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What Happened at the 2020 #RoyalRetreat | Business Retreat for Women

What Happened at the 2020 #RoyalRetreat | Business Retreat for Women

All right. That is a wrap. The 2020 Royal Retreat has now been completed. I am so excited to have hosted the retreat
once again. This is our third year hosting the annual
Royal Retreat and it was amazing. The women that joined me this year had such
amazing breakthroughs and just hearing their responses about why they chose to join us
on the retreat and what they feel like they got out of the retreat was just so, so, so
powerful for me and I’m just so thankful to be able to share this retreat with those ladies. The Royal Retreat is designed for the business
owner who is ready to assume the throne in their business. You’re ready to step up, create systems that
work for you as well as design and create your very own version of a lavish life and
to do that, you’re ready to step into that new version of yourself. During the retreat, we work on marketing and
sales and mindset and so that’s what you’re interested in. Then stay tuned because I’m going to tell
you all about what happened this year at the 2020 Royal Retreat This year we started the Royal Retreat once again with
Luxe transportation, picking up all of our VIP attendees from the airport and bringing
them down supply Del Carmen in a luxury vehicle. I really enjoy working with Luxe. They do such a great job of making sure we
arrive to the airport on time when it’s time to head out, as well as picking us up, bringing
us through customs and getting us right to the exact spot where we need to go. I will leave their information here if you’d
like to work with them. They bring us directly from Cancun in Playa
Del Carmen every single year and it’s just been a pleasure to work with them. Once the ladies arrived at the house, we decided
this year to go out, so for the first evening we ate in a cave. We actually went to A Lux restaurant and I
will leave that information here. A Lux restaurant is designed and created inside
of a cave, so you actually have to go downstairs to go into the dining area and it’s a really
cool feeling because it doesn’t feel like, like it doesn’t feel real. It almost feels like it was made like created
or manmade. But as soon as you see how they hung the chandeliers,
you can tell this is an actual cave. We also saw a bat at one point and I kinda
did one of those things, but it was, the food was delicious. It’s a very nice and upscale restaurant. The service was amazing. They even have a cave inside of the cave where
they have their wines. So you can choose a nice one for your table
if you’d like. They gave us a nice appetizer and all of our
meals. Everyone was just very, very happy with their
meals. So thank you. A Lux for hosting us. We had a private room and Eduardo really helped
us to set the mood and get everything prepared for the Royal Retreat. After A Lux, we drove again and Luxe took
us downtown to Playa Del Carmen and we went into the fifth Avenue area where the ladies
were able to do some sightseeing, some shopping. There’s a place where you can exchange money. And I wanted to put this on the first evening
versus last year where I put it on the second morning so that they had an opportunity to
get a feel for fifth Avenue at night because it comes alive at night. There’s some live music, sometimes there’s
performers and you never really know what you might see. Sometimes there’s artists that are sharing
their paintings and it’s just a really, really cool spot. It has like a boardwalk feel. So it’s really nice to go down there. After that, we woke up the next morning and
got started right away with a mindset session this year I had a special guest speaker, Courtney
Davis of Courtney Davis Coaching, and I’ll leave her information here. She came and helped the ladies and shared
some mindset practices and gave them the opportunity to really hone in on that mindset practice
so that they, and we can all improve our mindset because we all know that you need to stress
less and manifest more, right, Courtney? And so after our mindset session, we jumped
right into lunch because usually the mindset session, it takes a little while. It’s an opportunity for us to really kind
of have those conversations and we dig deeper into just, we don’t just talk about business. Sometimes the ladies start talking about their
relationships and what they want to do with their personal life and it’s an opportunity
for us to really bond, so I love the mindset session is probably one of my favorite sessions
of the retreat. Then we moved into lunch and this year we
had lunch prepared by the private chef service Chef Daveed. They made some amazing meals. I’m going to share with you the meals that
they made for us. They made some chicken and mushrooms. They made tacos one day they brought in some
local chorizo made with spinach and everything was just so delicious and everyone really,
really enjoyed the meals. It was obviously one of the best parts of
the retreat. I feel like I’m saying everything is the best
part of the retreat, but the meals were delicious. After lunch, we jumped into the very first
marketing session. I usually share my marketing strategies and
