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What If We Lost The Amazon Rainforest?

What If We Lost The Amazon Rainforest?

How long would it take for the world’s largest rainforest to burn down? If we don’t do anything to stop it, we’ll soon find out. The Amazon rainforest creates 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. It’s home to 30% of the planet’s species, and it holds the secrets to treating some of our most deadly diseases. If we destroy the Amazon rainforest, the consequences would be disastrous, and they’d be felt all over the world. Recently, massive forest fires have become the biggest threat to the Amazon’s survival. But unfortunately, the fires are just a part of a much bigger problem. For example, farming, mining, and logging are already responsible for three football fields worth of deforestation per minute. If we don’t do anything to stop this, the Amazon rainforest
will disappear eventually. And we’d lose any chance we have in the battle against climate change. The Amazon rainforest is one of the
most incredible places on Earth. It covers 40 percent of South America, drives the South American economy, and stores 86 billion tons of carbon that would otherwise be
polluting our atmosphere. With an area that’s this important, you’d think we would do
everything in our power to protect it. But we don’t. Since 1978, an estimated 750,000 square
kilometers (289,000 square miles) of rainforest have been
destroyed, all thanks to humans. If this trend continues, the Amazon rainforest could
disappear within 100 years. How bad would that be for our planet? Well, let’s take a look. For starters, we’d be losing a huge amount of our planet’s biodiversity. The Amazon rainforest has
more plant and animal species than any other terrestrial ecosystem on Earth. If we destroy the Amazon, we’ll be
destroying all that diversity too, and wiping out an entire
ecosystem at the same time. That would have huge effects on the Earth. We’d all quickly realize how much we’d been relying on the
Amazon’s resources for food and medicine. Most people are surprised when they find
out that hundreds of prescription drugs have come from things
in the Amazon rainforest. We’re not just talking about
simple herbal remedies either. We’re talking about
full-fledged cancer-fighting drugs that are so important ]that they’ve been classified
as essential medicines by the World Health Organization. And we haven’t even
scratched the surface yet! Scientists estimate that they’ve
studied less than five percent of the plants in the rainforest
for potential medicinal benefits. So who knows what other
essential treatments we could lose without the rainforest? But the most critical problem we’d face if
the Amazon completely disappeared would be a faster pace of climate change. If the Amazon rainforest
continues to wither and die, it will stop being a source of oxygen. Instead, it will begin to give off carbon, which we all know is
fueling climate change. Right now the Amazon has a
natural stockpile of carbon reserves If we woke up tomorrow and
found the Amazon destroyed, especially by fire, all that carbon would be
floating in the atmosphere. Some experts believe that if this happens, we would lose the battle
against climate change. But it’s not all doom and gloom; there
is still hope for the Amazon rainforest. Through studies conducted
over the past several decades, researchers have found that tropical forests may be able to
survive human-caused destruction. Even without human help, a rainforest can start growing again if it has enough seedlings. However, this can only be successful
if the rainforest isn’t always under attack. So what can you do to help? Well for starters, don’t eat as much beef. Processed beef products, such as
fast-food hamburgers, are full of illegally-sourced
beef from the rainforest. Reduce the amount of paper you use, and choose renewable energy
products whenever you can. Renewable energy use reduces
the carbon caused by fossil fuels, many of which come
from the Amazon rainforest. Maybe, if we all work together, we can restore this beautiful
rainforest to its former glory, but that’s a topic for another WHAT IF.


Just by seeing this, I am exploding boiling mad😡😡😡😡😡😡. There should be military to take care of nature

Truth is we all are going to die soon. World is going to hell. Just thinking what if we are one of those animals inside fire suffering to survive instead of born as humans. So sad. People all here are helpless. But still we can start planting trees from now on. Fingers crossed for Amazon..

First of all we are not fighting against climate change, we are just showing the world (ourselves) that we are fighting against climate change

This is honestly ridiculous how soo many monsters are destroying the Amazon! We need to stand up and fight back if we want to save our planet 🌎 and save the Amazon!!

Let’s take pledge of planting 20 trees every year

C’mon at leat we can do that much for our Mother Nature

This bish bout to turn into the lorax, next thing you know we all gone be paying for air cus these money hungry mofos could care less about our health or wildlife. Dr. Suess said it best 🤧🤷🏿

Why we need money to buy foods?
Were foods are free from trees made by God.

Money can't buy us happiness.
Seeing the beauty of the world with true friends is more than having millions of dollars to buy shit things.

