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Where Is My Clickfunnels Affiliate Link???

Where Is My Clickfunnels Affiliate Link???

Hey, if you’re watching this video, that means that you want to be a click
funnels affiliate and you’re either having trouble finding your affiliate
links or you just don’t know how to get started. If that’s you, then this video is just right for you
because it’s going to answer everything in regards to that and help you become
a click funnels affiliate. Now, first and foremost, everything in this video is straight
from the ClickFunnel support or the documents that you can
find on their website, but it still seems like a lot of
people are having trouble with this, so I wanted to make a video to help
you out and walk you through it step by step. In this video, we’re going to cover two ways to
get click funnels affiliate links. One is a quick and easy way that you
can do right away and also it’s just a short term solution. This will just
allow you to promote ClickFunnels, not anything else that the ClickFunnels
sells. Now, the best option, the second option that
we’re going to talk about, you need to do this to become a full
affiliate for ClickFunnels. At some point, but you can do the quick and easy way
just to get started and it doesn’t take very long. The best option
does take a little bit longer, but it’s very much worth it.
So with all that being said, the first thing that you need to do in
order to get a ClickFunnels affiliate link is you do have to
sign up for click funnels. If you don’t have an account already, I’ll leave a link in the description or
somewhere around this video where you can sign up and get a account
going for free for 14 days. You get to a page like this and you can
get going in less than 60 minutes after their update. You do need to have a click
funnels account in order
to promote their products. After you have your
ClickFunnels account set up, the next thing you’ll want to do is go
into your account when you ha when you’re in your account, you’d go to the right hand corner
and click on account settings, and this is just for verification.
It should be on there already, but you’re going to scroll down until
you see affiliate settings. It’ll be, it’ll look like this. You click expand, and then right here you
should see your affiliate ID. This is mine and it should be on
by default, but if it’s not there, then what you’ll need to do is scroll
back up right here where it says affiliates and then just
create an account real quick. This doesn’t mean it’s going
to give you full approval, but it just makes sure that
your affiliate number pops up. Now you can write this number
down or just take note of it. Make sure you’re familiar with it. Okay? After you have verified that
your affiliate ID is there, the next thing that you’ll need to do
is go to your click funnels main page right here where it says funnels, and
if you don’t have any funnel made, you just need something made. It can be a one page biography
funnel like this one, but you just need something, okay?
It doesn’t have to look great. Really for the sake of this, it could be
anything as long as this is right here. When you get to this, you’re
going to copy the whole thing. Highlight it right click and copy. Okay? That’s important. After
you have it copied, you can either go over here to the
right hand corner and sign out of click funnels completely, or you can
just open up a new web browser. So if you’re on Chrome like I am, you can go to Firefox and you just want
to make sure you’re just not logged in in whatever way that you’re doing it. When you get to this new tab or
you’re signed out or whatever, go to the address bar and paste your
link that you just copied and this should get you to the funnel that you
just made or copied the link off. Now at this point, you should be
viewing it as a visitor, okay? You can’t edit anything. This is what a visitor would see and the
reason for that is right here in this little corner, this is
the affiliate badge. Now until we go over the second way on
how to get your click funnels links. As of right now, this is the only way you can get credit
for being a ClickFunnels affiliate is if someone visits your site and clicks this
button because they also want to use ClickFunnels. Okay, so just for right now, you click this little badge as a visitor
and then you’ll get back to the signup page. Now at the top of the address bar, this is where you want
to pay attention to. Earlier we had you make sure to
be familiar with the affiliate ID. So in your address bar you
should see your affiliate ID. It shouldn’t just say click funnels,
it should say this whole thing, but your numbers right here. Why
is that important? Because well, right now using the badge is the
only way you can get credit for this. And this is the link. This
is your affiliate link. So what you’ll do is you click
it and you copy this. Okay, now you want to go put this on a notepad
or a word document or something and just have it saved so you don’t have to
go through this process every time you want to make some link directing back to
ClickFunnels. Okay, this is your link, save it. And now after it’s saved, you can put it in like a hyperlink on a
blog post or social media or something like that. But it just, you need to make sure it
has your affiliate link or
your affiliate ID number in it. So that’s great. And that is the easiest way to get an
affiliate link right now after their update. But that is limiting because it only
allows you to promote click funnels, the software, you can’t
promote their books, you can’t promote their other trainings
or anything else within ClickFunnels. So how do you actually get back to
accessing your other stuff within ClickFunnels? Maybe you were able
to do it before, but you can’t. Now. I understand. It’s frustrating. So the
second way does take a little bit longer, but it is needed if you want to become
a full affiliate for ClickFunnels. And the way that you do that is that you
have to sign up for the one funnel away challenge from ClickFunnels. Now I’ll leave a link for this
in the description as well. You can get signed up right away. Um, it’s on rotation so it’ll have a
timer here when the next one is, and this date will probably be
different for you that it’s on rotation, it’ll come back soon. Now if you don’t
want to do the one funnel way challenge, there is another way to do, to
get approved as an affiliate. You just have to show that you’ve
earned at least $10,000, uh, with another affiliate
program before. But honestly, the one funnel away challenge, again
Lincoln, the description is very worth it. It gives you access to a ton of training. You get the 30 days book and plan, which is literal 30 day plans from
successful entrepreneurs to get you up and running. If you don’t have any
business ideas of your own, um, you get the affiliate bootcamp,
just tons and tons of stuff. Um, it is kind of intense cause it goes pretty
fast over like the course of 30 days. But the training you get is
lifetime access. And like I said, it’s very much worth it if you’re
serious about making an online business, this is something you’re
going to want to do. But also you have to do too because
that’s what gets you access to the other click funnels affiliate products. Um,
it does cost $100 to join the program, but it, again, it’s well worth it. You can either get it digitally or a
physical copy of all of this stuff. I recommend physical because you get like
a box delivered to you and that’s kind of neat. It’s just having
physical stuff. But anyways, after you join the one funnel away
challenge, then you go to the website. What is your dream car now? As right now as you can see it’s disabled
or not accepting new applications. And that’s because they just got back
from funnel hacking live and all of their resources were kind of focused on that. Maybe by the time you see this it’ll be
up and running and it should be good to go. But anyways, you go here and then there’s basically
an application and this is where you tell them the starting date of your
one funnel away challenge. See like this one right here is March
8th so if you signed up for this one then that’s, you’d put March 8th and you fill out a
form of application and if you haven’t done the one funnels away challenge, but you have made $10,000
with other affiliate products, it’ll give you an option for that
as well. And then you submit it. But until you do this right here, you won’t be able to have access to
any other affiliate products. Also, if you don’t take the one funnel away
challenge or you don’t prove that you’ve done $10,000 with other
affiliate commission, you will not get accepted to
be a ClickFunnels affiliate.
Why did they do this? They probably did this because they
had some compliance issues maybe, and then this is their way to ensure
that they’re teaching everybody the right way to do things. It could be wrong,
but that would be my guess. So again, links in the description to sign up for
click funnels and the one funnel away challenge. This is how you get
access to your click funnels links. If you found this video
helpful, leave a like rating. And if you have any questions, let me know in the comments and subscribe
and I’ll put out as many helpful videos for you as I can. Thanks for
watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.


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