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Where is the growth story in retail?

Where is the growth story in retail?


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Has anyone else noticed the colossal war between the 2 major USA retailers?
Amazzon has captured the consumers who have a 700+ FICO score
Wal Mart has everyone below a -700 FICO score.
No credit, no problem, just go to WMT

Toys "R" Us went out of business because the company that bought it leveraged the entire company against the loan used to buy the company and it then failed to match sales goals required to pay back the funds and buy new product. The bank who loaned the money was retarded for taking on that much risk.

The growth is in the INTERNET! And guess what? You can't stop that by implementing a (tax deductible, in some cases) sales tax. Internet is the future and if you want to win in retail you have to sell in brick and mortar and online.

I do online retail and my business has been up about 25% since Trump was elected. Retailers must adapt to the way people are shopping today.

I don't have a girlfriend and I don't spend money buying some gifts for her. Going MGTOW saves a lot of money. Perhaps it's the new spending habits of the millennials that usher in the new economy. We are not big spenders on stuff. We prefer peace, quiet, tranquility, and some experiences.

Sorry nothing lives for every. Seen alot of retailer's come and go in my time. I'm down to Kohls and Pennys. The economy were in right now is what it used to be before the big boom. Not expecting to see another like it.

Wal-Mart "earns" more than a Billion a day. Consumers love it, and they, (Wal-Mart) "own" it. I'm a stockholder, Warren Buffet sold his shares in 2017, Lovin it!

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