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What is affiliate marketing meaning? How To Find Affiliate Programs

What is affiliate marketing meaning? How To Find Affiliate Programs

tutorial on how to find affiliate
programs one of the best places to start when building your affiliate website is
investigating what affiliate programs are out there and this listen we’re
going to teach you how to find affiliate.. programs we’ll give you a closer look at
Clickbank one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet and home to
some pretty high commission products and we’ll show you some other networks to
check out as well but first things first what is an
affiliate Network affiliate networks are the coordinators of the affiliate world
they coordinate between the merchants and the affiliate are responsible for
processing payments from the customer keeping track of affiliate commissions
and paying affiliates they’re a very good place to start when you’re looking
for affiliate products to promote since many will maintain a directory that you
can browse by subject let’s take a look at one such Network
Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks for digital products like
software or ebooks the good thing about software and ebooks is that they tend to
have a lot higher Commission’s than physical products you can probably
figure out the reason for that yourself software and ebooks have no
manufacturing cost per item so merchants don’t have to worry about affiliate
Commission’s cutting into their margins Commission’s of between 50 and 75
percent are reasonably common for digital products if you click on
marketplace you’ll be taken to clickbank’s directory of affiliate
products here you can browse through affiliate programs by subject clickbank
provides some statistics on affiliate programs and their listings the initial
dollar per sale literally equals how much you can earn for each sale the
average percent per sale is what percentage of the sale price makes up
your cut average rebuild total equals if the product has recurring billing for
example monthly memberships then this is the amount of money you might expect
beyond the initial sale if the product doesn’t have recurring billing this
figure will be blank average percent rebill this number is only shown if the
vent offers products with recurring billing
and shows the average commission rate earned on that part of the income grev
well that equals gravity and gravity gives an indication of how hot a product
is at the moment products with high gravity have a lot of affiliates making
money selling this product while those with low gravity have comparatively less
affiliates selling the product take this figure with a grain of salt since it’s
open to manipulation but in general you’ll probably want to look at products
that have a decent amount of affiliate activity since that obviously means that
people are making money from them signing up to become a clickbank
affiliate is a fairly straightforward process click this sign up link at the
top of the page fill in the details as required
click Submit and follow the instructions from there once you have your Clickbank
ID you’re able to promote any product on the Clickbank network when you’re
browsing products you’ll see a link to promote click this enter your Clickbank
ID and the site will generate your hop link your affiliate link you must use
your hop link any time you link to the merchants site if you just link directly
to the merchants site using the website’s
usual address you won’t receive credit for any visitors who click that link and
then purchase as they won’t have been tracked when you belong to an affiliate
network you’re able to check how much you’ve earned by logging into your
account and reviewing the statistics Clickbank pulls the commissions from
your whole account into a daily amount which is shown on the first page when
you log in you can also delve further into your statistics and break it down
by product in the reports section so that was a basic introduction to
Clickbank there are many other affiliate networks around you just need to look
but for example here are four that we think are also quite good
Paycom share sale link share calm and clicks galore calm some affiliate
programs operate outside of affiliate networks so you won’t see them listed in
directories finding these affiliate programs is more word-of-mouth
you can look around at other affiliate sites in your market and see which
products they’re promoting and then see if you can
find a link to the affiliate program on the merchants website you could also
email the merchant directly and ask it’s quite simple one other thing you may
encounter is the invite only affiliate program
some sites restrict entry to their affiliate program to people who have
already purchased their product or they choose to approve affiliates on a
case-by-case basis this is to prevent affiliates from getting hefty discounts
on their products by purchasing through their own affiliate links if you contact
the merchant directly and plead your case they might let you in but usually
there’s not much you can do aside from purchasing the product okay
so we’ve come to the end and in this lesson you’ve learned that affiliate
networks coordinate between affiliates and merchants they’re responsible for
tracking affiliate commissions processing payments and paying
affiliates how to find affiliate products in affiliate networks using as an example Clickbank comm is one of the largest affiliate
networks for digital products and how to sign up as a member of Clickbank and
some other affiliate networks you may wish to look at and of course some other
ways of finding affiliate programs they could be word-of-mouth seeing what other
affiliates are promoting browsing websites or emailing the merchant
directly so thanks so much for taking the time to watch this video take care
and I’ll see you again soon you


What is affiliate marketing meaning? How To Find Affiliate Programs :

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