Ahhahhaha, it would take big amount of years to restored forests at amazon, its not like chilli that when you ate it burned you're mouth, planting trees as is start of now I can said it would take 20 years to trees become grown and agile in the forests,

People are selfish. They rely on others to do the work for them and only care 'bout money. Honestly, we'll see if you can count your stupid racks and "clout" with no air😂

I agree, this is the first "what if" that is happening in reality. As a human i feel so guilty about this because many people nowadays doesn't even care about our environment anymore, this jungle is the lungs of the world, bring back the green forest. We generation z must not wait in what we call "end of the world", i know that we're not all the same but we're living in the same earth, we need to do something.
-mostierra charmaen♥
"This planet is being stupid"

Humanity is on the verge of becoming a new superior species through singularity and transhumanism, immortality is near and space exploration has already begun; we're about to create super intelligence and eventually develop into a stellar, if not galactic civilization, harness the energy of entire stars and colonize thousands of new worlds. Yet, there are still morons in the comment section saying dumb shit like: ''oOoHhhH mMmyYy GggoOoodDD! WwWeeEEee'RrEee DdDddeEeeSssStTtTrRRrroYYyyyiiingGggg TtthHHhhEeeE FfFfooOoOrrRrrREeeEessSsssTTtS! WwwWWwHhHhHaaaAaTtt AaaAbBBboOouUutTT TthhHEee FffFfoOooOooRrrReEeSssStTTSs?!''

What if- Reduce the amount of paper you use.
Schools-Let us introduce ourselves.

Apart from that, schools shouldn't use so much paper. It's such a waste of resources.

Nice video. But it would be very helpful if you stop saying that Amazon produces 20% of Earth's oxygen. It's bullshit. Almost all oxygen produced there is consumed by the forest biomass.

This is natural based on Science it is also the way of nature to create a beautiful ecosystem because of some dry plants it will burn then some months will recover with more beautiful plants, trees and more its the way of our nature because the ashes also will be fertilizers to the soil and will help the roots to grow healthier and faster because if it burn the roots were still there

What if we actually did something to help instead of watching others burn down the trees while complaining that humanity sucks.

Lies !
The Amazon Forest is humid.
Does not burn.
Only devastated areas burn.
(on YouTube)

That's a silly lie (It kind of proves that this channel doesn't have anyone with serious scientific bases). Amazon isn't the "lung of the world"… The Amazon doesn't produce 20% of the oxygen of the planet. Period.

The seas recycle more than 80 percent of the planet's oxygen and rainfall. Not to mention that 90% of the oxygen on the planet was already produced in the earliest geological ages of the planet. Therefore it is unnecessary to produce more.

There is only carbon sequestration by seaweed and plants. In addition to the renewal of oxygen. The only truth is that if burn it, it would release a lot of carbon dioxide. And also the other things are true, but most of it, isn't anyone else's bussines other then south americans. So, stop spreading shit about it. And go take care you of own places.


The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the greed and money. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise. We have only to remove the tribes who oppose us. I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks. But my Lord BolsoRaNo there are too many! They cannot all be armed in time, we dont have the means. We dont have enough money to feed the greed. The Forest of Amazonia lies on our doorstep. Burn it. Yes. Whom do you serve? SARUMAN

we have no right to deny theses people to their land. they need it to farm and gain resources. The rest of the world has already deforested their land for this reason. They have no right to tell them to stop when they deforested all their own. Just look at america we have demolished our forests to the brink. and now complain that the last forest on earth will be used for farms too? You have no right to deny them. The answer. grow more trees in America if you care.

Where else will we get more paper to print money? This is how these people think… any outside force should be dealt with like illegal poachers…

Plant trees if you can people! Weird ass humans want to destroy our natural resources for money and it makes no sense. Who raised these people? Fck the animals and everything hunh? Smh Crazy 🤦🏽‍♂️

If a company well used in Brazil or by the Brazilian president and many people to go on strike/protest and to stop it would be by saving the rainforest and burn their dirty money that would be fine but if the Government of Brazil is too stubborn and so stupid that they won't save the rainforest I would not be found very happy.

"It's gonna be sad if you kill al the animals now. What are your kids going to see when they grow up?" That's what our jungle guide in the amazon rainforest told me in an interview we made. So much truth in those words, it really scared me. He told me alot about the effect climate change had on his community and the surrounding forest. Feel free ro check it out on my channel. Would make me really happy 🙂

We need to act now @

The government knew this was going to happen! It was almost planned.
Ever thought of it this way? About a prediction? The product called the “Amazon Fire” Tablets, Tv sticks etc. Which you can buy. DEFINITELY A CONSPIRACY.

This is to blame on whites and their capitalistic mental. I’m a firm believer that they were planted here and don’t belong.

and the greedy loggers and corrupt politicians who think about money will be the last to realise how much we depend on the forests. Too blinded by money and self interest like their president in Brazil.

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