of them are very well. So it is very good to have a good training
before you start making it on ClickBank. The cons also are that you must know how to
navigate your platform correctly and I do have some videos about that of how to pick
the right product the ClickBank product with one click of a button you can Undo that and
you can watch one of my videos that tells you how to do that correctly and also some
tricks that you can do on ClickBank to get the right product and to start marketing the
product as fast as possible. Also check the description for free stuff. I do have some free stuff in there that could
be of major help to you. If you are in the online marketing business
and again the best way to start with online business online. Business is as an affiliate now later on he
can create your own product. I know for sure. The best thing to do is to start as an affiliate
and then work yourself from there. I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did, please subscribe drop a like
and make sure to hit that notification button to support this channel as well. If you want more information about making it
more Sales Online. You probably need to check out my video right
here regarding how to actually find the best products on ClickBank with one click of a
button and I’ll see you guys at the top.


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