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What is Taboola Ads? | Taboola Ad Explained

What is Taboola Ads? | Taboola Ad Explained

00:00 Speaker 1: What’s up, guys? In this video tutorial today, we’re gonna
learn more about what is Taboola, how you can use it, and just to understand what the
platform does. 00:15 S1: So, guys, before we continue on
to this right here, I wanna go ahead and reach out and tell you guys, if you guys right now
do not have a audience, I recommend you guys going out and figuring out what your audience
is. I’m gonna link down a couple of resources
down below. And I also created a course that I think will
work very well with you guys to be able to see exactly how to figure out your audience. So something you might wanna check out, we’ll
talk about that more later in the video, but let’s get into it. 00:39 S1: What is Taboola? I know you hear, Taboola was founded in 2007. Right now, it’s typically doing about 104
billion basic impressions a month. Or not impressions, actually, clicks a month. It’s kinda crazy on that part. The revenue is over about $1 Billion dollars
and they have roughly over 1000 advertisers on the platform. I don’t really have the publishing stats right
now but there are a lot of the big name publishers such as, you have CNN, you have a lot of different
paying people like I said, a huge platform. So, Taboola. Taboola is the world’s largest and most advanced
discovery platform. And you have other discovery platforms like
Outbrain, other things like you have Gemini from Yahoo, and I have a whole list down below
if you wanna learn about what’s all options out there. But for Taboola that’s what it is. 01:33 S1: Similar to a search engine, Taboola
is, but basically in reverse. Just imagine, instead of going to search engines
and typing stuff, it’s like a search engine is recommending content based off of what
you’re already watching, what you already can see, basically what you’re already reading,
based on the content that’s there, that’s how it recommends everything from the platform
point. And basically, from there, basically, they
have thousands of leading publishers, marketers, and agencies utilizing Taboolas right now. Pretty good technology, engaging audiences
all across. And basically, it helps people distribute
their content which is people like me, people like you, people who are selling stuff online
or who have an online business or who our marketing online, to engage with audiences
across the web. So it is supposed to fit in your digital marketing
as your third marketing channel, if that makes sense. 02:27 S1: So you’re talking about alongside
of search, social, and now, Taboola and all of those guys right now, specifically Taboola
kind of pushing the charts, Discovery. I’ve been able to easily find that from Discovery. ’cause we know that there’s a lot of these
platform kind of days. When you’re ranking a search, you have to
go against people who are like me, or like Brandeen, or like Neil Patel, who are ranking
stuff and searching, who spent all day, and that’s what they do. And it’s competitive. But if you do it in the right niche, then
you can dominate ’cause there’s, most times, there’s no competition in those niches. But that’s a whole different thing, but you
can use Taboola to help you with those. 03:01 S1: Basically, on the discovery part,
Taboola is a platform, they have publishers. Those publishers will come on and basically
publish content, and then they will install a widget on their website, it’s not… It’s a piece of coder, something they install
into there, that will be right underneath the content as a recommended section. And then, once one clicks, that publisher
gets money, and you pay the cost. And basically, from the advertiser standpoint,
you go on there and then you put on how much you wanna spend, where you wanna spend it
at, what platforms, all that [03:31] ____ that and what content you want to push out
there, how you want that content to look, where you want to be. Or not really where you want it to be, but
where you don’t want it to be from that standpoint. So you do that part, and then when the user
comes on, user searches on, let’s say CNN, and then at CNN, the user searches on there,
goes down, reads the article, loves it, and sees that your content is recommended. Clicks on that. 03:53 S1: You pay whatever your max cost,
your maximum cost per click would be, or somewhere around that, kind of average around that,
depending on how many other people are advertising, trying to advertise, over that piece. And you pay that, you pay that to them. Taboola takes a piece, they take a piece,
they make money, Taboola makes money, and then you get the actual user to come to your
site. And then from there, you can be able to migrate
them, lead generation, do different things. 04:19 S1: Taboola is a company that from there,
and let’s say, how pixels so they have to be able to do a lot of retargeting, which
works very well. If you’re not doing retargeting, then you
need to be getting on it really soon. But Taboola puts itself as being able to market
to anyone in any of the different cell cycles. For me personally, I have really seen most
of the opportunities in the campaigns that I’ve run very successfully. I’ve been in the awareness stage, and in the
lead generation stage, those have been the most best for me, having really trapped me
direct sales. The ones I have were not optimized from my
standpoint, the best that they possibly could have been. But also, too, nowadays, Taboola has different
targeting features that allow you to go through and actually target based on people’s intent,