I shared the three funnels that every coach needs. As I break those down over the couple of days
of the retreat, I really dive deeper into each of those funnels and then we have an
opportunity for these VIP attendees to get that deeper dive where they can ask the questions
about their own business and I can answer and say, okay, this is how you should do it. This is what you need on this page, this is
how you should word that and this is a great way for them to really get that hands on personal
help during the retreat so that they don’t just go home with a notebook full of ideas
that they haven’t implemented, but they have an opportunity to get that assistance and
get that help. Then that evening we had a sunset photo shoot
hosted by Kishia Saffold of Short Stuff Photography and I will leave her information here. Kishia is just amazing at bringing the energy
and bringing out the vibe of every retreat participant, even if someone is starts off
as stiff, by the time they’re done working with Kishia, they’re going to be flipping
their hair giving those poses, given those eyes and showing exactly what they need to
get those branding photos in. I really enjoy working with her. I can’t wait to work with her on another retreat. The one thing that I really love about the
sunset photo shoot, and sometimes we do a sunrise photo shoot. I really love that the you can come to the
retreat and you can get your branding done for the year. I always recommend that you have at least
one branding photo shoot per year, so why not make it in a sunny location like Mexico
where you can get those branding photos done with an amazing award winning photographer
who is going to put you at ease. The photos you can use anywhere you can use
them on your website, you can use them wherever. I won’t go too much into it. I know some people might be concerned because
they’re like, well, I don’t necessarily want a beach in the background or I don’t want
a sky in the background, but if you look at this photo right here, you’ll notice that
you can’t really tell where I am. This is a photo that we took in downtown PIaya
Del Carmen where I was sitting on some Brown steps and it works perfectly with my outfit. She took some amazing photos and I was also
able to wear the same outfit and use that for a sunrise photo shoots, so it really worked
out well. After the sunset photo shoot where everyone
is all dressed up, we decided to go to the downtown Playa area again and we went to La
Bodeguita del Medio. It was so cool because there was some live
music there and it’s just a really cool spot. It’s an authentic restaurant. They had some great food, some great drinks,
and we had a chance to just chat and continue to bond. The next day we got back into our workshops,
got back into eating our meals prepared by the chef, and then it was, there was an open
afternoon, so I decided to create some more space in the retreat this year so that attendees
can do some more networking so that they can do some more sightseeing and whatever they
want to do. Because when you come to the retreat, you
know you don’t just want to be in a room in a workshop room, right? You want the opportunity to be able to see
the area. And really immersed yourself. So that’s exactly what the attendees got a
chance to do. They did a little bit more souvenir shopping. They did some sightseeing and they had the
evening open to themselves after that. The next day was our private yacht party. So we started the day by finishing off any
little things and starting to talk about systems. And then we went directly into a private yacht
party. This private yacht party was hosted by H2
Sun Cruises and they did an amazing job. They fed us, they gave us drinks, we had a
good time. They played some music, we were able to dance
and we went to an area where we could snorkel. The waves are a little bit choppy, so we decided
to just go to another area that was a little bit more calm and we did some paddle boarding,
we did some swimming and we really just enjoyed ourselves. That was probably the highlight of the retreat. We really, really, really enjoyed it. And then it was time for everyone to head
out. So once again, we had Luxe transportation
to transport our VIP attendees directly back to the airport and we said goodbye. Okay, they buy. If you are considering joining us on an upcoming
retreat, here’s what you need to consider. Number one, are you ready to assume the throne
in your business? Are you ready to create systems that work
for you? Are you ready to finally put your marketing
in place the way that it’s supposed to be? Are you ready to have your branding done? Like are you really ready for this business
that you say that you’re ready for? If you are, then the retreat is for you. If you’d like to join us, there is an application
process because it is a high ticket, carefully cultivated event. I want to make sure that every attendee is
selected or lifelong biz bestie potential for the opportunity for joint collaborations
or the ability to have just the right energy, and I want to make sure that the right people
are here. I will leave a link in the description box
where you can check out the details and apply for an upcoming retreat until I see you in
sunny Mexico. I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

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