which is crazy right there when you think about that right there. 05:10 S1: There’s a whole different world
there, that you can make a lot of money but I’m gonna do a whole video on going more into
depth with that later on. But that’s kind of the basic part. We have the advertisers, platform has [05:18]
____ likes the advertisers to put native ads. Remember, it’s native ads, too. These ads will be very seamless. They won’t really look like ads put near target
content, and then be able to scale and generate awareness traffic, leads and sales over many
topics that you wanna choose. 05:35 S1: From the publisher standpoint. If you wanna be a publisher, A publisher on
Taboola can go through and monetize their content, similar to how you do on YouTube. You have a CPM, you’ll get a certain type
of name based on how good your content is, or how well people, or where your content
or where your users are doing, and what data they have on your users. And they have a lot of data, which is really
good for us advertisers to be able to make accurate decisions to sell to more people. And for that, too, it helps your website makes
more money from the traffic they generate. Taboola is very interesting. 06:04 S1: Okay, so you know what Taboola is,
and you’re probably thinking right now, “Okay, so, now what did I do? I know what Taboola is. Is this something that can I use? It is something that’s gonna help me benefit?” The answer to this question is pretty simple
in that part. Just like with any marketing media, it just
takes time to be able to curate your articles. I would say, if you are doing something more
B2B, then you need to watch how you’re gonna put content out there, and use your text as
more of a targeting feature than actually getting, trying to get people to click. You want your text to be where it deters clicks
as much as possible. So you wanna get the right clicks, so that’ll
work out for you on that part. B2C is huge. Honestly, if you are not on this, you need
to be on it. It’s very cheap, and not too much cheap but
it’s very affordable, I would say. Where you can get stuff like 10-15 cents a
click. Really highly targeted traffic. The people actually wanna click on the video
content, if you do it from a content standpoint, where you do ad content, then to email, then
the sale, tons of opportunity in that part right there, works amazing on that part. 07:04 S1: So you doing that part of… But one thing you need to know if you’re on
Taboola or any platform that you’re are on currently right now, if you do not know your
target audience, you’re gonna have a hard time reaching people and getting sales. So I went through and created a course based
off a lot of the information and feedback I’ve been getting back… Okay I’m gonna restart… That I been getting back from everybody over
not knowing their audience, not knowing why their marketing is not working ’cause then
they they have not defined exactly who their audience is. I really recommend defining who your audience
is at the very, very start part before you sell anything, before you create a piece of
content, figure out who you’re trying to actually reach and contact… And contact we can sell to… So you can actually help them more and actually
target your information and messages specifically for them, which allow them to actually receive
it a lot better. 07:56 S1: One thing I always recommend is
go on and check out course below. It’s really interesting. You will learn a tremendous amount of information
of how to go through and do this right here. And also, too, it comes with a free consultation
that you can set up with me and I’ll help you, walk you through how exactly you can
use Taboola, any of the other platforms or whatever it is, and where your audience is
online, so you can be able to target those people and get those people to buy or purchase
your product. 08:19 S1: But guys, I wanna say thank you
so much watching us right here. If you have any questions, like if you’re
gonna use Taboola, down in the comment section right now, I want you go ahead and comment,
“Yes, yes, Taboola” or “No, Taboola,” or whatever you’re gonna put, write that part or ask me
a question. I’ll be down there to answer those questions,
too, as well. Honestly, guys, thank you so much for watching
this video. I really appreciate it. I’m gonna do a lot more Taboola-focused… I noticed through my Analytics that a lot
more of you guys are actually wanting to go through and learn more about Taboola. So I’m gonna make a emphasis to put more content
out over on Taboola. 08:55 S1: So thank you guys so much. Make sure you guys like and subscribe. Hit that notification button so you can get
all the videos that’s coming up on the channel. Also do check out the new podcast that we’re
doing for entrepreneurs and creatives called Up Next podcast. You’ll learn more about inner workings about
how it takes to make it in these fields and also learn some of the techniques they use
to grow their businesses, their careers, and really get them to where they are now. We have three episodes right now. We got a fourth part coming out one this week… Or not this week. Well, yeah. We have one coming out every week. So, yeah, so it’d be this week. So it’d be very good, interesting information
to learn, and you can get a lot, a lot out of this, so make sure to check that out. But don’t forget to subscribe and guys, if
you have any questions, comments, or need any help on anything, go head and leave me
a message below, a comment below, and or message me on my website. Thank you so much. I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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